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Only a hour flight away from Las Vegas we visit frequently, sometimes once a month. I'll be sharing our trip reports, tips on making the most of your stay in Vegas, reviews of restaurants and shows we have seen, along with my thoughts related to our favorite place to get away from it all.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Live Trip Report, October 22nd to the 27th!

Largest win of the night on Kitty Glitter
The day of our flight had its challenges as PG&E decided to shut down neighborhood's electric at three different times that day, morning for 2 hours, afternoon for a hour and around 6pm when trying to do a lot of last minute things around our home, for another hour. Fortunately our evening fight out of San Jose on Southwest was on time but a full plane at 9:30pm. We arrived at Mccarran a hour later but had to wait around 10 minutes due to another jet being at our gate. Baggage claim was very crowded around 11pm at night for a Thursday. Taxi driver took us the back way to Palazzo and proudly told us it was the shortest route and was rewarded with a hefty tip.

Check in at invited guest did not go smoothly when we found that the reservation for Palazzo that our host made and I had confirmed a week ago was now at the Venetian due to all the rooms at Palazzo being already taken. For many reasons we prefer staying at the Palazzo and since we were here celebrating husband's birthday we were very disappointed. I mentioned that our host had made the reservation at Palazzo and I had a email from him about it, so they asked me to show it so I dragged out my laptop since my iphone didn't want to cooperate loading a bunch of old emails and showed what we had received from our host who was off duty. Justin our clerk at the time was very polite and patient and likely didn't understand why we wanted to stay at Palazzo vs the Venetian since he explained a few times the suite was the same but when he saw we really wanted Palazzo he said they would move us Friday, so for one night we are at Venetian.

After our luggage was brought to our room and they did that in record time I guess to make up for the hotel change, we went to Grand Lux at Palazzo for a bite as we didn't have a chance to eat dinner earlier.  We walked past the Grand Lux at Venetian because for whatever reason the Venetian was very warm at that hour while the Palazzo temperature was cooler.

Grand Lux even at Midnight always seems to be busy and this night wasn't any different. Our server was excellent and when I asked if they could make their Manhattan chopped salad with shrimp and chicken even though it was on the after midnight menu they were happy to do it.
Randy loved loves their egg sandwich with ham and cheese, leave off the tomatoes.
We both ordered the spicy bloody Mary's with asparagus garnish. We think Grand Lux has one of the best spicy Mary's on the strip and always try to order one here each visit.
After eating we tried $40 dollars in the Queen slot and weren't having fun so moved on to lose at Goldfish. Played some Ruby Slippers at Palazzo and had several bonuses but ended up losing $100 on that slot too. Randy went to play our favorite Wolf Run the one that gave me the hand pay in May and he won $100 on it. I was playing Aztec Temple near in and got excited when the bonus came up and I picked the highest mulitiplyer (5) and the most spins (11) playing max bet. Well that darn bonus didn't hit one thing and only gave me $5 for hitting it.

While Randy was still on Wolf Run, I found a airplane slot and quickly lost $50 on it. Moving on to Jackpot Block Party this was a bit kinder to me and let me hit 3 of the gift box bonuses and 1 Jackpot Block Party bonus, but I hit the pooper on my third pick. While I was playing Jackpot my husband came by and said he was going to try his luck on the Kitty Glitter that gave him the hand pay in May.

Starting to get disappointed that my luck wasn't better I left Jackpot walked over to Kitty Glitter to discover Randy on a bonus that had just retriggered and all his cats were now wild. That was a fun bonus to watch and I might have a movie of it to upload at some point. Randy's win was $1058.50 and it was clear on was on a good winning streak now and who wasn't. :)

While Randy was finishing up on Kitty Glitter due to getting another bonus this one paying him a couple hundred I found a cute new machine called Gold Bug that gave me several bonuses but I quickly gave that back on Wizard of Oz, yellow brick road. I thought briefly I would also get a big hit on Yellow Brick Road when I got the bonus fairly quickly and then for once picked successfully all the characters and gained the extra spins. However, it's a long road to Oz after you gain the last character and my wins died to a halt so I was one brick short of a visit to Oz with 3 characters at max bet and oh what could have been. ;)

Randy at this point seemed to be on a quest to play every Wheel of Fortune machine at Palazzo. Unfortunately the $5 WOF didn't give him a spin, the $1 WOF machines in a bank each gave him a spin as he went to each but they all landed on low amounts.
I played Sex in the City briefly and did get a bunch of wilds for $102.30 but machine then got cold and I moved on back to Wizard of Oz, Ruby Slippers to lose it. Moving over to Venetian we played a slot called Vampire and Beauty for the first time and it had a really cute bonus.

We went to the Gold Lounge to get some water but couldn't resist playing $5 pinball and I hit a spin for $460.00 win. We gave back $100 of it to the $5 WOF and then played some $20 DeVinci Diamonds and broke even on DeVinci. I was disappointed to see they had a notice on my favorite three pinball machines that they were moving them and had the shut down so we couldn't play them. I suspect they might be moving them completely out of the casino.

We had a lot of fun in our 4 hours of slot play and ended up retiring about 5am. I'll post more tonight or tomorrow but we have to run and meet some friends now.


  1. Great live report with pics to boot.

    Good Luck.

  2. Thanks John. We did have good luck today but ended up playing too long and now we are just up a couple hundred. :)

    ENJOY THE MM3!!! Chriss in UK.

  4. Hi Chriss, thanks so much, so far your hopes and ours in regards to the bonus rounds continue to be fulfilled. (cross fingers)