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Only a hour flight away from Las Vegas we visit frequently, sometimes once a month. I'll be sharing our trip reports, tips on making the most of your stay in Vegas, reviews of restaurants and shows we have seen, along with my thoughts related to our favorite place to get away from it all.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Halloween Party in Las Vegas!

You might think I would be tired of going to Las Vegas as this year my trips have been so frequent, but there's alway something new and exciting to do and so many friends to meet up with, that I'm always excited to go to Vegas for my vacations!
My flight out of San Jose was on time and an hour and 10 minutes later I was in Vegas where my Cosmopolitan Escalade driver was waiting for me. A few minutes after arriving at Cosmo the VIP lounge had checked me into my requested room type the studio terrace.
I prefer this type of room over the one bedroom terrace due to the bath being in the entrance of the room instead of looking out over the strip and letting morning light in through the shutters. However many times I forget to remind my host that I want to be downgraded and end up in the one bedroom terrace instead.

I quickly unpacked and made my way into the casino where I found and played the new Batman, Dark Knight game! I was sorry I found it, LOL! Pays were low and features hard to come by but I'll try it again on a future trip just in case I was just unlucky that session.
I played a few other games and was losing so I decided to use some of my free play in Plants VS Zombies. I first played this game in early summer and each trip since have had some great bonuses, so while it can be difficult to bonus at times on this game so far they have paid well so this is becoming one of my favorite new games. If you want to see the bonus I got here you go:

It felt great to have such a nice bonus and get back the money I had lost on the previous games.
It was time to meet my friend Claudia who lives in Vegas and have dinner at Cosmopolitan's Wicked Spoon Buffet. Claudia had her Mom with her who recently moved to Vegas, along with her Aunt and her friend Monica who were visiting from New Jersey.  I forgot to take a photo of all of us together darn it! Claudia's Mom, Aunt and friend Monica were so sweet, and it was fun to eat dinner with them!
The best dish on the buffet was made to order and it's the dish that has the shrimp in it below. While I only had them add shrimp to mine, there's lots more items you can add while they cook it up in front of you at one of the buffet stations.
Desserts are always good at Wicked Buffet!
After dinner it was time to gamble. Claudia's Mom, Aunt and friend went off to play some slots while Claudia and I pooled our money for some joint slot play!
Claudia and I had lots of fun and played several games. I was recording our bonuses and forgot to take photos. Here's some links on my youtube channel to see what we were playing and winning on if you are curious.

After Claudia left to return home, I had some wins on Lightning Link. You can check that video out at this link: Lightning Link is a must play for me very trip ever since I hit the Major twice playing it at Palazzo months ago.
I found the new game Cher Live and played the game but was unimpressed so far. If you want to see some of my live play on this new game here's the link:
I like the new Lock it Link slot game that is a clone of Lightning Link. Unfortunately I haven't had any big wins on it yet though I've witness other slot players doing well.
I decided to play some Wonder 4 Jackpots and had a couple nice wins on it.
I didn't win the previous month when I drew Crazy Money Deluxe as one of the games to play from my Facebook Suggestion Double or Nothing Slot Machine Event but I had some fun on it this trip. If you want to participate in future Facebook events for my slot channel like my page at this Facebook URL:
Link to video of Crazy Money Deluxe if you are curious about this game.
I played a bit of Buffalo Gold and had a couple decent bonuses.
I've never cared for the Buffalo games that much but as you will see at the end of this trip report, I love Buffalo Gold and Buffalo Grand now, LOL!
I played long and hard tonight staying up until 5am so even though I had plenty of wins I stayed too late at the slots and went to bed down for the day. The game below that I won $200.00 on plays a lot like my old favorite Triple Cheeseburger Deluxe game in the bonus. It's called Triple Golden Cherries with Sprinkles on Top.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Palazzo and Cosmopolitan Fun with a Tournament!

For the first time my husband Randy was joining me at G2e (Global Gaming Expo), not to see the new games so much but because John Fogerty was performing at Venetian during the same week as the convention. We would be staying at Palazzo since the G2e convention was at Sands convention center at Venetian. Randy would be departing on Thursday to return home after G2e while I would move to Cosmopolitan for three more nights to participate in the Up Up and Away tournament!
Randy and I had a quick bite to eat at the airport on Monday, September 26th before our flight. The flight was on time and we had our first win of the trip when we were one of only 2 rows on our Southwest flight not to have someone in the middle seat with us!

One hour and 10 minutes later we landed in Las Vegas where our limo driver was waiting for us and we were off to Palazzo.

