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Only a hour flight away from Las Vegas we visit frequently, sometimes once a month. I'll be sharing our trip reports, tips on making the most of your stay in Vegas, reviews of restaurants and shows we have seen, along with my thoughts related to our favorite place to get away from it all.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

WINNING! Thanksgiving trip report at The Cosmopolitan and Palazzo!

Going to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving this year started out sad as my Mom couldn't join us due to some recent health problems so she stayed home in Fort Lauderdale to celebrate with friends. The good news is that Mom is doing much better and my son and I are going to visit her in Ft. Lauderdale in early January.
The original plan was for me to fly in early to meet Mom so I did arrive early on Monday still staying at The Cosmopolitan for 2 nights. My husband Randy would join me Wednesday afternoon with our son flying in late Wednesday night. Randy and I would be staying at Palazzo and our son at Wynn.

My flight was on time, the limo driver from Cosmopolitan was waiting for me and so with the help of VIP services I was very quickly checked into my one bedroom terrace with the view of the Bellagio fountains.
After unpacking I went to the Identify Player's desk, got my free play put on my card and decided to use some of it on Plants vs Zombies since that had worked out well for me on a previous trip. I had some nice hits and then a decent bonus so it turned out to be a good decision to play it.
The rest of my gambling that afternoon was up and down with me mainly staying even. Ken (twoarmedbandito) a friend from the Vegas Fanatics and Joker's Wild Gambling emporium message boards was in town and staying at Aria and he came over to play at Cosmo for a bit. We both tried the new Superman game with Ken doing much better on it then me. The game has 2 versions and Ken was playing the more volatile version that supposedly has larger pays but less frequent bonuses and I was playing the version that claims to give more bonuses. Of course Ken was getting bonus after bonus on the game that is suppose to have them less frequently while I only had one on mine, LOL, just goes to show if a game or person is in a lucky streak it doesn't matter which version we are playing!
I left Superman to play Wonder 4 Jackpots and had a nice win on a Buffalo bonus.
While playing I was recognize by Chris and Brandy from the VMB message boards. Last year we had plans to meet up around Thanksgiving but it didn't work out and this year we didn't have plans but ran into each other. Ken who was playing a game nearby took our photo and we had a nice chat.
After Chris and Brandy left, I continued to play Wonder Four Jackpots and had a nice bonus on Miss Kitty.
I spotted a Irving the Viking game near Wonder Four Jackpots and with Ken watching I tried to continue my personal challenge of getting to the end of the journey in the bonus. Here's the video if you want to see what happened!

After Irving the Viking Ken and I said goodbye and I went to meet up with my friend Barrett and his wife Missy. Barrett was my Venetian and Palazzo host many years ago until he quit and moved out east for a while to work in a non-casino business. A couple years ago he returned to Las Vegas and is  working again for V/P, but by choice no longer as a host. Last year Barrett and Missy were married and this was my first time meeting her and she is a sweetheart. Lovely fun couple and so well suited for each other!
We decided to eat at the Wicked Spoon buffet and it was pretty good tonight. The best station was where they make this seafood dish to order and it's on the upper right above. Mine was shrimp and halibut in a wine, garlic butter sauce. There was additional seafood you can have added to it, like mussels.
After the buffet we took a walk around Cosmopolitan and ended up at the ice skating ring.
Everyone was having a good time and you could rent a fire pit seating area if you wanted. Food and of course beverages is available.
Barrett, Missy and me!
It was cold out there and I was wearing sandals so we returned inside to finish our walk and for me to give them a tour of my room and to admire the view.
After Barrett and Missy left, I won and I lost, basically continuing to stay even for the day/night which some of you know can be considered a win, LOL!
I even tried Megabucks and had a couple small hits on it! Cosmopolitan's Mega Buck machines have different themes and my favorite is the one below with the respin feature.
Last couple trips I have enjoyed Money Deluxe which cooperated again with a couple nice wins!
There's a new Michael Jackson game out! At first I wasn't impressed then I got this good bonus and that means I'll be visiting MJ Icon my next trip to see what the other bonuses are like. Here's a video of the new game:

After my nice bonus on Michael Jackson Icon I was recognized by the lady sitting next to me. It was great to meet and chat with Susan from Texas!
After chatting with Susan I played a few games nearby and lost on them so I wandered over to the High Limit area and decided to play Valhalla, which is just outside the HL room. You can set the denomination to nickels, quarters or dollars. I went with quarters and had a great bonus! Here's the video if you want to see it.

