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Only a hour flight away from Las Vegas we visit frequently, sometimes once a month. I'll be sharing our trip reports, tips on making the most of your stay in Vegas, reviews of restaurants and shows we have seen, along with my thoughts related to our favorite place to get away from it all.

Friday, March 21, 2014

e' at Jaleo revisited!

Back in October of 2013,  I was happy to learn that my friend Boots wanted to dine at e' at Jaleo, a Jose' Andres restaurant at Cosmopolitan. I had previously eaten there in 2011 with friends Terri and Claire and was excited to return with another friend so we started planning a February trip to Las Vegas. To read my previous review click on the link below:

Boots had made the booking at e' for us months in advance and the gold tickets had been sent to her a few weeks before our February 8th reservation. Of course we were playing slots at Cosmopolitan when she gave me my golden ticket.
There are two seatings a night when e' is open and previously I had experienced the early seating, tonight it would be the late one at 8:30pm. We arrived between 8 and 8:15pm as requested to sit near the bar at Jaleo to go over our drink choices during the dinner. While Boots and I each selected three wines to go with our tasting, they also offer a drink/wine pairing ($130pp), a beer pairing, ($65pp) and a non-alcololic pairing. Prices change but this should give you a general idea of the pricing for drink pairings. The 18 course plus tasting was $195 per person before tax and 20 percent service charge. At the end of this review is a copy of my receipt for dinner and drinks.
Our place settings when we were first seated. The ceramic hand holding the warm towel is a actual reproduction of chef Jose Andres hand. Jose is know for creating new flavor combinations and turning classics dishes using "molecular gastronomy" into well, what you will see in photos below.
Truffle Mist cocktail. I believe this was gin based but not sure. I didn't care for the truffle mist, but once that dissipated, I enjoyed the cocktail.
A couple of years ago I thought there was more food preparation going on in front of us, this time it seemed to be more plating with the majority of the food preparation not being seen. However the plating itself is fascinating in my opinion. Watching the Chef and Sous Chefs work with the precision of surgeons on each course using their tools of nitrogen, thermometers, tweezers, etc...
Apple "Brazo De Gitano".  Apple Meringue with Blue Cheese Espuma and Walnut Paste on top. A play off a Spanish dessert and somehow both light and rich tasting at the same time.
The plating is a work of art, but the serving dishes also make a powerful statement from courses being served on frozen black rocks, slate, or beautiful crafted ceramics and crystal.
Nitro Almond Cup which is lacking the caviar due to my request. Liquid nitrogen turns macron almonds puree into what looks like an egg shell, very fragile so you must eat it very quickly. Served on frozen black rocks.
e' is a tiny restaurant within Jaleo and it's an surreal mix of amusing objects that have influenced Andres culinary vision. In addition to the next few photos of the room there is more photos on the link to the 2011 review.

Below is a photo of the Barquillo being plated.
Barquillo is a wafer cookie formed into a tube and filled with a truffle infused anchovy foam. The flavors were marvelous and I loved that the filling had the consistency of whipped cream.
Below Chef Cody Jeffs plating the "El Vermut".
"El Vermut"! I was brave to try this dish of raw mussels as normally I don't care for mussels and they offered to serve me a replacement dish. I went for this and it was very tasty with olive juice reconstructed into little balls and full of flavor.  I was glad I tried it!
"Merienda", best after school snack ever! Traditional snack of the type of sandwich children in Spain are given and this version of that snack by e' is wonderful! Spanish goat cheese with Iberico which is some of the finest ham in the world surrounded by a fantastic bun. I wanted more! Gimme!
Plating of the Crispy Chicken Skin En Escabeche.
Crispy Chicken Skin En Escabeche which I also enjoyed back in 2011. What's not to love when it's two Chicken Oysters served on delicate fried Chicken Skin with Thyme air foam?
Chef Cody plating the Cava Sangria.
Cava Sangria, it's a party in your mouth! Pop it in and a gush of Cava fills your senses. I also like Cava in a glass, but for presentation just too cute.
"Fabes" Con Jamon means it's time for the fanciest ham and beans you might ever eat. Puree of Fabes beans are reshaped into three large white beans below with spanish ham and broth.
Lobster with Citrus & Jasmine was delicious but I preferred the former presentation of the dish with the same name that I had back in 2011 and also preferred that texture over this one. It's still great and personal tastes differ so I'm sure others might like this one better.
Foie Gras with Black Truffle, however mine below is without Foie Gras per my request. This was good but not my favorite but I suspect that for those who love and have it with the Foie Gras it might be outstanding.
"Kokotxas" Al Pil-Pil which is Cod Jowls or Throat. This fish had a flavor that I didn't care for and it was also surrounded by squid ink which I don't care for,  so I only had a couple tastes before giving up on it. It was artfully plated and looked good, but personally I would prefer they replace this dish with something else.
Chef Cody presenting the fabulous Lamb With Truffle & Mamia!

