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Only a hour flight away from Las Vegas we visit frequently, sometimes once a month. I'll be sharing our trip reports, tips on making the most of your stay in Vegas, reviews of restaurants and shows we have seen, along with my thoughts related to our favorite place to get away from it all.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wicked Spoon Buffet at Cosmopolitan

I'm standing in front of one of the walls as you enter the Wicked Spoon Buffet at Cosmopolitan.
We usually avoid buffet's in Vegas but have at one time or another tried most of the higher rated ones. We enjoyed the Wicked Spoon enough to return to it the next day and both times were for lunch so the dinner buffet likely has some different or additional offerings.
Current price for the lunch buffet at Wicked Spoon is $19.00 and I felt that was a great price considering that the large selection of mini desserts they offer alone would cost about $3 or $4 each at my local Whole Foods.
Quite a few selections are served in individual containers which I thought was a great idea both for sanitary reasons and to avoid the waste that happens at buffets all too often due to people loading up on items they later can't finish. The dish on the right is their chili with a topping of cornbread and my husband says it was outstanding chili.
At the two lunches we ate at there was a lot of pasta selections and short ribs were featured in several dishes from Korean style ribs, in small pasta casseroles and small slices of the boneless meat served in those individual containers.
A lot of the salads were in separate dishes. They had shelled medium sized shrimp and cocktail sauce together in a separate dish though you could take as many dishes as you wanted.

I took a lot of the photos toward the end of the lunch hour so unfortunately they were starting to look empty before they replaced them with dinner dishes, but you have my word they were quick to replace all their food items and we didn't have to wait for anything.
Everything we tried was excellent which was why we returned the next day. I only recall one chicken dish which was lemon piccata, but they had plenty of different dishes of beef, pork, lamb and some seafood items like baked cod, shrimp, salmon, sushi.
There were lots of salad and vegetable dishes to select from at various stations.
In addition they had sushi and there was someone at that station always making it fresh, but somehow I seem to have missed taking a photo of that and the other station where they made the omelets to order.
There were about 4 different types of pizza, lots of breads and cheeses to select from and the dessert station was marvelous. Look for yourself in the following photos.


  1. All those pretty "before" photographs would have looked very much like a public relations photo. Its nice to have a "during" photograph. More realistic and that is always a good point.

  2. Looks wonderful!
    I like the idea of individual serving containers.
    Keeps the tastes true, not running/mixing into another dish (if you've taken too much-MY BAD)
    Thanks for sharing those pics.

    PS: Can't wait to read your full trip report.

  3. Thanks Susan and Anonymous!

    Susan, I'll likely break the trip report into 2 parts this time, and I'll post the Cosmopolitan portion first. :)

  4. Thanks Diana,
    Looks like Sheila and I will have to try this next month.Looks YUMMYYYYYYYYYY

  5. Thankyou very much for providing detailed photo's of this buffet. We will certainly be checking this out on our next trip!

  6. Just ate there last night for dinner, for the first time. Everything you photographed and discussed was also part of their dinner menu. The cost for dinner is $29 per person. I think I'll do the lunch buffet next time and save the $10, especially since I was full for about 15 hours after leaving the buffet. It is the best buffet I have every experienced in Las Vegas.

  7. Anon, glad you had a good dinner, but agree with you lunch is the way to go if they aren't adding more dishes like crab at dinner.

  8. Thanks Diana, for your comments on our Wicked Spoon. I am one of the servers.
    We have added crab legs, you will be happy to know.
    And we are glad that you enjoyed your experience.

  9. Anon, thanks for letting me know about the crab legs being added as I'll be there in July. Are the crab legs only available during dinner or also for lunch?

  10. Just found your review of the Wicked Spoon - good illustrations! Here's another post about the Wicked Spoon Buffet: It focuses more on the atmosphere and dining experience at the venue and interior design as well as food presentaiton done by Glass Studio. (In fact, their glass dinnerware is captured in many photos in your post, and it's great to see their dinnerware creations from a different angle!)