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Only a hour flight away from Las Vegas we visit frequently, sometimes once a month. I'll be sharing our trip reports, tips on making the most of your stay in Vegas, reviews of restaurants and shows we have seen, along with my thoughts related to our favorite place to get away from it all.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bellagio Room Service Menu

The Menu below is now out of date, the latest menu as of 11/22/2014 is at the below link on the Blog.

This menu for Bellagio Room Service has been updated and is accurate as of January 23rd, 2012. Remember to click on Photos to enlarge them.

For the rest of the menu click on "Read More".

Friday, October 29, 2010

October 26th and 27th at Bellagio, lucky streak goes on holiday

I woke up late to hear the Italian Mom screaming at her children next door and the rest of the morning was spent hearing children being children. Beware the connecting door rooms at Bellagio as there's no hope of avoiding hearing your neighbors unless they talk very quietly.

I ordered brunch from room service and it was served in 30 minutes. Both the chilled shrimp and the asian noodle dish with tempura shrimp I ate was excellent.

After getting dressed it was time to see if my lucky streak would continue and it didn't take long to discover it was gone.
I left Bellagio and took the tram to Aria, where I had a minor win on Stonehenge, but basically lost on everything else I tried, including Pink Diamonds which had treated me well back in July. I ordered a strawberry Mojito while playing at Aria and they still make the best one on the strip in my opinion.

Leaving my unlucky streak at Aria, I walked to Monte Carlo where I tried Goldfish, Wizard of Oz, among other slots, only to continue to lose. Returning to Bellagio I decided to go back up to my room and write up the previous day live trip report while waiting for Socalgirl to join me at Bellagio around 6pm.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 25th at Bellagio

Bellagio Conservatory

We moved to Bellagio on Monday where I will stay for 2 nights, while Randy returns home to work. Since I had already checked in on Sunday we took our luggage directly to my room where I discovered I had left my eyeglasses in the taxi. The only saving grace for this dumb move on my part is I have a eye appointment this coming Saturday where I know I'm getting a new prescription and I was going to have to buy new eyeglasses next week due to that. Fortunately I have my prescription sunglasses with me, so when I return home I can see to drive.

Randy had to leave for the airport in a couple hours so we went Bellagio's business office and printed out his boarding pass and since we used Southwest early boarding he had A24.

We then went to the Bellagio Cafe for brunch which had a line but since we had a line pass we were quickly seated.
I ordered the dungeness crab salad which was small but the right size for what I wanted since I had a early dinner reservation at Olives again this evening
Randy ordered a cheese and ham omelet which he said was great. Service was very efficient and we had a nice view of the Bellagio Conservatory from our table. The photos of the Conservatory that I'm posting here were taken last evening about 2am to avoid the crowds.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday, October 24th, Bellagio, Olives and a hand pay!

View from our room at Palazzo
Today we slept until noon and didn't leave our room until 1:30am. Since we had a 5:00pm reservation tonight to eat dinner at Olives at Bellagio we just went to the Gold Lounge at Venetian for a snack and coffee. When we entered the lounge every table was dirty and all food was gone, and ice was melted. I guess they got a large group of people around lunch time and the staff was behind in cleaning up. Eventually a staff member came and replaced enough so we could have some coffee, cheese, rolls and fruit but we didn't stick around for the chicken skewers and other items.

Since we had to pass through the high limit room to exit we couldn't resist a few spins of $5 Wheel of Fortune and we got lucky enough to hit a spin for $175.00 which was a nice start for the day
Today we were checking into Bellagio though still staying at Palazzo tonight. I was coming in on a offer of 3 nights at Bellagio, limited food and beverage and some free play. It was a lovely day and we thought of walking to Bellagio but my feet were feeling a bit of pain so we took a taxi who decided to take us by freeway to the Bellagio and drop us off at the north entrance since we left our luggage back at Palazzo.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday 10/23, Neon Boneyard and Meet

After 4 hours worth of restless sleep I dragged myself out of bed to get ready for our trip to Neon Boneyard. My husband was able to sleep in because this trip was to celebrate his birthday that had happened on the 16th and one of his presents was a massage today around noon at Palazzo's Canyon Ranch Spa.

