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Only a hour flight away from Las Vegas we visit frequently, sometimes once a month. I'll be sharing our trip reports, tips on making the most of your stay in Vegas, reviews of restaurants and shows we have seen, along with my thoughts related to our favorite place to get away from it all.

Monday, July 2, 2012

La Cave Brunch at Wynn

Wynn's La Cave Tapas restaurant now serves Sunday Brunch and Gwen (Yourstarla), Liz (Cassley) and moi (Evoni) were looking forward to trying it during our Vegas June trip which was in celebrations of Liz's birthday!
As you walk into La Cave they have examples in the front room of what their food portions are like.
In the bar and cooking area of the restaurant is also a small buffet for Brunch set up with meats, salad and breads.
While the breads and assorted salads on the buffet station were delicious, the brisket they were slicing that day was just too fatty for me to eat.

What makes La Cave Brunch fabulous is the numerous dishes they constantly come around with and serve you at your table. There are so many I wasn't able to try to try more then half of them!
I tried both the fruit cups and yogurt granola and they were yummy!
They served about 8 or so dishes or sandwiches with eggs in them. I'm not a big egg eater so didn't try a lot of those or get photos of them.
This was their eggs Benedict which I didn't try but I believe Liz and Gwen enjoyed it.
The grilled tomato soup shooter above was from their buffet area and was very good.
I normally detest grits but the La Cave grits with mushrooms were pretty good!
Hamburger sliders looked good but I was too full to try them.
Above to the right is the fatty brisket I couldn't eat from the buffet, Couscous which I liked, a three bean salad that was very good and some delicious flat bread.
Gwen, Liz our birthday girl and myself before we start enjoying the brunch!
Some plain scrambled eggs for the purists.
I don't normally care for Tater Tots, but the ones above with Gruyere and Bacon served served in the take out container was delicious!
Normally I skip pancakes but couldn't resist their wonderful blueberry pancakes with powdered sugar.
The finale to our delicious brunch was their French Toast Sticks, yum!
There was a lot more offerings at the brunch but we just didn't have the room to try them all.
Service at La Cave's Brunch was wonderful and the three of us agreed everything was great. Among my three favorite Las Vegas Sunday Brunch's I would currently rate my number one favorite Wynn's Country Club Jazz Brunch, my second La Cave's Sunday Brunch and my third Bellagio's Jasmine Fountain Brunch. Previous to my March trip and my third time at the Jasmine Fountain Brunch, it would have been Jasmine both for their food and ambiance. However in March they had changed their menu and no longer had some of the better entrees in my opinion like the lobster medallions, Chinese chicken and green bean salad among others and service wasn't quite as good as previous visits either. However you can't go wrong picking any of these three restaurants for a special Sunday Brunch in Las Vegas!
Brunch at La Cave is only on Sunday, it's prix fixed at $40 excluding tax and tip. There is a option for unlimited mojitos, caipirinhas or sparking wine for a additional $20.


  1. It looks wonderful!!!-so many great items to pick from!!! It seems a fair price,if it tasted half as good as it looks!!! Thanks for doing the write up!!!! Chriss in UK

  2. Chriss, I'm glad you enjoyed it. See you soon in Vegas!

  3. Everything looks sooo yummy. Thank you for writing about it I just may have to try it next time i am in Vegas!!! :) Nina in De

  4. Love the detailed review. Will definitely go next time I'm in Vegas on a Sunday. Thank you for sharing..


  5. Well, you just helped me pick the Sunday brunch for Spring 2013! It looks incredible! We are doing Ballys Sterling next month. Thanks so much for the review and the pics!!


  6. Laurie, enjoy Sterling next month and La Cave in the spring! Hope to run into you in Vegas on a future trip!