For those of you who aren't using a limo service in Vegas but don't care for the taxi service, I want to once again recommend Uber. I have been using them successfully in Vegas this year and have been very happy with their pricing and service. If you haven't used them before you can use a code like mine and get your first ride for free up to $20.00. My code is dianae549ue. Full disclosure if you use my code I also get a free ride. If you want to try them out and need instructions on using the app, just ask me in comments for help.
Arriving at Palazzo we quickly checked in at the Palazzo VIP Platinum lounge and were up in our room five minutes later unpacking.
Twenty minutes later we were in the casino and gambling!
My first bonus and win on the trip was on Super Diamond Jackpots, just outside of the Palazzo High Limit lounge. This machine also has Top Dollar and Pinball that you can switch between. I landed a bonus fairly quickly and was so happy when it landed on the Emerald progressive! It's always fun to start out your gambling with a good win. After this win I played the same game but on a different machine while my husband went over to play House of Cards. I was about five minutes into it when I heard my name and there was Slotspert, a friend I have known for years via a couple slot machine message boards. While in years past Slotspert and I have spent some time walking around G2e together this year we just got to chat a couple times while running into each other at the casino. It was great to see you Slotspert!
Randy and I started losing after my great beginning but he did get a decent bonus on Game of Thrones and I did okay on Lightning Link Happy Lantern.
We had heard that the new game World of Wonka had been installed at Venetian the day before so off we went to Venetian to seek it out. We found it and after a short wait for a seat at it we were having fun playing it. This game at Venetian has the comfortable love seat for two. While we didn't get any big wins on it, we managed to come out a bit ahead. I have a live play video of this session and a couple others, it's long so you might only want to watch a little of it. We did have a couple nice Oompa bonuses!

After World of Wonka we played a few penny and high limit games without success so we returned to Palazzo where Randy decided to play Plants and Zombies 3D. Above is Randy recording one of the bonuses he got.
I sat down at the game that is to the right of him in the photo above and hit a good bonus of $432.60! If you want to see a video of this game and win, this is it:

After Plants vs Zombies Randy went over to play Buffalo Grand while I tried a few other games that turned out to be losers for me. While I'm losing Randy got a bonus and a big win of $752.83!
After Randy's great win it was time for dinner at Aquaknox.
It's been at least a year since I have eaten at Aquaknox and I'm not sure why I have waited so long to return as the food was great. Service was a little slow but the restaurant was completely full due to G2e with the overflow filling up the lounge.
My drink above is their version of a sidecar, it was good.
Our amuse was tasty, I remember we were both glad it wasn't something with raw fish as Randy and I don't eat sushi and many times in the seafood restaurants that is what is served. While I don't recall exactly what was in this I remember we both ate it and said thank goodness it's not sushi.
Randy and I shared the Pacific prawn cocktail, that has a spicy cocktail sauce.
Both of us ordered Halibut as our entree, it was excellent!
We split the pomme frites and asparagus with bernaise, and while the serving of pommel frites was large we somehow managed to eat them all!
We also shared the flourless soufflé dessert and it was fantastic!
After dinner we were off to meet Superpocky who is a member like me of the VegasFanatics group. We had a nice chat and a photo op at the new World of Wonka game. We also had a minor miracle for Vegas when Superpocky noticed he had left his money in the Dragon Spin, the slot that we had met up with him at and when we ran back the money was still in the game!!! Randy and I in the past have left money in a game thinking the other one had cashed out and rushed back in one minute to discover it cashed out so it was amazing that after almost ten minutes that money was still there.
After we left Superpocky, we walked back to Palazzo in the hopes of duplicating Randy's win on Buffalo Grand and while we had a bonus we didn't get near the amount of his previous win. 
We were walking over to see if Monopoly Jackpot Station was free when we ran into Lacey a lovely lady I know from the Joker's Wild Gambling Emporium message board. 
Monopoly Jackpot Station was busy so Randy and I went and played Gold Fish. Where by some miracle I picked award all during the green fish bonus with the bubbles. Green fish is usually nicknamed Sucky Fish by me, but not this time!
After Gold Fish, I introduced Randy to Orange is the New Black, which cooperated by giving me a nice bonus. Later in the trip I had a nice bonus again when playing it with Rex. Here's the video of both bonuses.

Before going to bed Randy wanted to try Buffalo Grand again but the machine he won on earlier had someone playing it, however we had a nice Buffalo hit for $144.40!
We also won $115.60 on a Buffalo Grand bonus. This video has several Buffalo Grand bonuses on it and also the end of Randy's great win!