Claired67 from the Blonde4ever Vegas message board was treating Socalgirl,Hayleymsmom,myself and Blonde4ever and her son Mike to a limo ride to Neon Boneyard. The limo company was Presidential and the driver presented each lady with a long stem rose. There was champagne chilled for us but this early in the morning we opted for water.
Bonnie (Blonde4ever) and her son Mike
It was an enjoyable ride to the office where you pay the $15.00 for the tour and sign a release if you want to take photos during the tour. Video is not allowed at all and the release I signed that permits me to post photos of the tour here said they had to be a certain size,  and they indicated that the small size selection here on blogspot would fit the criteria so I hope I'm in compliance.

There was a large group for the 9:30am tour so they split us into two groups and we were in the first group. Our guide was terrific, very funny and extremely informative about the history of all the Neon Signs.
The area where we viewed the signs is not the permanent exhibit area that is still under constructed and a year away at least from completion. In their current location there are a few safety rules you have to follow with the type of shoes you can wear on the tour being foremost.
The sign above was just installed recently and is soon to be lit up.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friday, October 22nd, M Resort and Palazzo

The photo above was taken at M Resort with their waterfall wall in the background which is near registration.

Today started out well with us waking up late but being moved to our new room at Palazzo by 1pm. We were meeting NurseJanet from the Blonde4ever Las Vegas message board and her husband in the early afternoon to go to the M resort as they were kind enough to give us a ride in their car.

Since we were running late we went into the Venetian Gold Lounge to grab some coffee and discovered they had recently upgraded their food choices to include chicken skewers and a mini potato skin appetizer, in addition to their  usual soup, rolls, cheese and fruit selection.  The chicken skewers were excellent and along with the other items were perfectly fine so we skipped having brunch at a restaurant.

We really enjoyed meeting Janet and Dan, they are easy to talk with and a lot of fun. During the drive to M resort I offered to provide some directions using the GPS on my Iphone, this turned out to be a unlucky decision as it took us about 15 minutes out of our way! Fortunately I called Terri (Socalgirl on Blonde4ever) since she lives near M resort and she gave us excellent directions on finding the correct route back to M.

When we arrived at M resort Terri met us there and after introductions we all split up to gamble. Randy and I had a lot of luck in M resort's high limit room as we hit a spin on the $5 Wheel of Fortune for $300.00 and then on $5 pinball for $350.00. We then left the high limit room and went off and tried various penny slots from Kitty Glitter, Ruby Slippers, Goldfish,Wolferton,Wicked Winnings II and numerous other video slots and just lost on all of them.
After losing all but a couple hundred of our winnings we returned to the high limit room where hit another spin on $5 pinball for $400 and then then had hits on Double Diamond and $5 Pinball again until we had won $1000 at M resort!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Live Trip Report, October 22nd to the 27th!

Largest win of the night on Kitty Glitter
The day of our flight had its challenges as PG&E decided to shut down neighborhood's electric at three different times that day, morning for 2 hours, afternoon for a hour and around 6pm when trying to do a lot of last minute things around our home, for another hour. Fortunately our evening fight out of San Jose on Southwest was on time but a full plane at 9:30pm. We arrived at Mccarran a hour later but had to wait around 10 minutes due to another jet being at our gate. Baggage claim was very crowded around 11pm at night for a Thursday. Taxi driver took us the back way to Palazzo and proudly told us it was the shortest route and was rewarded with a hefty tip.

Check in at invited guest did not go smoothly when we found that the reservation for Palazzo that our host made and I had confirmed a week ago was now at the Venetian due to all the rooms at Palazzo being already taken. For many reasons we prefer staying at the Palazzo and since we were here celebrating husband's birthday we were very disappointed. I mentioned that our host had made the reservation at Palazzo and I had a email from him about it, so they asked me to show it so I dragged out my laptop since my iphone didn't want to cooperate loading a bunch of old emails and showed what we had received from our host who was off duty. Justin our clerk at the time was very polite and patient and likely didn't understand why we wanted to stay at Palazzo vs the Venetian since he explained a few times the suite was the same but when he saw we really wanted Palazzo he said they would move us Friday, so for one night we are at Venetian.

After our luggage was brought to our room and they did that in record time I guess to make up for the hotel change, we went to Grand Lux at Palazzo for a bite as we didn't have a chance to eat dinner earlier.  We walked past the Grand Lux at Venetian because for whatever reason the Venetian was very warm at that hour while the Palazzo temperature was cooler.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Aria Tournament, during my July 2010 Vegas birthday trip!

Wednesday July 14th, my actual birthday.