On the other side was Aztec Temple which has been my nemesis for years, so of course I had to play it. I got the bonus but like always and the reason no one ever sees any videos of the game on my channel it sucked, even though my picks were good.
Buffalo Gold has been good in my group plays the last few months so this time I decided to go solo on it and started out with some average bonus wins on it.
BAM! Finally a good bonus win of $781.00! Thanks Buffalo Gold!
The above win was on the group of four Buffalo Games down from the High Limit room and near some table games. It was late around 4pm so I decided to call it a night and was walking back to the west tower room elevators when I saw the second bank of Buffalo Gold games, there are three of them on the aisle. I decided to go one more session and then the magic hit, the bonus that paid a jackpot of over $4,000.00! Talk about ending the day on a high note! Of course I have a video of this win:

After that win I went directly to my room to put my cash away and get some sleep. The chair below with Audrey Hepburn on it is near the room elevators, I think they have them on each guest room floor now.
Despite the excitement of my win I slept good for about four hours, but I was meeting my friends the two Kens for brunch at Wicked Spoon so I got up around 10pm and played a couple games before it was time to meet them. I had a decent win on the new Lock it Link game which is similar to Lightning Link.
The two Ken's and me at Cosmopolitan! That's twoarmedbandito on my left and CPT (cenpenntraveler). CPT is the moderator and owner of Joker's Wild Gambling message base.
Some of the food we had at the Wicked Spoon Buffet. The miso salmon in the second photo was very good.
While we were eating TAB who was staying at Aria (twoarmedbandito) told us that he had seen the slot techs at Aria setting up the new Elvira game and it should be about ready to play after lunch.
Eager to try it we walked over to Aria where they were finishing setting it up and had placed it with the new Big Bang Theory games.
We played Walking Dead 2 until they opened up Elvira and TAB and me were first on the two games of Elvira they had, with CPT playing the new Big Bang Theory game.
I love the humor of the Elvira game and it's funny for a while to watch her boobs jiggle but she was not in a honeymoon period and our wins were low and the bonuses infrequent.
Had some fun but lost a couple hundred. I'll try the game again on my NYE trip to see if I was just unlucky and if the bonuses will come more frequently next time and pay more.
After losing at Elvira we walked back to The Cosmopolitan.
    Once back at Cosmo I decided to try my luck in the High Limit room for a bit as I was $4,000 ahead thanks to my Buffalo Gold handpay. TAB decided to watch and cheer me on. I quickly lost about $500.00 on various games and then I tried Pink Diamond and my luck started to return.
I've never really played African Diamond, even the penny version but for some reason I decided to give it a go and while I didn't get the bonus and I had some good hits on the game. The video of my play on Pink Diamonds and African Diamond is here:

While lucky on the diamond games for whatever reason I decided to play China Shores, bad decision despite the fact I got a bonus on it!

A year ago on Thanksgiving week I was with a small group of friends at Cosmopolitan and we got a handpay on Red Hot 7's respin, $10 denomination. I decided that was a sign to play the same game at the $5 denomination. History repeated itself with another hand pay! The video of that win along with the play on China Shores is below.

