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Only a hour flight away from Las Vegas we visit frequently, sometimes once a month. I'll be sharing our trip reports, tips on making the most of your stay in Vegas, reviews of restaurants and shows we have seen, along with my thoughts related to our favorite place to get away from it all.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December trip report at Encore, Le Reve and Sinatra, Dance with Me

I decided to go back to Las Vegas 2 weeks after my last trip because Wynn and Encore invited me for 3 nights with free play and 2 free tickets to Le Reve, so I made my reservation to stay in a king room at Encore. Unfortunately my offer was only good for weekdays so my husband couldn't join me as he was taking off the last week of December for vacation this month. It was a surprise to receive this comp as the last one I accepted was back in early 2009 and they didn't seem to like my usual play since after that all I got was offers with discounted rates.

My flight on December 7th from San Jose to Las Vegas was smooth and on time. Didn't take long to get my luggage and while there was a line at the taxi stand, it went fast. My driver was a female who did take the shortest route to Encore and was very pleasant.

Checking my luggage, I went in to find no line at all at registration but the lady who took my information seemed determined not to give me my room until 3pm. This was disappointing as I wanted to get settled in and then go over to Palazzo to rack up some points in their chocolate payoff promotion as this was the last day for it.

Walking over to the Wynn box office I tried to get my tickets to Le Reve but learned I couldn't do that until I had my room number, and of course since it would be the same with my free play offer, I just went ahead and started to play some slots until my room was ready.

I've never won at Wynn or Encore in the past, so I was pleasantly surprised when I hit a nice Wolf Run and then after I left that slot I had a lucky hit on Witches Riches. For the next hour I went up and down a bit but by the time my room was ready I was ahead.
Registration never did call to tell me my room was ready so at 3pm I went back, stood in a short line and got checked in.
I didn't request a high floor or a view, my request was for a quiet room where I wouldn't hear noise from the Wynn and Encore nightclubs and that's exactly what I got.
Remember to click on read more to see the rest of this lengthy trip report!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wynn and Encore Room Service Menu

This is the room service menu that was in my room at Encore in December 2010 and I assume it's the same or similar to the one at Wynn.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sinatra Dance with me and also fun with Huddler

Tomorrow night the show Sinatra opens at the Wynn. Tonight, they had the dress rehearsal and we were just about ready to go to dinner at Le Cave when Socalgirl called her host at Wynn to say hi and got invited to it five minutes before it was starting. I started to grumble about being hungry but was encouraged to delay dinner and was so glad Socalgirl talked me into it as it's a wonderful show.

The above link is to a photo I took during the curtain call with my Iphone and I thought it was cool the way they have the silhouette of Sinatra in the background.

If you enjoy modern dance and Sinatra you will love this show. The Orchestra is great and the dancers are fantastic.  The show was conceived, choreographed and directed by Twyla Tharp.

Other highlights of the day was being stalked by Huddler. Just kidding, but it was a strange coincidence to run into him at the Encore casino as I left my room to go over to Palazzo to meet Socalgirl. Instead Huddler and I ended up at Encore's Eastside bar and Socalgirl walked over to join us.
My raspberry mojito at Eastside was excellent, a combination of tart and sweet.
Since Socalgirl and I hadn't eaten yet, the three of us then went to Le Cave at Wynn for more drinks and a delicious artichoke, cheese and pepper flatbread.
I'll give more details this weekend when I have time to write up my trip report.
I forget what Huddler is doing here, or perhaps I was just trying to get the background of Le Cave in the photo.

After Le Cave, Socalgirl drove us to Bellagio, where we had drinks at the VIP lounge.

For those of you who like slots, I got to play the new American Idol community slot at Bellagio today and I took a couple videos of the two bonuses I was in and will be uploading them later.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Wizard of Oz Community game at Venetian

I found the new community game of Wizard of Oz fun. I have a second video of the bonus game that I will upload when I return home.

Meet and Greet last night with Socalgirl, Huddler, Kydds and Shamu was a lot of fun at Sushi Samba!
Kydds, Shamu and Huddler.
Shamu, Kydds, Evoni and Huddler.
The Sushi the guys ordered and ate. Socalgirl and I passed on the food as we had dinner reservations for Aquanox for later.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Venetian's chocolate Payoff Promotion

I'm having too much fun this trip and frankly a bit too tired to have time to write up a live trip report so I'll continue with the live tweets and just post a short update each day and write the full report after I return home.

The highlight of yesterday was meeting with Breanna and her friend, Kestral, Kydds, NandJfrmNJ,Socalgirl, and Ian from the Blonde4ever Vegas message boards. It was a great turnout and everyone was a lot of fun. Big thanks to Socalgirl for picking up a round of drinks and making it both easy for us and the cocktail server at Palazzo's, Laguna Champagne Bar.
Tuesday was the last day of Grazie's Chocolate Payoff promotion and it was a bar of chocolate for every 500 points with the limit being 10 bars of chocolate a day. I only had time to get 3 bars of chocolate before the meet and wasn't impressed with my $10 of free slot play and a couple thousand player points, though the chocolate was delicious.  After the meet and dinner, I had time to get 3 more chocolate bars before Le Reve and the first one I drew had a $1000 free play award so I was now much more impressed with this promotion and if they do it again next year I'll be sure to attend and get my full share of chocolate and prizes!

Socalgirl called my attention to this portrait of Bobby Flay in one of the Venetian windows.

More to come later, including another meet and greet tonight at 7pm.