My birthday trip started out great with a smooth flight and landing. The heat was like a blast furnace when I landed but I didn't feel it for long. Once I had my luggage I met Terri (Socalgirl) and we were off to the lovely M resort.  My room at M was on the 10th floor and had a view of the strip and their pools.

On the drive to M Resort, Terri had given me a lovely candle from Van Cleef &Arpels as a birthday gift and it smelled good enough to eat! 

I met Terri downstairs where I had lunch at the M Buffet. The selection at the buffet is huge. The stand outs for me at this buffet was the gourmet coffee with liquors you could order for free and the desserts were wonderful. 


Monday, October 18, 2010

Venetian Wheel of Fortune Tournament May 2010

We had two tournament offers this month, the one at Bellagio called Slots in the City and what seems to be becoming a annual tournament at Venetian, the Wheel of Fortune tournament. While I love Bellagio's slot tournaments due to the beautiful buffet of food and open bars they have set up during the sessions, Venetian was offering $1000 free play up front to come in for the tournament and since that was also the 5th prize in this tournament the free play alone made me feel like I had a win.

Due to my husband's work schedule and the registration schedule of the tournament I went in a day earlier on May 20th then him, flying out of San Jose on Southwest. It was a morning flight, smooth and on time. After collecting my luggage I used my Grazie gold card to take the shuttle for free to Venetian. The wait for the shuttle to leave wasn't any longer then standing in line for a taxi out of the airport. Venetian is the shuttle's first stop so I was there quickly and check in went smooth or so I thought at the time. While both my husband and I are Grazie gold cards, I told both our host and the lady checking me in that I didn't need a view this trip. I just wanted a quiet room away from the late night Tao pool parties that can create a lot of noise into the wee hours no matter how high a floor you are on.

Socalgirl from the Blonde4ever board was also in this tournament and we had plans to meet up in the afternoon to register together so our slot sessions would be at the same time. Socalgirl had also introduced me to her host at Venetian and so highly recommended him I switched from the new one that had been assigned to me that I had yet to meet in person to her host. I was glad I took her recommendation when we discovered after my husband arrived that even though he couldn't get off work in time to register for the tournament, though we both qualified for it, our new host had arranged for Randy to also receive the $1000 free play up front.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mega Meet II with the Blonde4ever group in April 2010

One of the views of the strip from Loser's  Palm's Penthouse Suite

April's trip was all about meeting friends from the blonde4ever Vegas Message board. While all the message boards I frequent have meets in Vegas and one can certainly always find a group of people on one board or the other that will be in Vegas while we're there, the Blonde4ever Mega Meet II was special because we had a good size group going just for the purpose of meeting their online friends.  It was also very special because one of the members Loser, had arranged for us to have the meet in his Palm's Penthouse Suite which was incredibly generous of him since he only flew in for the 1 day and night in order to provide this meeting space.

The Mega Meet 2 meet was also different in that we were doing two gambling events during the meet, one was polling our money for Mega Bucks and the other where we chipped in $40 a share for a high roller event playing some slots like Wolf Run in the Palms high limit room for $40 or more a push. 

This trip I was going to Vegas solo for the meet, while my husband went to Seattle to visit his family a trip that had been postponed from February due to him getting sick. We arrived at San Jose airport to find my flight is delayed for about 20 minutes and husband’s Southwest flight to Seattle is delayed over a hour. Originally Randy was to leave first, but now he gets to see me off as his flight will leave last. I did hear later from hubby that his flight was smooth sailing while my flight was flying in bad weather the whole way and was a bit bumpy. 

Landing at McCarran was fine. I was surprised that the taxi line was long since it was a Wednesday evening but glad for Las Vegas since the last few trips I’m seeing a lot more people and hopefully that means casinos, hotels and restaurants will start doing some more hiring again. 

While in the cab, I called two friends from the Blonde4ever boards, VegasSun and her husband the Dermonator to let them know that I had finally arrived and was checking in. They were already in the Palazzo casino, playing the Mummy slot near the Sweet Surrender cupcake store and I imagine I walked right by them on my way to the suite after checking in. Once in the room I didn’t stay to unpack, just quickly changed my blouse and went downstairs to meet the first of many friends that had arrived in Vegas for the Mega Meet II.

