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Only a hour flight away from Las Vegas we visit frequently, sometimes once a month. I'll be sharing our trip reports, tips on making the most of your stay in Vegas, reviews of restaurants and shows we have seen, along with my thoughts related to our favorite place to get away from it all.

Friday, October 29, 2010

October 26th and 27th at Bellagio, lucky streak goes on holiday

I woke up late to hear the Italian Mom screaming at her children next door and the rest of the morning was spent hearing children being children. Beware the connecting door rooms at Bellagio as there's no hope of avoiding hearing your neighbors unless they talk very quietly.

I ordered brunch from room service and it was served in 30 minutes. Both the chilled shrimp and the asian noodle dish with tempura shrimp I ate was excellent.

After getting dressed it was time to see if my lucky streak would continue and it didn't take long to discover it was gone.
I left Bellagio and took the tram to Aria, where I had a minor win on Stonehenge, but basically lost on everything else I tried, including Pink Diamonds which had treated me well back in July. I ordered a strawberry Mojito while playing at Aria and they still make the best one on the strip in my opinion.

Leaving my unlucky streak at Aria, I walked to Monte Carlo where I tried Goldfish, Wizard of Oz, among other slots, only to continue to lose. Returning to Bellagio I decided to go back up to my room and write up the previous day live trip report while waiting for Socalgirl to join me at Bellagio around 6pm.

On the way to join Socalgirl for dinner at Bellagio's, Noodles restaurant I flirted with a brief win on 5 cent, Witches Riches.
Noodles doesn't accept reservations and fortunately wasn't very busy when we arrived, though by the time we left they had a short line waiting to be seated. I ordered a asian pear type Martini basically because as Socalgirl described, the server's eyes lit up when describing what was her obvious favorite cocktail. It was tasty but not my favorite of the trip.
We started out with the pan fried and steamed pork dumplings, which were good but fairly typical of that type of restaurant.
We both liked the chicken satay, but again nothing unusual from what I have enjoyed at other places.
I loved the spicy cucumber's and had never eaten this type of dish before at other restaurants so it was a nice surprise.
The XO green beans were very good, though Socalgirl did mention they were a bit light on the XO brandy sauce.
Socalgirl ordered the chicken in black bean pepper sauce which we shared. First time I have tried black bean pepper sauce and won't be the last as it was the stand out dish for me that evening.
We shared my chilean sea bass dish which was tasty but nothing unusual.

Since both Socalgirl and I don't find Asian desserts that appealing we stopped off at the VIP lounge for cookies and chocolate covered strawberries. The gentleman who served us our cookies had been one we chatted with the previous evening and this time he told us about his heyday of making thousands playing VP.

After dessert Socalgirl drove us to the Wynn as she had some free play to use up there and I was hoping gambling at Wynn would bring back my wins. At first I thought Wynn was going to do the trick for me as I had this hit for $160 on $1 pinball. Unfortunately pretty much everything I played after that resulted in a loss so we returned back to Bellagio where Socalgirl dropped me off and we said our goodbyes until I see her again in mid-November.
In hindsight I should have gone back to my room and watched TV or written up more here. Nothing was winning for me, though I did have a brief fling on another Wolf Run for about a hour where I had hopes my wolves would visit me again in force, but they ended up having other plans for the evening.
Deciding to retire around 1am, I ordered a snack from room service of a crab and mango roll which was spicy and I really loved it. The next morning I was woken up again by the screaming children next door. Packing up since I would leave later today, I called VIP services and requested and was given a 3pm check out time.

Room service again was prompt and they had my brunch to me within 20 minutes of ordering it. I found service excellent at Bellagio the whole time I was there. Everyone was very friendly and efficient, and much better then the last time I stayed which was this past January. I ordered the chilled shrimp again and also a Cobb salad, both were very good.
Trying a few slots after I went downstairs, I decided luck was done with me for this trip and I would do a walk about and take some photos and then if I had time to kill play a few slots at low limits until it was time to leave for the airport. The photo above one of the many Bellagio pools.
There's a couple of these seahorse type sculptures in a entry leading to one of the pool areas.
I walked through Bellagio to Vdara. This was my first time at Vdara and via the route I took the first thing I see is the Silk Road restaurant.
Perhaps it's just me but I thought the lobby area of Vdara was boring.
I thought the lobby bar area was also uninspiring. Looking around Vdara it's not where I would want to stay if I wanted to stay at a hotel without a casino on the strip.
The well known by now canoe sculpture outside the entrance of Vdara. It was lovely walking weather Wednesday so I walked as far as Aria before getting bored with City Center.
The above and following are just random shots I took mainly on the second floor of Aria.
Chill one of the many places to have a snack and drink at Aria.
A glimpse of one of the pool areas.
The official Elvis store where of course songs by Elvis are always playing.
A floor sculpture at Aria with tiny little cactuses set within the pyramids.
Sirio restaurant at Aria. I took photos of some of the restaurant menus which I will try and work on later to remove the glare and if I'm successful was post them next week.
The Aria pool shot above was taken from the tram station while waiting to return to Bellagio.
On my way back to my room to call valet to hold my luggage for a couple hours, I tried the Hitchcock Slots one last time at only $1.05 a bet instead of the $3.50 max and I hit a showtime bonus immediately. During this bonus I got the movies 3 times, (usually we don't get it at all) and except for the final movie picked the low amount each time. I also hit the shower curtain bonus twice during these free spins for a hit of $147.45 on a $1.05 bet!

Thinking my luck was changing again I continue to play this and then try Wolf Run again but my brief win was the exception, so I went upstairs and checked in my luggage. After that I check out in the VIP lounge where the only charges I had were tips. I stayed in the VIP lounge for the next 2 hours reading and having a glass of wine before leaving for the airport.

At the airport I discovered my flight was delayed 30 minutes so I got out the laptop and had time to catch up on emails and read a few messages on the Blonde4ever Vegas board and trip advisor boards before boarding for the flight home. The flight was smooth, and it was good to return home a winner.

I'll be going back to Las Vegas on November 17th for 3 nights. I'll be staying at Venetian and the plan is to attend G2 for 2 of those days, go to the VIP Grazie gift party on Friday the 19th and possible visit M resort again as the November mailer just arrived.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to report in every day of your trip.

    Love all the pics too, especially the food ones.

    To bad the last day was a losing one, but overall, a great trip in many ways.