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Only a hour flight away from Las Vegas we visit frequently, sometimes once a month. I'll be sharing our trip reports, tips on making the most of your stay in Vegas, reviews of restaurants and shows we have seen, along with my thoughts related to our favorite place to get away from it all.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Hijinks at The Cosmopolitan with Jonny, Mark, Skyler, Boots and Jason!

For my readers who have been asking me on youtube and Facebook when I'm going to write up another trip report, here you go! Sorry for the delay, but life just keeps getting in the way,  not to mention it's more fun to go on the trips then to write them up!

A few years ago I became friends online with Jonny on youtube and Facebook and ever since we've been hoping to meet up in Las Vegas.  Jonny and his fiancee Mark live in Ireland so while they try to visit Vegas a couple times a year it hadn't yet worked out for our dates to coincide but this year I was determined to be in Vegas for part of their  nine day trip in late June, so I scheduled my trip  toward the end of their trip.  It worked out great because my friends Boots, Skyler and Jason also ended up  having a trip to Vegas at the same time. Skyler stayed at Ballys. Boots and myself at Cosmopolitan, along with Jonny and Mark, with Jason arriving and staying at Cosmo too the last night of our trip.
The trip started out with a easy flight out of San Jose airport on Southwest and arrived on time at McCarran. My driver Admar who had relocated his family from Hawaii to Las Vegas was so nice! Yes, it's not that long a ride from the airport to Cosmo but we had time to chat about his family and my blog and youtube channel while waiting for my luggage. :)

Rebecca, my host at Cosmopolitan had arranged for the limo and VIP check in for me but during this trip I went from Gold to Platinum with Identity the Cosmo loyalty club, so on future trips I will automatically get the limo and VIP check as one of the perks of being Platinum.  VIP registration quickly checked me in and my room on in the west tower was ready for me so I took my baggage up, unpacked and was down on the casino floor ready to win!
Best laid plans and all that but while I did have some modest wins in the high limit room on my Cosmo free play, that didn't last long.
Last couple trips I can't resist playing Pharoah's Fortune which is a shame because usually my picks are pretty sad when I land the bonus. I wouldn't be surprised if I have the unofficial record for picking start games more on the first pick then anyone else in Las Vegas!
 I left the high limit room and started playing the penny games. Where are the photos of all my wins? I didn't have any to take photos of, LOL! However, I did earn enough Identity points to participant in the new Cosmo daily tournament.

The Cosmopolitan has a daily tournament this summer and you can qualify for five complimentary sessions on it depending on your points you accumulate each day. There are some details on the sign below just click on it to enlarge the photo.
Boots and I did the max number of entries in this tournament each day and I think Jonny and Mark did too, but none of us won anything on the tournament during our stay.
Boots had arrived a day earlier then me and I quickly met up with her and then we both met up with Jonny, and Mark. For reasons of her career you will not see any photos of Boots, instead she is always our designated photographer!
Boots and I had plans tonight to eat dinner at the new Beauty and Essex restaurant at The Cosmopolitan and we were having so much fun with Jonny and Mark that we asked them to join us.
I had already eaten here in May with friends and the menu had already changed a bit! Plates are meant to be shared at this restaurant. Of course if you don't want to share they won't make you. ;)  We started with the Caesar Toast which is a delightful take on the famous salad.
The Lobster rolls were great!
This was the thick cut Filet, we had two orders and it was tender and flavorful!
One of my favorite dishes everytime I have eaten here is their cauliflower with ginger salsa verde! Unless you despise cauliflower please order this delicious side dish.
Jonny ordered and enjoyed their grilled double-cut lamb chops.
Short Rib Mac and Cheese really good!
I really loved the scallops with charred corn salad. I think I shared one with Boots, LOL!
My favorite dessert, and I've tried them all the first time I ate here, is the KYGO Cloud Nine S'mores!
The les, nyc doughnuts with fudge, berry and caramel sauces is also very good.
We all had one of the petite cupcakes and while good they are typical gourmet cupcakes.
Jonny and Mark!
After dinner we gambled, drank and had a blast together.
Above is some play I did on Mega Bucks and likely lucky to get the $75.00 hit I had.
After Mega Bucks, I hit a couple nice bonuses on Wild Lepre'coins. If you want to see what that game is like here's the video of it.

A couple nice wins on The Walking Dead game.
The new Wizard of Oz game,  "Not in Kansas Anymore" gave me one good hit during this trip for $150.00 and after that I couldn't do anything with it the various times I played it andI was disappointed with this new game. There's hope however, because spoiler alert I had fun and a great win on it later this summer.
I think this will be the last time I try Magic Mike, those boys only want you to throw money at them, they do not give any of it back!!
Boots and I had a blast playing the new Plants vs Zombies game. If you haven't seen it yet, here's a video of my bonus on it:

With the exception of the high limit group pulls we had this trip,  my best win was on Pink Diamonds for $800.00.
During our slot play tonight Boots was nearby playing games and Jonny and Mark were with me either cheering me on or playing beside me. While I'm showing you winning photos here,  the losses were more then the wins but the lovely company made them almost painless. :)  After a fun but losing evening for all of us we headed back to our rooms for some sleep.