After my hand pay on it I played it for a few minutes more and got another $100 out of it before deciding to quit the high limit room and take my winnings to the penny games.
CPT had joined Tab and me around this point and I decided to play Jackpot Inferno. Tab went with another game nearby but CPT set next to me and started playing. Jackpot Inferno the last couple trips has been very good to me but nothing much was happening for either one of us so I left CPT and went on the other side to try a different Jackpot Inferno. Good decision as I started to win.
SHOCKER! I picked my way to 10 Jackpot Inferno symbols and I actually had a possibility of getting the twelve if I had picked perfectly, however I was happy with winning my grand!
After my Jackpot Inferno win, I said goodbye to the two Kens. Tab was leaving in the morning but I would see CPT when he joined my family and friends for Thanksgiving dinner. I decided to go take a break in my room and watch some fountain shows before dinner.
Dinner tonight was with Greg at Scarpetta at Cosmopolitan. We had a comfortable booth looking out toward the Bellagio fountains.
Greg ordered the Braised Short Ribs of Beef with Farro Risotto for an appetizer.
I always order their Diver Scallop appetizer with Chantrelle Mushrooms, blood orange emulsion and parsnip puree.
We both ordered the Kobe Beef Rib Cab with porcini gnocchi, baby carrots and asparagus.
For dessert Greg went with the Amedei Chocolate Cake.
I've never had a soufflé I didn't love and their Toasted Coconut Soufflé with coconut Anglaise and Lemongrass Gelato did not disappoint!
After dinner it was time to win!
Greg is hilarious in this video. We had sort of a creepy guy standing near us watching and when he was there we would lose, when he walked away we would win, then he came back and we lost then he left and we had this great bonus for $325.75.  Here's the video!

Had a nice win on $5 Wheel of Fortune for $600.00!
We played lots of slots, had wins and losses and at the end I think we were about even for the night or perhaps we each lost a hundred playing together, I forget. It was almost 4am again so I said goodnight and Greg started to head out the doors to catch a Uber.  For those of you who haven't tried Uber yet, here's my code if you want to try them out. I find them less expensive and a nicer ride then the taxis. The code is worth one free ride value up to $20.00 and also gives me a free ride too. It's dianae549ue

