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Only a hour flight away from Las Vegas we visit frequently, sometimes once a month. I'll be sharing our trip reports, tips on making the most of your stay in Vegas, reviews of restaurants and shows we have seen, along with my thoughts related to our favorite place to get away from it all.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday 10/23, Neon Boneyard and Meet

After 4 hours worth of restless sleep I dragged myself out of bed to get ready for our trip to Neon Boneyard. My husband was able to sleep in because this trip was to celebrate his birthday that had happened on the 16th and one of his presents was a massage today around noon at Palazzo's Canyon Ranch Spa.

Claired67 from the Blonde4ever Vegas message board was treating Socalgirl,Hayleymsmom,myself and Blonde4ever and her son Mike to a limo ride to Neon Boneyard. The limo company was Presidential and the driver presented each lady with a long stem rose. There was champagne chilled for us but this early in the morning we opted for water.
Bonnie (Blonde4ever) and her son Mike
It was an enjoyable ride to the office where you pay the $15.00 for the tour and sign a release if you want to take photos during the tour. Video is not allowed at all and the release I signed that permits me to post photos of the tour here said they had to be a certain size,  and they indicated that the small size selection here on blogspot would fit the criteria so I hope I'm in compliance.

There was a large group for the 9:30am tour so they split us into two groups and we were in the first group. Our guide was terrific, very funny and extremely informative about the history of all the Neon Signs.
The area where we viewed the signs is not the permanent exhibit area that is still under constructed and a year away at least from completion. In their current location there are a few safety rules you have to follow with the type of shoes you can wear on the tour being foremost.
The sign above was just installed recently and is soon to be lit up.

The next photos are from inside the locked area where they currently store the Neon Signs so they are required to be this small size.
There are a lot more signs but I doubt they want me posting the complete tour. We really enjoyed our guide and the tour, I would recommend going if you are curious to hear the history of Neon on the strip and surrounding areas.

After the tour we had a different limo driver who was quite charming and made a big hit with us.
On the drive back to the Palazzo we did enjoy the champagne that was on ice waiting for us.

We said a temporary goodbye to Bonnie, Mike and Deann as we would meet up later in the afternoon at the Meet. In the meantime Terri, Claire and I went to Bouchon for our first meal of the day,which Terri treated us to. Bouchon was having technical difficulties with their computer system when we arrived so we had a short wait to be seated.

Once seated service was great and the food was delicious.
Terri's chocolate croissant.

Claire's chicken and waffles.
Terri and I both had the omelet special of the day which was cheese, ham and roma tomatoes, served with bacon and Brioche.

After brunch Claire left to go back to her hotel and Terri and I split up to gamble. Randy was still getting his massage so I was on my own for the first hour and quickly lost about $200 to various slots. Hoping my luck wasn't taking a turn for the worst, I went over to my favorite $5 Wheel of Fortune slots that so far had not been kind to me and slipped in a hundred. I was down to my last $10 when Randy sent me a text that he was done with the massage and would be joining me, when I hit a spin for $250.00.
I cashed out and went around to the other side and put my ticket in another Wheel of Fortune and after a few pushes hit another spin, this time for $300.00
I cashed out and moved to the machine next to it and got another spin this time for $500.00.
Once again I cash out and go to the middle machine which I had skipped and after a few pushes, received another spin for $300.
Randy then arrived and I was able to give him the good news I had recovered my couple hundred and we were back to being over a thousand ahead and playing on the casino's dollar. We moved back to the other side to the two WOF's that I had skipped after my first spin, but ended up giving back a couple hundred when we couldn't hit a spin.
After trying a few more slots with little luck we walked over to Venetian to the gold lounge so Randy who hadn't eaten yet could get a bite to eat. While he was eating I tried a couple machines in the high limit area but the only decent hit I got was on the $1 DaVinci diamonds.