VegasSun and Dermonator are a very cute couple and both are friendly and fun to be with. Even though they hadn’t much sleep, and were currently staying at Mandalay Bay they were sweet enough to meet me at Palazzo to pay for their participation in the High Roller and Mega Bucks slot events we were having on Saturday as they would be arriving late to the party.
We had a great chat for about a hour and then it was back to Mandalay Bay for them and it was time for me to see how my luck might go tonight.
 A seat was open on Sex in the City slots so I grabbed it and almost immediately hit 2 bonuses at the same time, a first for me. Both bonuses ended up being the gift one that has free spins and I usually do well on it, but this time together they only paid a total of $60.  After that I had a few more minor wins but nothing great as it slowly started to eat my cash. (sorry older photos on Twitter have disappeared due to glitch with best camera app). 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lions, Fountains and Woo, oh my! March 2010

Lion Cub Interaction at MGM Grand with newborn cub Blackjack!

This trip was one of those where you don’t know if you are lucky or not. Starting out from home with a new driver instead of one of our usual drivers from the limo service we use and this one had a large Cadillac Escalade SUV and obviously thought he was a powerhouse as he had a very Kamikaze style of driving which I found scary. At San Jose our plane was delayed 20 minutes, which wasn’t exactly bad luck but unusual as the late night flights usually leave on time. The airport was also very crowded for this time of night.

We arrived safely, luggage came out fairly quickly and our cab driver decided not to long haul us so I gave him a hefty tip as a reward.

Checking in at the Palazzo didn’t go very well, as all they claimed to have left at midnight was a room for the disabled and I knew from other people's trip reports we didn’t want that, however having no choice we took it with the promise that tomorrow they would give us the usual suite with the view of Treasure Island.

Dropping off our luggage and not bothering to unpack much since we would be moving the next day, a quick glance around the room and bath verified we didn’t want this room more then one night. The closet for example had the rod and hangers low to the ground so our clothes would have been dragging on the floor if we hung them up. There was only one sink in the bath and it had a strange spray attachment that didn’t work very well. There wasn’t a tub and the shower had a curtain and of course no steps so the water would go out onto the floor. There was no vanity like the other suites have either, instead just the mirror, so I assume you could roll a wheelchair up close to put your make up on. The view outside the room was of parking.

Randy’s offer this time was $500 free play and $100 food credit. We went down to the player’s card desk and got the free play put on and then went over to the original Goldfish machines which are close by. I put a $20 in the machine and didn’t download the free play correctly so we just started playing that, and were fortunate enough to start out the trip with a few good bonuses and the $20 became over $300.00. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Vegas with Mom at Palazzo and THEHotel in February 2010

It was the best of trips, it was the worst of trips. In no particular order here's why.

It was one of my best trips, because I was in Vegas showing my Mom what’s been going on there since her last trip, 9 years ago. (Photo of Mom with the Encore Peacock).

I really enjoyed meeting Kydds and his wife from the blonde4ever Vegas message boards.  Kydds, thanks for the drink at the new champagne bar at Palazzo and being patient while it took over 30 minutes for me to get set up with their pocket casino gaming device. 

Watching Donny and Marie at Flamingo put on a very entertaining show.

Terry Fator, second time I’ve seen him, great show and with some new material. Would be happy to go see him a third time and I will seldom do that for any show. I also got some cute short movies of his material. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jasmine Fountain Brunch March 2010

We loved the Jasmine Fountain Brunch and will do it again in the future. We were the 3rd party to be seated at the Brunch and while we were not on the first level next to the windows, we had a excellent table that was elevated and had a great view. While the photo below only shows the front view we also had a great side view of the fountain show where we were seated.

As we were being seated there was a Fountain show going on and they started a second show 5 minutes later then another one 10 minutes after that show and they were coming very frequently that first hour. Into the second hour, they werre the usual 15 minutes that are usually scheduled for weekends.

This photo shows the side view we had. I was sitting next to Randy facing the front for the brunch but moved here briefly for the side view photo. 

Unlike some reviews I have read, they did not greet us with a glass of orange juice which was fine with me as I don't drink OJ. Service was fantastic along the lines of fine dining. Our server presented the champagne options and while you aren't pressured at all to order champagne we went with the least expensive which was $12 for all you could drink. They were not kidding about all you could drink as our server was constantly filling our glass and it never got more then half empty. Toward the end, we finally had to tell her no more, as we wanted to be able to walk out and not be carried out, and she smiled and said well, if you change your mind let me know.

In our opinion the food presentation and quality is as wonderful as the service. Of course quality of food is somewhat subjective to each individual but even if you are a meat and potato type eater there were plenty of breakfast and meat options to satisfy that taste.
Remember to click on "read more" for the rest of the review and photos!

