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Only a hour flight away from Las Vegas we visit frequently, sometimes once a month. I'll be sharing our trip reports, tips on making the most of your stay in Vegas, reviews of restaurants and shows we have seen, along with my thoughts related to our favorite place to get away from it all.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

MOzen Bistro Brunch at Mandarin Oriental!

This year I've eaten several times at the Wynn Jazz Country Club Brunch and the Bellagio Jasmine Fountain Brunch. In the past I've also eaten at Sterlings and Wynn's La Cave Brunch, so it was time for something new and I found it at Mandarin Oriental's MOzen Bistro Brunch.
Pricing for the brunch is about the same as the brunches mentioned above with the exception of Sterling Brunch at Bally's since Sterling includes unlimited champagne in their pricing and the rest of the brunch's price that out separately. For those of you who like unlimited champagne with brunch, MOzen Bistro has their pricing for unlimited Veuve Clicquot at $35.00 which is $15.00 less then the $50 that the Jazz Country Club Brunch charges for it!
Past reviews of MOzen Bistro will mention that in addition to the food selections set out buffet style they come around to the table with small dishes of various dim sum and other small plates. However this has been recently changed and they no longer pass around small plates during the brunch, instead they have increased the stations and buffet style offerings.
While the fountains are the star attraction at Jasmine's Fountain Brunch and the Jazz Trio at Country Club provides entertainment, MOzen Bistro offers a duo that plays pleasant music fitting in with the zen type atmosphere at MOzen.
Our view from our table was of Crystals.
Above is a selection of high quality fruits.
There's a station that has sliced meats and made to order soup.

The shrimp and crab was excellent, fresh, large and firm. There's also a sushi station that looked good, though we don't eat sushi. The Jazz brunch at Country Club recently started leaving the shell on their buffet shrimp so I was happy to see the shrimp was shelled at MOzen.
The following photos are of the different food stations. Please click on them to enlarge.

The desserts are in a separate dining room. They feature quality over quantity.

I started out with a noodle and radish salad that was nice.
I loved my shrimp, crab and I also took some cheese, asparagus and ginger.
My made to order soup was good, but not outstanding. I didn't put many selections in the broth so that might have been part of the reason it wasn't my favorite, or it could be the broth needed more flavor.
Below is shrimp dim sum and a BBQ pork roll. The BBQ pork was wonderful.
We added what was a folded up egg stuffed with veggies and some ceviche to our selection of fruit. Fruit was ripen to perfection and I really loved the egg roll.
Everyone gets to order a entree made to order off the menu. My husband had Eggs Benedict which he said were cooked perfectly.
I ordered the pan seared scallops with artichoke in a tomato thyme scented broth. One of the best scallop entrees I have had and I order scallops a lot! The broth was wonderful and so flavorful, too bad they don't have a broth has flavorful as this for the made to order soups.
Our selection of desserts was fabulous, not a loser among them. Beautiful in presentation and delicious in taste!
I will return to MOzen Bistro for brunch again. Not only was the food delicious, the atmosphere so relaxing, but service was outstanding!


  1. Thanks Diana! We've talked about stopping in to the MOzen Bistro brunch, but never made it. Great pics and everything looks very appetizing! As we still haven't tried the Jazz Brunch at Wynn - that tops the list, but this one follows! Hope you had a great trip.


    1. You can't go wrong with the Jazz Brunch at Wynn. Have a great time when you go! Hope to see you again in Vegas on some future trip. :)

  2. Diana

    I hate jazz! However, the Wynn Brunch does appeal. Question: Is the jazz background music and capable of being ignored, or is it up front and personal?!

  3. They have the group actually inside of the cooking station where the buffet part is set up when you enter the Country Club restaurant for lunch. They are fairly low key so it's possible to ignore the music even if seated next to the brunch area but you could also ask to be seated in the back of the restaurant where you won't hear it at all but will still have a view of the Wynn golf course.

  4. Diana..OMG..that brunch looks amazing!!! I have been to the Mandarin for the afternoon tea which is excellent as well. Maybe we can get a group together for MOzen at the spring meet and greet that would be fun.

  5. Hi Mike, I agree it would be fun for the spring meet. :)

  6. Thanks for the review! The brunch looks great and $35 for unlimited Veuve is really good! Def. something I should try out the next time I'm in Vegas.