Once in my room I noticed I had a ticket for $500.00 that I forgot to cash out and since I'm moving to Palazzo in the morning I decide to go downstairs and cash it out before I forget. So down I go and I'm walking to the ATM/Ticket machine when I see Greg sitting at that bank of three Buffalo Gold games where I won the 4k handpay the previous night. Laughing I sat down next to him at the game in the center and stick my ticket in and start playing. Greg is low rolling and gets a bonus but it doesn't pay much. Then I get a good Buffalo hit, then a bonus that doesn't pay anything and then I get a second bonus pretty quickly with 4 bonus symbols and at this point Greg is saying your going to get another handpay and I'm replying no that's not going to happen. WOW! Greg was correct, I got another handpay for $1696.00, playing the 5 cent denomination on a $6 bet!
I was thrilled and went to bed very happy that I stayed up that late! Don't feel sorry for Greg though as the following week using his free play at Cosmopolitan Greg got a hand pay too. Love that Buffalo Gold!
One last glance at my beautiful view at Cosmopolitan!
My Cosmo host sent me off by limo to Palazzo where Barrett had arranged for VIP services to set me up in one of their new renovated rooms on the 49th floor!
I love the new lighter color scheme, though the bathrooms are the same as they have always been.
Always great to be among the first to sleep on new mattresses!
One of my reasons for going to Vegas the last few years other than to avoid cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my family as I have done in the past for decades, LOL, is this is the time of year where we turn in our Grazie gift points for gift cards and other goodies. At check in they gave me the schedule for the gift show.
I hadn't eaten yet so I ordered room service. They have a cold plate with shrimp, lobster and snow crab claws with dipping sauces, yum! This plate also comes with clams and mussels which I requested they leave off.
After eating and unpacking I had a couple hours before my husband's flight arrived so I went down to see if the luck was still with me. After this great bonus for over a grand on Quick Hit Platinum I decided I still had the luck sack!
Little luck on Lightning link game at Venetian. Was trying to hit the major which had hit a grand and was due to hit. It did hit while I was at dinner that evening so someone had fun.
Tried African Diamond at Palazzo and had a nice hit.
Fun run on the Super Diamond Jackpots game at Palazzo which is outside the high limit room.
Palazzo registration area where I met my husband when he arrived.
We went to our room so Randy could unpack his luggage and found a snack of yogurt and fruit from our host. I miss the previous gifts of a basket of unhealthy snacks.
After our snack Randy and I went downstairs and despite the wins you see below we lost lost lost. Or as Randy later said, the minute he arrived my gambling luck left me, LOL!
Tonight we ate at Aquaknox and my friend Gwen (yourstarla) joined us.
We had a couple pawn cocktails which were great.
A couple romaine salads, also good.
My blood orange sidecar drink is in front with Gwen's Sangria on the left and Randy's Patron Margarita on the right.
Above is the amuse they served us which all of us ate but I can't recall now what it was!
Above is the grilled pawns that Randy enjoyed and below the scallops I loved. We also had a order of the Pomme Frites which all of us shared. They make delicious Frites!
Once again they took my favorite dessert off the menu so I pouted and none of us ordered dessert, we were pretty full anyway.
Our server bought out a creamy vanilla drink with peach cookies compliments of the chef for a sweet. Perhaps they felt sad for me that they took away my favorite dessert?
After dinner on our way to the Venetian casino we passed the new restaurant and lounge Sugarcane. So far I have heard mixed reviews on this place, but I expect to give it a try sometime next year.
Gwen played Sex and the City with me, Walking Dead 2 and a couple other games but all we did was lose. It was getting late so Gwen returned to Mandalay Bay where she was staying and Randy and I decided to try our luck in Venetian's High Limit room. Yep, when losing the smart thing to do is go high limit, NOT! We did get a bonus on Jade Monkey but it was a weak $335.00.
It was 11pm and our son arrived. We had arranged for him to have a room at Wynn so we checked him in giving him some Red Bull and Snacks and left him in it to play a game on his computer. Our son is an adult but doesn't care for Vegas so no gambling for him.
Randy and I decided to play some games at Wynn, but we lost on everything except the original Walking Dead. We still would have continued to play at Wynn for a while but I was stopped by one of their security guards for recording so we left.
A few of the Wynn Christmas decorations very pretty! We returned to Palazzo but continued to lose so went back to our room around 2:30am.
Next morning our son Matt joined us for brunch at Grand Lux!
I like the chili-lime chicken mango salad so once again I ordered it.
My guys both went for eggs, bacon, and hash browns.
After lunch we wandered around for a while then Matt returned to Wynn to play games on his computer while Randy and started our gambling day.
We had a great hit on original Gold Fish but just a few week bonuses so goodbye goldy!
We were lucky enough to get a couple bonuses on dollar Quick Hit but they were mediocre.
Hit the 2 wheel spins on Cash Wheel, got excited and then let down when the total spins were only $300.00. Then nothing, just losses. At this point I'm coming down from my winning high at Cosmopolitan. I had left Cosmopolitan about $7200.00 ahead! With yesterday and so far today I had lost $4000.00 of those winnings.
Today was Thanksgiving and we had a lot to be thankful for, starting with lovely friends to celebrate it with. We had a early dinner at 5pm at Table 10 because some of us were going to the
7pm Baz show.
Above is Ken (CPT) my son Matt, Billy, Moyra, then standing, Laura,Angie, Rex, Randy and me. Below the photo is minus me but with Gwen in it.
Dinner service was on point as they knew we needed to leave at 6:55 to get to Baz which fortunately was just a walk of a few minutes from the restaurant.
We all had the prix fixe dinner and of course I forgot to take a photo of the menu, sorry. The dinner was around $49.00 for the four courses. I'm going to be lazy and not identify the food we ate so it's guess that appetizer, entree and dessert!
Thanks to Billy and Moyra for the Shortbread Fingers cookies a favorite treat from Scotland.
After dinner Gwen headed back to her hotel, my son and Ken were going to Rio to see the Penn and Teller show, while they rest of us went and saw Baz. This was my second time seeing Baz and I like it. However some of my friends were sort of lukewarm about the production while Gwen who saw it previously didn't like it. I love the music and cast, but perhaps for those who might not have seen the movies or read the books they might find it confusing.
After Baz we joined up with a couple other friends and had a group pull in the Venetian High Limit room. Unfortunately we lost, so we went over to Palazzo and played $1 Diamond Queen and lost on that too, darn it!

While in the Venetian high limit room I was recognize by Terry who were there with his wife and they were having a fabulous winning trip with many hand pays. Terry was so sweet and put a hundred into our high limit pull for luck.

Our group went their separate ways after Diamond Queen as some of us would meet up again the next evening for a high limit group pull at Cosmopolitan. Rex, Randy and I went off to pool our money and gamble together but unfortunately we were losing.