Girls gone wild in Vegas-February 2010

Now that I have your attention, I will confess, we didn't go wild. For those who were following me on Twitter this trip it isn't a big surprise, we were actually quite sedate for Vegas. I blame it on the shortage of cocktail waitresses!
This was a short 2 day/night trip to Vegas with my girlfriends RJ and Denise. Free airfare courtesy of RJ's Southwest credits that she needed to use before March and all 3 rooms were comped. We left San Jose Tuesday at noon and had a easy flight to Las Vegas, arriving about 1:30pm. I left with a slight cold and took the advice I received on the Blonde4ever Vegas message boards and took a Benadryl before the flight and also use the earplanes. Thank goodness I did because while I was feeling fairly good by the time Tuesday rolled around to depart for Vegas and even using those things the plane did a number on me and I was a bit worse for wear after we landed.

RJ didn't let us check luggage since it was only 2 days and night so we were quickly in a taxi and on our way to the Flamingo where RJ checked into her GO room and I checked Denise into a Flamingo deluxe which was comped thanks to my 200 total reward points. Yep, I don't usually gamble at Harrah's and when we do we usually use my husband's total rewards card so my points were pitiful. I went with Denise to her room and it was fine and thankfully clean. 

I left RJ and Denise at Flamingo while I took a taxi to Venetian for my comped room. Taxi driver didn't take me the short way through the parking lots like the others did later in the trip, but out on the street so he could bump the fare up. Oh well, I'm in Vegas, going to have a good time and not going to start out by getting annoyed. 

Check in at Venetian was easy, they gave me the main tower as I requested and I was on floor 28 with a terrible view, but again I have views a plenty on past trips.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bellagio Slot Tournament January 22nd to the 25th, 2010

Day time view from our room:

It was a dark and stormy night, actually all week had been bad storms and we were hoping it would clear a bit before our Southwest jet left late Friday night. While it was still raining and windy enough to delay our flight out of San Jose 30 minutes it was better then my girlfriend's flight out of San Francisco that was delayed for 90 minutes or so.

Since we had the delay we grabbed a snack of chicken strips and fries at the Brit lounge at the airport. 

Flight was non-eventful into Las Vegas and we quickly picked up our luggage. Got long hauled to Bellagio to the tune of $25.00 because cab driver insisted the normal route had a accident and the road was closed. Later we found out that the road was not closed.

Check in at around 11pm was quick, got our line passes and room 28004 near the elevators with a great fountain view, thanks to Beverly our host.

Night time view:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lucky Thanksgiving 2009 at Palazzo & THEHotel at Mandalay Bay

Randy and I flew out of San Jose on Southwest at 9:00pm on Monday the 23rd of November. Flight was smooth and arrived in Vegas around 10:15pm. 

When we caught our cab to the Palazzo I said no tunnel since we have gotten tunneled twice this year and once was to Mandalay Bay! Cabbie turns around and says what tunnel is that? I replied are you new and he said no, so I replied,  then you know what tunnel. I gave him the directions I wanted him to take and of course he used them mumbling about waiting 2 hours for a fare at the airport like that gives them the right to long haul us? Once at the Palazzo, avoiding the one lane traffic that was the strip this trip due to them catering to City Center's needs before it opens in December, we made our driver happy with a generous tip and he cheered up at the loss of his wild tunnel ride. 

Check in went smoothly and we had a strip view from our suite of Treasure Island. 


After going down to get our free play and point play that we earned on previous trip we made our way to Wolf Run only to find that our free play wouldn't download to the machine. After trying it on 3 other slots we went back to the player's club where they told us they had newer cards now and that's what we needed so they issued us new cards. Hmmm, new cards since October and why didn't they notice the old cards when we were at the desk 15 minutes ago? 

Back to Wolf Run where we hit our first win of the night of $180.00. 

Thinking that Wolf Run might be lucky again for us this trip, we went to the slot that has the 4 screens. We had some small wins on it and later in the trip hit a bonus where the screen thankfully goes full size at that point, but nothing substantial and we discovered we personally prefer single screen slots.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Celebrating Husband's birthday at Palazzo and THEHotel

First Evening, October 15th: 

Our trip starts out during the evening of the 15th at San Jose Airport flying Southwest. I like the night flights out ofSan Jose airport on Southwest as so far they are never crowded. Flight was smooth, we had seats in the front and were quickly off the flight.

