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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cosmopolitan Identity Club Benefits

One of the views of the Cosmopolitan Casino's Chandelier Bar!
When I signed up for the Identity player's club card at Cosmopolitan on January 10th, I showed my Grazie gold card to the desk and asked to be upgraded. They said I would have to speak to a host and tried to reach one, but for some reason they were having a lot of trouble that evening finding a host that wasn't busy, so eventually by phone one of the hosts said to go ahead and upgrade. My friend Socalgirl was previously upgraded by a host too by showing her Gold Grazie Card and I've heard from others that CET's diamond card should also get upgraded. Excuse the finger below but it's hiding my name and number, however that's what the Gold Identity card looks like.
When the details of Cosmopolitan's player's club "Identity" went online on their site, the following was posted as tier benefits. They no longer seem to be online so perhaps they are no longer accurate? When I return and stay there over Valentine's Day weekend, I will try to verify the following.

As a member, you accumulate Identity Points on all types of spending at The Cosmopolitan: be it dining, spa treatments, entertainment, gaming… or simply staying a night with us. So, it’s more than slots and table play – you earn Identity Points for all your favorite experiences, too.

$1 on room or suite accommodations, $4 on other resort spending (e.g., restaurants, Sahra Spa & Hammam, Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub), $10 in any shop, $15 wagered on reel/video reel slot, $50 wagered on video poker, $100 wagered on table games (approximate – varies by game type)

Our members’ passions and preferences vary. That’s why Identity Membership lets you choose from a rich variety of benefits – great experiences that you’ll find only at The Cosmopolitan.
Just a few of your options…
Dinner for two
Spa treatment
Free room upgrade

With Identity Membership, you get a free night after staying just 8 nights at The Cosmopolitan. And since you earn points for your spending on experiences and game play, you’ll rack up Points faster than you do with most other Vegas membership programs.

Identity Membership makes it easier for you to earn access to a personal host. Because we recognize your spending on experiences as much as slots and table play, you don’t have to be a high roller to reach Platinum status… where a personal host will treat you to the utmost in hospitality.
At The Cosmopolitan, personal hosts give guests the ultimate in special treatment including,
Custom-tailored benefits
Complimentary benefits
Special access

Identity Membership gives you additional complimentary benefits for joining and for reaching higher membership levels. All new members start at the Silver Level, and we increase the range of benefits at the Gold and Platinum Levels. At each Level, you’ll get privileges to increase your...
Enjoyment: giving you more ways to have fun
Ease: giving you more time to have fun


Inside information to get the most out of Vegas from Zagat
Access to special offers and unpublished room rates
To qualify, simply enroll… for free.

Upgrade to terraced suite (when available)
24-hour advanced ticket sales and/or invitations for headliners and other entertainment
Complimentary fitness center access
Arrival amenity
Upgraded turndown service
One in-room movie per visit
Birthday champagne toast
Invitations to special tournaments
More inside Vegas information from Wallpaper
Dedicated Gold reservations hotline
Early check-in and/or late check-out (when available)
Priority buffet line
VIP nightclub access
Qualify by earning 20,000 Identity Points in a 12-month period.

Personal host service
Pool host service
Insider tours of restaurants (kitchen tour, meet the chef, etc.)
Preferred seating in restaurants (e.g., prime outdoor tables)
Deluxe arrival amenity
Deluxe turndown service
Complimentary Sahra Spa access
Enhanced Sahra Spa services
Access to member lounge
Access to chauffeured limousine
Dedicated Platinum reservations hotline
VIP check-in
Priority valet

WARNING, since the above doesn't seem to be on the Cosmopolitan site any longer it may no longer be accurate!Guaranteed room/suite availability
Complimentary transportation to/from McCarran airport
Qualify by earning 80,000 Identity Points in a 12-month period.


  1. You don't get a complimentary upgrade or line pass to marquee with gold.
    I signed up and had them tier match. I got gold status. I was told everything is up to your host. Of course I was offered one but I had to be on a plane in 4 hrs.

  2. Anonymous, at the time this article was published in 2011 all my information was correct. They did change benefits to Identity's club gold and platinum information this year (2012) so that;s why you didn't the pass to Marquee. However, while the upgrade for rooms is no longer guaranteed at Gold level it's still possible to get them if they aren't busy and you ask nicely as I was able to get a upgrade this year after I went from Platinum level to Gold.

  3. What do you know about the Member Lounge and its location? Is it a pay as you go bar? And if you are a platinum member can you bring in one guest?


  4. This is old information they have since changed the perks and no longer have the great Platinum lounge that was on the 2nd floor, it's now a high limit room. The new lounge is a hospitality suite and I forget which floor it's on, you will need to ask the player's club. You can bring one guest, sometimes a couple or more as long as one of you is a platinum member and is tipping the staff they don't seem to care. The drinks and snacks in the platinum lounge are complimentary you just need to tip the staff.

  5. A quick question I am platinum as well and I was wondering from what room did you book did they upgrade you to? Any other benefits with platinum I should take advantage of? Which room type is your favorite? This is my first time staying at Cosmo and can't wait! Thanks any help is appreciated!

  6. The information above is old, they have since replaced their perks with new ones. Go to this page for the current perks for all card levels including Platinum:

    I would say currently the best perk for Platinum at Cosmo is the $250.00 resort credit if you stay with them on your birthday.

    They used to upgrade to terrace suite, wrap around suite, or anything above what you are booked into if they had the availability. However this is no longer listed as a perk so I'm not sure how often they will do it anymore, however it never hurts to ask.

    Also, if you are platinum with Marriott these perks don't apply. The platinum level needs to be with their players club Identity. If you are platinum level with Marriott or another one of their partners you will need to check with them to see what perks come with that level.

    My favorite room is the wrap around terrace suite with the Bellagio fountain view.

    Enjoy your trip and good luck!