We decided to stop in to the Platinum lounge for a drink and on our way out we ran into Terry and his wife who were now playing in the Palazzo High Limit lounge and where they were continuing their fantastic run of luck. Terry had just hit $35,000 on African Diamond!!! Terry congrats on a great trip and thanks for the lucky $200.00 as once I started playing with that, Randy, Rex and I started winning!
Rex, Randy and I walked over to Venetian and decided to play some Zeus son of Kronos and thanks to Terry's lucky money (yes, I'm sticking to that, it was lucky money), we started to win.
We had a nice run of luck though later I was was told to stop recording by security so we had to move on. If you want to see our bonuses they are in this video.

Moving on we went to dollar Quick Hit, the new game that has the wheel and we had a series of fun bonuses on it.
Since our luck had changed of course we decided to push it and entered the Venetian High Limit room where we tried a couple games and lost on them. I remembered Jade Monkey and we decided to give it a go and that's where the magic struck and we had a great bonus and hand pay for $1940.00 that we split.  Like Jade Monkey? Here's the video:

It was late so Rex returned to Cosmopolitan where he was staying this trip and Randy and I walked back over to Palazzo to play a few more games before bed.
Luck was still with us when we hit a spin on $5 Wheel of Fortune for $500.00!
Randy wanted to play the Tree of Eternal Fortune, a game we had never played before and we had some fun bonuses on it and walked away a hundred or two ahead on it. We were getting ready to return to our room when I suggested to Randy we play the Diamond Queen that our group had lost on 6 hours earlier. Diamond Queen is one of Randy's favorite games so I was surprised when he said no that he didn't want to lose anymore money on it, so I said okay I would meet him up in the room in a few minutes.

During our group pull we had each put $500.00 in and then after that failed three of us put a extra $300.00 in it so Randy and I who were playing as a couple had lost $800.00 during the group pull, ouch! I returned to the game and decided I would risk $200.00 in it but would bet $20 and not the $40 that the group was previously betting. SHOCKER! I hit the bonus and it paid $3275.00! If you want to see our group lose and then my jackpot at the end it's in this video.
After Diamond Queen I returned to our room and surprised my hubby with my jackpot win!
We woke up late the next morning thrilled that we had won back a lot of our Cosmopolitan winnings that we had lost at Venetian/Palazzo. We went into the Platinum lounge at Palazzo for a morning coffee and found they actually had food out, something that is very rare to see these days! We then met up with our son and had a nice brunch at Grand Lux.

After brunch we walked around the second level of Venetian looking at the gondola's and stores before Randy and Matt caught a Uber to the airport as they were returning home today. I was staying on one more evening to have fun with friends.
After Terry's great win on African Diamond I had to give it another try, but still couldn't hit the bonus on it. I tried a couple other games in Palazzo High Limit and had a few minor hits but was starting to lose so I left to go play penny games.
I went over to Venetian and tried the Wizard of Oz, Not in Kansas Anymore game. While there I was recognized by Tony a fan of my videos/trip reports who coincidentally had sat next to Laura on her flight to Las Vegas.  Tony played the game next to me and had some great wins while we had fun chatting. Tony, looking forward to seeing you and your wife again in Vegas.
After leaving Tony and the Wizard of Oz, I wandered over to Wonder 4 Jackpots and had a weak bonus on Buffalo.
The weak bonus on Buffalo was soon forgotten when I hit a super games bonus on Miss Kitty that re-triggered for a win over $900.00! Here's that video:

After Wonder 4 Jackpots I went to Buffalo Gold. There are only 3 Buffalo Gold games at Venetian and they are usually busy, it's hard to get a seat so I lucked out to find one that someone had just left. I was thrilled to hit the four coin bonus and while it wasn't a hand pay this time I was happy with the win of $450.00 on a $3.60 bet. The Venetian Gold Buffalo games do not come in other denominations so max bet there is $3.60.
My winning streak continued when I went to Venetian's High Limit Lounge and had some nice wins on Quick Hit!
It was late afternoon and the Grazie Gift show was soon to close for the day so I headed out to it to cash in my yearly holiday points.
Years ago the Grazie gift show was very elaborate but the last few years it hasn't been very special. This year the new company handling it for them was even cheaper and there wasn't even a photo op or welcome gift.
There were very few gift stations which I guess makes sense since most of us order gift cards and this year they had a larger selection of gift cards to choose from though the points needed for the same dollar amount of gift cards varied for the first time, in the past if you got a $50 gift card it was the same amount of points regardless of the store.
I went with Macy's gift cards and ended up with $1050.00 worth of cards and a small Paula Deen flying pan to use up the few points I had left.
For the first time this year we had a hand held scanner which made it easy to record our gifts and know how many points we had left to use.
The biggest disappointment of the gift show was this year we didn't get our gift cards when we turned in our points, instead they were mailed out to us and only arrived about a week before Christmas. This meant that for those Grazie members who were using them for gifts to ship to family, they came too late. While it didn't personally effect me it did some of my friends.
They had a pianist at the gift show but I personally would have preferred a holiday soundtrack and the photo op they had the last few years.
Scenes around Venetian when my son and husband took a walk with me before they left.
Venetian and Palazzo still have their daily slot tournament but even though we participated each day we never did well enough to win any free play. The daily was very crowded today and I had to wait about 15 minutes before my session would start so I set down at Ruby Slippers and had a fun bonus for $483.00! There's a video on my channel of this too if you want to see it.
It was time for dinner at Cut tonight with Gwen, Laura, Rex, me, Angie and Carolyn!
I've eaten at Cut a lot the last 5 years because I find their food and service excellent. The previous day I added one more person to our group and I was afraid that my favorite booth wouldn't be large enough for us so they nicely took me back to their private dining room where I have never sat before and gave us the one booth in the back there. It was roomy and as quiet as they promised so we could hear each other. Below is the private dining room for parties. Since they didn't have a party tonight later they did seat others in it.
The Amuse, cheesy puffs, love them!

Carolyn who was a few minutes late to our dinner so wasn't in the other photo.
I always love the breads at Cut!
My choices are always the pretzel and focaccia bread.
Butter lettuce, Avocado, Point Reyes Blue Cheese and Champagne-Herb Vinaigrette dressing.
I believe this is the Maple Glazed Pork Belly.
I also order the Roasted Baby Beets, Candied Pistachios, with aged Balsamic.
Most of us had the Filet Mignon. Either that or I forgot to take photos of their entrees!
Big Eye Tuna Tartare, Wasabi, Ginger, and Togarashi Crisps.
Alaskan King Crab & Carolina Shrimp "Louis" Cocktail. Personally I don't care for this appetizer and I did warn Gwen about it who was having it as a entree and unfortunately she didn't care of it either. We prefer our shrimp whole.
Wild Field Mushrooms, these were really delicious. I forgot to take the photo until they had already started dishing them out.
Onion rings, always good!
Caramelized Cauliflower, golden raisins and almonds.  This was great, everyone loved it.
My Filet with some of our sides.
I told Cut it was Laura's birthday but they surprised us all when they came out with three full size complimentary desserts for us to share!
After dinner at Cut we ordered a Uber to take us to Cosmopolitan where we were having a group slot pull with the Vegas Fanatics group. Thirty members of VF showed up for our pull of $100 each!
We had a handpay on what else Buffalo Gold! We continued to play trying to get a bigger win but at the end everyone got their $100.00 back but the fun we had made us all big winners!
A much smaller group of us got together and put in $500.00 each for a High Limit group pull and we started out with Video Poker with Aaron as our player. Aaron won 2 hand pays for our group.
After video poker we played and lost on high limit Kitty Glitter, however thanks to Aaron's wins on video poker we got our $500.00 back and a bit extra. I have a video of the video poker live play which I will be sharing in the future on my youtube channel for those interested.
Below I'm with Dutch Slot Player!
After our VF group pulls, Rex and I headed out to try to win again on Buffalo Gold. We did have a great bonus of $649.00 but only after we almost lost that trying to get it!
We played a few other games and lost, then had a fun bonus on Airplane. 
It was getting late so I said goodbye to Rex for this trip. I'll see him soon as he will be celebrating New Years Eve with Randy, me and other friends.
Once back to Palazzo I met up with Caroline, Laura and Angie to say goodbye. We couldn't resist a farewell photo op at the Palazzo waterfall atrium area. The sign describes how I feel about these ladies, they are so much fun to be with.
Of course we couldn't say goodbye without having one last group play together and where else but in the Venetian High Limit room!
Even after all the handpays and fun of this trip this last gambling session was the most fun of the trip.
We had lots of bonus fun, but while we briefly doubled we couldn't get the huge win. But we were having so much fun trying we continued to play, all the way down to even, LOL!  If you would like to share that fun, here's the video of it:

On my way to my room to pack up, I had to try my favorite game DaVinci Diamonds in the Palazzo HL room and it rewarded me with a bonus of $820.00!
Next morning it was off to the airport for a smooth flight home where my husband was waiting to greet me. It was a rare winning trip and the best of the year! I went home with $5500.00 more then I arrive in Vegas with and in addition $1050.00 in Macy's gift cards compliments of the Grazie holiday gift show!
Randy and I return to Las Vegas to celebrate New Year's Eve with friends at The Cosmopolitan. Our NYE invite included a Terrace Suite overlooking the Bellagio Fountains so I will finally see the Vegas fireworks for the first time as in previous years I have been inside at the Aria party. It also includes a prix fixe dinner at our choice of restaurant and we selected Rose Rabbit Lie for the first seating after that it's a VIP party with desserts, open bar and mini acts of entertainment until we finish up with the Sting Concert! Of course we will have to leave Sting a little early to join our friends in watching the fireworks from our Cosmo Terrace. The invite also included tickets to the Weeknd concert on the 30th. Hopefully I won't return all my winnings from the Thanksgiving trip during the NYE trip!

Thanks for reading and I wish all of you a healthy, happy and successful 2017!


  1. Sounds like you had a really great trip! Looking forward to hearing about New Year's Eve!

    1. Thanks Jackie. It will be hard for my NYE trip to top Thanksgiving.

      Wishing you a healthy, happy and successful 2017!

  2. As per usual, fabulous report! Congrats on a winning trip. Double up for New Year's.


    1. Thanks Grandmaw! Wishing you a healthy, happy and winning New Year!

  3. Wow Diana, what an amazing's about time you had a winning one!

    Great food porn too and I'm so happy for you to return home a winner :)

    Hope you had a great Xmas and that your Mom is doing OK. Have a great New Year and fingers crossed for more big wins!

    Mark (& Andrea)

    1. Thanks Mark and Andrea!

      Mom is doing much better and I can't wait to see her in a couple weeks.

      Wishing you both a healthy, happy and successful 2017!


  4. Great trip report! Happy and healthy New Year to you and your family!

    Best wishes,

    P.S. - if your son doesn't enjoy gambling and such, I highly recommend checking out the pinball museum as well as the Museum of Atomic Testing, both are excellent!

    1. Happy New Year Tim!

      Thanks for the recommendations for our son. My husband and I love Pinball, not sure why we haven't done that one yet.


  5. Loved your Thanksgiving TR, congrats on all your awesome wins!! Hope that your New Years trip is just as fun & lucky as your Thanksgiving trip!! Thank you for sharing your TR's & all your awesome video's. Hope you & your family have a safe, happy & prosperous 2017!!

  6. Thanks Carla! Unfortunately I gave back most of my Thanksgiving winnings, darn this slots, LOL! Had a great time on NYE but got sick 6am on New Year's Day with either a 24 or so stomach virus bug or food poisoning.

    Wishing you and your family a healthy, happy and successful 2017!


  7. I enjoyed reading your report. My Thanksgiving was wonderful too as I won $10,762 in Delaware at Dover Downs playing a penny machine with a $4 max bet.

    1. Congrats on your fabulous win, what a memorable Thanksgiving that must have been!


  8. I enjoy reading of your Vegas experiences! One question do you sleep during the day and stay up at night when there? I noticed a few times you listed seemed odd. Thanks!

  9. Actually I don't sleep much in Vegas only about 4 hours since there's so much going on. Generally I go back to the room at 3 or 4am, unless I've been losing and just had enough or if I'm not hanging out with friends and then I get up around 10am most of the time to meet friends for lunch.

    I'm glad you enjoy my trip reports.

    Have a great 2017!