Once off the plane, I made a stop at the ladies room and then we were on the tram to baggage claim when I recalled I left my library book which had been too large to fit in my handbag in the ladies room. Asking Randy to go get our luggage I take the tram back, book is still there and I finally make it to baggage area to find him waiting with luggage. As those who followed me on Twitter during this trip know, this would be just the start of me misplacing items.

We take a cab to Palazzo and while the driver didn't take the tunnel he did manage to long haul us which we decided to ignore and not set the trip off on a bad note. Both Randy and I are starting to get a bit cranky due to missing dinner, but check in goes smoothly, and we are on the 38th floor with a few of Treasure Island and the section of the strip you can see from Palazzo.

We unpacked quickly and since we missed dinner we decide to eat at Palazzo's, Grand Lux restaurant since it's almost 11pm at this time and most restaurants are closed. We're seated in the bar area and Randy orders the egg sandwich, along with 2 spicy's Mary's and I get the Manhattan salad with shrimp and chicken and a glass of Riesling. We have a tradition each trip of usually going to Olives if not for dinner at least to have a drink at their bar for the spicy Mary type drink they have with the olives stuffed with hot peppers. R having the Grand Lux version of the drink for the first time said it was just as good as the one we had been enjoying at Olives and for half the price. R's egg sandwich was huge and served with hash browns, and my salad was also large and very fresh tasting with a light vinaigrette dressing.

After dinner it was off to the slots and our favorite wolf run machines, where we had a run of luck.

Photos of the meal in addition to slot wins taken with my Iphone are at:
Note: You do have to click on the links on my page to reach the photos taken with my Iphone. The photos I will post within this TR were taken with our digital camera. 

After our meal we were ready to hit the slots and hopefully have our first win of the night. We quickly make our way to the player's club at Palazzo and have them put Randy's free play on his card. Walking away from the player's club desk we spot the new Star Wars machine and take a seat. Of course the free play doesn't work in this machine, but we're still excited about a new Star Wars slot. There are a couple themes with these machines but we decide we like the graphics on Duel On Mustafar the best so we start playing it and quickly hit the 5 symbols needed for entries into their bonus round. If you are playing max credits like we were which I think was $3, you win 4 entries. Unlike other slots with timers for bonuses (like Ebay) when the 60 second timer pops up for the new Star Wars slots it means bonus in exactly 60 seconds. If you don't have any entries, then you can play as quickly as you can to try to get some, or you might want to pause and wait for the next bonus round to come up. Bonuses seem to come up on a regular basis and I thought more frequently then the other community games like Monopoly and Ebay. When it enters the bonus round you are in a race with the other player's who have entries and the more entries of course the better chance of winning the race.

This first race there was only one other player with us at a bank of 8 machines and he only had 3 entries and we had 12 at the time the bonus hit, so we won the race and went on to the next part of the bonus round and the other player just got the minimal amount you get for the race. The next part of the bonus round is selecting targeting graphics on the screen to hopefully hit the fighters and go on to the next round. Unfortunately while we played this at a couple casinos during our trip, we never got past the 3rd bonus so I believe our highest win on any of the bonus games for max credits was about $79.00.

TIP: If no one else is playing the new Star Wars community slots with you, or if someone is but doesn't have any entries you automatically win the race. When we understood how that worked, we played Star Wars late at night when no one else was on it. image 

After Star Wars we search out our favorite Wolf Run Slant top and voila the free play works in it. We're playing $2 a push and out of the free play when we hit for $271.25. There's a photo on twitter of that win. 

We decide to cash out of Wolf Run and take a walk over to the Venetian to play WOZ as the ones at Palazzo are full. Of course the WOZ at Venetian are full too, but just when we are going to walk away someone leaves and one of us quickly sits down and pops in our ticket from the Wolf Run win. We're holding our own, though no bonus rounds when we hear the beautiful sound of Glinda arriving. Glinda turns 4 columns wild, our first time for 4! We hold our breath hoping for wilds and praying the progressive and bonus symbols don't get in the way, but one of them does and the others aren't high paying symbols so it pays $255.00 on a max bet. Not to be greedy or anything but we've hit 3 wilds before on trips and gotten lucky with a few where the pay offs have been usually over $500, up to about $1000, so with the 4 wilds we were a bit disappointed on that win, but still a lovely sight to view.