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Only a hour flight away from Las Vegas we visit frequently, sometimes once a month. I'll be sharing our trip reports, tips on making the most of your stay in Vegas, reviews of restaurants and shows we have seen, along with my thoughts related to our favorite place to get away from it all.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wynn's Country Club Jazz Brunch revisited 2013!

Sunday, February 17th, 2013 and this is my third visit to Wynn's Country Club Jazz Brunch!
My friend Gwen had taken on the task of organizing this brunch for twenty-one of us,  and once again the Jazz Brunch was a delight!
Jane, Jen, Stephanie, Sylvana and Shona and in the photo below Shaunna, Teresa, Liz, Gwen and Gwen's Mom Claudia.
Brian, his wife Sharon, next to her Brian's Mom Tobi and across from her Jane.
Below is Gwen, Liz, Teresa, Shaunna and Katie.
In addition to the buffet you can order as much as you like from the limited brunch menu. The first time I ate at the Jazz brunch the menu had about 5 more items on it including a delicious chicken entree but since July of last year the menu has remained the same as the one below.
Poached eggs with Barbecue Smoked Pork, resting on a bacon cheese muffin with Charred Green Chili Hollandaise Sauce. Delicious!
From the above menu, French Toast Bread Pudding!
For myself I ordered the Shrimp and Grits from the menu and even though I normally dislike grits these were yummy!
Notice that the Jazz Trio was at least for today located behind the buffet serving stations. On previous visits they were at the side of the restaurant across from desserts. We speculated that today they were moved due to the restaurant being full and needing their former area for tables.

I love the meats at the Jazz buffet, especially the tenderloin of beef. This visit the tenderloin was very rare and I mentioned  that to the carver and the next thing I knew he had a skillet in hand and was setting up a cooking station to sear my tenderloin in butter and cook it to the medium that I prefer. Great service and tender succulent beef!
 Pastries and part of the dessert station is below.
 Yes, the meat deserved more then one photo!
 I didn't try any of the crab above or the oysters but they looked large and fresh!
It was great to hear the Jazz Trio when up at the buffet, unfortunately we couldn't hear them from the back of the restaurant where we really did need to be located due to the size of our group. The lovely view from our table of the Wynn golf course and waterfall more then made up for it.
 Some of the largest, firmest and freshest shrimp are found at the Jazz Buffet!
 There's a good selection of cheeses and accompaniments.
In previous visits to the Jazz Brunch the dessert station had a much larger selection, however the desserts available were very good. I'm assuming they have less desserts these days because they found that customers were too full after all the meat and seafood selections to eat them.
 They had handmade lollipops but I miss the marshmallow pops they had in the past.
I caught on camera a few of our group going through the buffet line. Teresa was one of our main party planners for Jeff's Birthday Trip!
Lea below looking happy and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.
Gwen was also one of the main party planners for this birthday trip and Teresa and her did a outstanding job.
 Lowrance, the main reason for our trip to Las Vegas in February was his birthday party!
Hot spicy Cajun Shrimp below with some of the filet that the chef sauté for me.
 Yes, that's a large plate of food. Resistance was futile!
The chocolate lollipop below was one of the best desserts I have eaten in Vegas, really yummy!
Group photo of a fun group of friends. In addition to the restaurant inside being full the patio tables were also busy, the word is out on how wonderful Brunch is at the Country Club Restaurant at Wynn.
For those curious about pricing it's:

$59 per person
($24 for children below 12 years old)

They also have a package where you can buy unlimited champagne or mimosa's and that's $25.00 per person. Coffee and tea are free.


  1. Thanks Diana! As of last December we had three restaurants at the top out our "must do" list. We ticked off Jasmine in Dec. (nice to see you again), Delmonico's last month, leaving the Wynn Jazz Brunch. We must get there soon! These pictures are wonderful! The tenderloin, french toast bread pudding and shrimp are calling me! Thanks so much again for the details.


  2. Shorelinepaws, it was great to see you at the Jasmine Fountain Brunch. I just realized that I forgot to write up that trip report due to being sick and then all the activity of the holiday season, .

    I think these days I actually give a slight edge to the Jazz brunch as far as my personal taste in food, however it's hard to beat Jasmine when you have those fountain shows going off. :)

    Hope you enjoyed your meal at Delmonico's! I'm going there for lunch next month during restaurant week. :)

  3. The meal at Delmonicos was good! I did not have the best server, but that can happen on an off day anywhere. Unfortunately, I was so full, I could not order the banana pie, which I wanted to try. That just means I'll have to go back! Have fun during restaurant week!


  4. Hi Diana, we love these reviews!

  5. Shorelinepaws, I agree you must go back for the banana creme pie. While I think Delmonicos makes it the best, the same recipe is used at MGM's Emeril's and Table 10 at Palazzo if you haven't eaten at one of those yet.

    Jonathan, thanks! Hope to see you in Vegas again soon. :)

  6. Thanks Diana for the as always wonderful review and pictures! I was so pleased to be seated with you at brunch and get your take on brunch, food, cooking. It was delightful. The oysters were so delicious and fresh I went back for seconds. And I am going to start a search for the mustard seed Gouda, that was my most favorite brunch item.

  7. Jane, I missed the mustard seed Gouda! You know what that means? I must return and try it. ;) it was great to sit and chat with you at the brunch and the next evening at Casa Di Amore!

  8. I love your blog, Diana! Your reviews are fantastic. I look forward to sharing a bottle or two of wine with you on the next trip!! Claudia

  9. Thanks Claudia. Looking forward to seeing you again too! I really do need to share the bottle of wine next time. ;)

  10. Loved this brunch and our time there. Beautiful surroundings and beatiful brunchmates. Wynning combination!

  11. I'm hungry again just looking at it. xo Love ya lady.


  12. Thanks Gwen for organizing such a lovely event for all of us. See you soon! Hugs!

  13. Favorite buffet pictures on the blog!

  14. I just love your meal blogs! I will have to try this venue on a future visit.

  15. What??!! Evoni, what happened?? No halibut this trip?

    Ha, ha...

    Good looking crowd and food.


  16. Thanks Eddieographer!

    Hytail, it's true I didn't have any halibut this trip, shocker!

    We'll see what my 2 nights in March during restaurant week bring. I might order halibut at Olives if they have it. ;)

  17. Thanks Michael. I really think you will like this brunch. We're already making plans to return later this year!

  18. Thanks so much for this Diana!! I've been debating CC v. Jasmine for brunch in April, and I think I finally now see why everyone loves CC so much!

    Best Vegas Blog ever as usual!!


  19. Thanks Laura, you are making me sorry I'm not arriving on Sunday in April. Enjoy the brunch!

  20. Diana,

    You always do such a great job - almost feel like I was there. Question for you: I would like to attend the CC Brunch on my next trip, but will be going solo. I don't usually feel uncomfortable if eating alone, but it looks like all the tables are filled to capacity in this venue. Did you see any solo diners?


  21. Thanks Cassie,

    There are tables for 2 at the CC Jazz brunch so I'm sure they sometimes have singles eating there. Offhand though I wasn't paying enough attention to the other tables to notice any solo diners, but if there's one place it's common normally to see solo diners it's Las Vegas, so if it was me I would go for it!

  22. Nice review Diana!