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Only a hour flight away from Las Vegas we visit frequently, sometimes once a month. I'll be sharing our trip reports, tips on making the most of your stay in Vegas, reviews of restaurants and shows we have seen, along with my thoughts related to our favorite place to get away from it all.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 25th at Bellagio

Bellagio Conservatory

We moved to Bellagio on Monday where I will stay for 2 nights, while Randy returns home to work. Since I had already checked in on Sunday we took our luggage directly to my room where I discovered I had left my eyeglasses in the taxi. The only saving grace for this dumb move on my part is I have a eye appointment this coming Saturday where I know I'm getting a new prescription and I was going to have to buy new eyeglasses next week due to that. Fortunately I have my prescription sunglasses with me, so when I return home I can see to drive.

Randy had to leave for the airport in a couple hours so we went Bellagio's business office and printed out his boarding pass and since we used Southwest early boarding he had A24.

We then went to the Bellagio Cafe for brunch which had a line but since we had a line pass we were quickly seated.
I ordered the dungeness crab salad which was small but the right size for what I wanted since I had a early dinner reservation at Olives again this evening
Randy ordered a cheese and ham omelet which he said was great. Service was very efficient and we had a nice view of the Bellagio Conservatory from our table. The photos of the Conservatory that I'm posting here were taken last evening about 2am to avoid the crowds.

Above is a photo of the orchid house.
The display had quite a few dancing fountain type displays.
After we ate and on the way to my room so Randy could grab his luggage, I stopped at Pinball and hit one for $495.00 with a sign of relief since I was afraid after leaving my eye glasses in the taxi I was in for a unlucky day.
Randy was happy to see that hit and went on up to the room to get his luggage in a cheerful state. By the time he returned I had gone around the other side of the Pinball Machine to x 2, $5 Top Dollar and won
I walked Randy out to the Taxi stand, we said goodbye and then it was time to see if my luck continued. It was a interesting few hours of play at Bellagio while I waited to meet Socalgirl for our dinner at Olives with me hitting regular intervals of bonuses on Top Dollar machines and another on Pinball.
I was never into my own bankroll yesterday but had lots of ups and downs where I would be back down to just a couple hundred ahead to then hit something that put me back up near $600 or more.
Slingback cocktail at Olives
Socalgirl arrived about 30 minutes before we had to stand in line for a patio table at Olives and she was doing well on Top Dollar too. When we went to Olives we were first in line and since tonight was a Monday the patio didn't get filled immediately like the previous evening. Socalgirl and I ended up at the same great table that Randy and I had last night.
Both Socalgirl and I enjoyed the Asparagus salad I ordered as a starter.

Socalgirl wanted the potato cheese croquettes that were a side with the ribeye steak but wanted to order their chicken so our server was nice enough to see she received it with the chicken. Service tonight at Olives was excellent, very personable wait staff at Olives in my opinion.
The scallops I ordered were a lot tastier then the ones I had at Postrio on Saturday night which means they were terrific because Postrio's scallops were good. Socalgirl and I both ordered the vanilla souffles which I already posted a photo of when Randy had it the previous evening.

As were were finishing dessert we found out Claire was at Bellagio and had just finished eating dinner so we asked her to join us for drinks and one last fountain show before we left Olives.

The three of us then went around Bellagio gambling together. Both Claire and Socalgirl had a couple Life of Luxury bonuses, while I was not doing too good until I moved to the opposite side and hit the bonus along with 3 wilds.
I had a exciting bonus on Rembrant Riches when it retriggered about 4 or 5 times for a win of $400.00. I wish I had taken a video of this bonus as I've never had any bonus retrigger this often before.
We took a break in the VIP lounge at Bellagio and had a drink before continuing our gambling. The chocolate covered strawberries were yummy looking but I was too full from dinner to try anything.
The server in the lounge was very friendly and we had a conversation with him regarding the differences among Wynn, Venetian and the MGM resort group's various VIP lounges.
I had a brief fling with Stonehenge before moving on to the Hitchcock slots.
The above photo is from the soda can bonus, my favorite out of the 3 possibly ones where Hitchcock springs up to startle me every time!
I was a bit surprised at this hit on only one wild times 2 (if only it had been X5) on Ruby Slippers.

We had been playing for 2 or 3 hours when it was time for Claire to leave. Socalgirl stayed for a hour or so longer as she found a lucky Wolf Run machines that gradually over a sustained period of play gave her a sizable win!

By the time Socalgirl left Bellagio, I had started a losing streak and was thinking I might be heading to toward playing on my own money when I sat down at a Survivor slot which I normally don't enjoy playing and had a couple good bonuses rounds and spinning features.
After survivor I went over to where Socalgirl had played Wolf Run but didn't have any luck on it. I went around to the other side where there is just one lone Wolf Run in the bank and started playing at $4 a push. The wolves were fairly active so I hoped to get some sustained play like Socalgirl. All of a sudden, I got my 2nd hand pay of the trip for $1396.00!

Quite happy now after they pay me off, I get the bright idea to stop and play Pinball on my way back to my room. Two hundred dollars less later I decide to try $1 DaVinci diamonds which I sometimes have a bit of luck on so I stop and put a tito for $400 in it and hit spin for nada. I then hit spin again for nada. It's at this point that I realize it's not $1 dollar DaVinci its $5 DaVinci and I was going a $100 a push by mistake! Not feeling very bright I then take my tito which is now $200 to Sex in the City because of course I'm so lucky on that (not)!

There were 3 of us at SITC and two of us were getting bonuses every 3 spins. By the time SITC had cooled down I had my tito back up to $500. I've never had such a good run with Sex in the City before and likely never will again.

Deciding to go to bed well ahead for the day I headed up to the room around 3am, very happy and hoping my final night tomorrow will see this lucky streak continue!


  1. $100.00 a push?
    So wish you would have hit something!
    Too bad :(

    Enjoying your report

  2. Susan, I'm sure I would have gone from feeling pretty stupid to feeling good if I had hit. Only time I've made a mistake on the slot amount and actually did hit was Kitty Glitter earlier this year when I hit a bonus for $800 or so after playing $15.00 a push by accident for a few pushes.