It was now time to go the meet and we arrived 15 minutes early with Terri who had given us a ride after a errand delayed us from meeting Janet and Dan. We found that Bonnie, Mike, Can2do (Julie), Jeanwa and husband, and a few others had already arrived and had discoverd that Napoleon's wasn't going to be open to the public until 5pm on this day due to a private function they had earlier. Julie took the lead and went off to locate a new location for us and found Le Caberet which was a very nice bar with plenty of room for everyone. Before we moved to the new location, Nurse Janet, her husband Dan, Deann,lipgloss (Helen), Beckers (Becky), Mike Zona, Sailor, Claire and others arrived and the ones that hadn't we were able to reach them by text to let them know the new location.
We had at least 18 people show up, and there might have been a couple late arrivals after this group shot was taken. I recall I also met Sandywny (Sandy) who I sat next to for part of the meet, pebsmax was there, and Jackie who lives in Vegas.
Julie and I being silly and taking photos of each other at the same time.
I had a lovely time at the meet and along with Deann, Terri, Claire, Julie and Mike, we were among the last to leave the Meet. My husband had sneaked off earlier to play and win a bit at the new Lord of the Rings slot since Paris has them but Venetian and Palazzo do not, but he made it back to the bar for the last 20 minutes or so.

Terri gave us a ride back to Palazzo and then her and Claire went off to dinner and to later go to Phantom, while Randy and I played slots until time for our dinner reservation at 8pm at Postrio. We tried a few slots without any luck and were once again edging toward just breaking even when we sat down at Wolf Run machine and after we fed it about $150.00 we hit for $935.00.
Glad to be back playing on the casino's dollar again we continue to play this machine and it was still fairly active until it was time to leave for dinner.
We arrived at Postrio a couple minutes early and had a brief wait. While waiting we were able to listen to this trio of musicians.

We had a booth at Postrio as I requested and we started out with their wonderful bread that is also served hot.
I had a glass of riesling while my husband tried one of their special ginger ice teas which he really enjoyed.

I really enjoyed this salad of marinated baby beets with pistachios, oranges and humboldt fog cheese.

Randy had a Caesar salad which he liked.
The diver scallops with white bean puree and mushrooms was delicious.
Unfortunately after the server set my scallops down he started to drop Randy's entree, tried to recover and instead ended up throwing it on Randy and here's the mess on the booth seat. At the same time he knocked over Randy's tea on him, so Randy was a wet sticky mess. Of course the server felt terrible and we just sat there stunned not saying a word. While the server and other restaurant staff came over to apologize which we of course accepted, Randy left to go to the men's room to try to clean himself off. In the meantime they took away my scallops so a new entree could be prepared for me while they replaced Randy's entree and they moved us to a new booth and set us up again with fresh drinks.

When Randy returned to our new table the manager came over and told us our dinner was on the house and to let him know if there was anything else he could do.
Above is Randy's replacement entree which was a lobster club sandwich with aragula, bacon and tomato served with pomme frites.

We always order dessert at Postrio since theirs are marvelous! Tonight I had planned on ordering the raspberry chocolate chip souffle but when told it would take a extra 15 minutes to make I declined since Randy was feeling uncomfortable still in his wet sticky clothes. Since our entrees had taken longer to reach us due to the accident we had eaten a bit too much bread so we shared Postrio's version of a smore pie.

After we finished dessert they presented us with a folder that thanked us for dining with them and that the meal was on them. We of course left a very generous tip, after all accidents happen and they did everything they could to make up for it.

After we left Postrio, Randy went up to the room to change and I stayed and played Wizard of Oz Ruby slippers and hit 2 of their version's of the Glinda bonus which is just bubbles that arrive and hopefully turn reels wild.

After Randy returned from changing his clothes we played for another 3 hours and had a lot of fun and play on the casino's money but as is the way with slots ended up giving most of our winnings back. Before we went back to our suite tonight we hit one last $5 Wheel of Fortune slot spin this time in the Venetian high limit room for $500.00.
While I left out a few things from today, I've covered the highlights of the day. Frankly I'm really tired and running on little sleep so we are sleeping in late tomorrow. Once we do make it out of the room tomorrow we will be checking into the Bellagio and our dinner plans tomorrow are to eat Olives.


  1. Thanks for the pix of the boneyard. I'm putting that on the list. And thanks so much, as usual, for your dining pix and details. Sorry to hear about the accident. Man, that lobste sandwich keeps popping up in photos. We need to add that reservation to our New Year's trip.

  2. Loved the Boneyard the time I went & we just traipsed thru the old, dusty set-up - can't wait until they have it all reworked & I can go back again!


  3. Enjoying the pics and live report.
    Lobster Club looks much better on the table than in the booth :)


  4. Susan, my husband agrees with you regarding the lobster club. It was also a delicious sandwich when one isn't wearing it!

    Queetata, do try the lobster sandwich, just hope you don't have a clumsy server. :)

    Jgates, I plan on returning too after they have Neon reworked and set up, and likely husband will go with me next time too.