My portion of lamb was large for a tasting and very delicious. Lucky me!  It's sitting on top of rosemary foam. The gentleman sitting next to me did make a comment that I won the lamb lottery and wished his smaller portion had been the size of mine!
Boots substituted Iberico pork for lamb. I had a taste it was delicious!
The first dessert of Orange Pith Puree is being plated.
Orange Pith Puree La Serena is the cheese course of desserts. The La Serena is a soft sheep's milk cheese and it was served with orange pith puree, candied pumpkin seeds and oil.
Bottle of the dessert wine I loved.
Plating the Crema Catalana Egg!
Crema Catalana Egg is a deconstructed cream dessert made with egg and then reassembled to look like one.
After Eight Timbal was a yummy dessert!
The cute jewelry box that held inside the Ferrero Rocher dessert.
Ferrero Rocher, the famous candy of chocolate and hazelnuts with the Jose Andres touch.
Yemita, I think this was a sort of sweet custard type candy made into a ball.
More Things: These were delicate little assorted candies. Wonderful yummy morsels of goodness!
Inside this antique looking hollowed out book is our receipt, a bookmark and a copy of the menu as a keepsake.
The book mark has the date of our dinner, the seating time and our guest numbers on it.
Group photo of our chefs and his staff.
My bill with wine, tax, and tip is below. There's also the option to give more for the tip which both Boots and I did because the service we were given throughout our dining was exceptional!
Our menu for that evening, that all of us were given as a keepsake.
A close up of our Souvenir Book Mark that is presented along with our bill that includes our guest numbers, date, etc...
Outside of e' in the restaurant of Jaleo I had to take a photo of the Paella Station as I walked past. The small room where e' is located is past this station in the corner
Photo of Boots and me by the library card catalog wall. Boots is purposely blurry in this photo as she is a lovely lady of mystery.
A lot of the menu was different then the one I experienced in 2011 and with the one exception of the "Kokotxas" Al Pil-Pil which I didn't care for it was a delightful dining experience again and one I hope to repeat again in a couple years if not sooner.

Interested in making a reservation? Send an email request to with the number of your party (not to exceed eight), and a range of dates and times. 


  1. Looks great Diana! I do hope to try this one day. Thanks for sharing the experience until then! :)

  2. Thanks Laura! It's so much fun, I hope you get to do it soon. :)

  3. Hey Diana..I have tried molecular gastronomy dishes but never a eight course meal of it..LOOKS AWESOME..glad you and Boots had fun!!

    1. Hi Mike, it's more like 18 courses but most of them are very small courses. :) Thanks, Boots and I had a blast!

  4. It looks like you had a fantastic time.

    But young lady, what happened to all the halibut and asparagus meals?

    I have eyed that gin drink (my favorite) several times in the cocktail menu displayed for the ECC and I am starting to weaken on my resistance to commitment...

    1. Thanks!

      LOL, I've taken up cooking halibut and asparagus at home, so eating other foods in Vegas. ;)

      Hope to see you commit next week to the ECC. :)


  5. Hello Diana!
    I found your blog by accident about a month ago, and am already looking forward to your new posts! I live in Texas, and am lucky to make it to Vegas 3-4x/yr. In retrospect, this is probably a good thing! :-) Anyway, I thoroughly enjoy your posts, as well as your videos of the different slot machines. After watching them, I'm now encouraged to try something new. Keep up the good work!


    1. Hi LaTreace, I'm happy you are enjoying my blog and slot videos. I have a youtube channel under the name dianaevoni and try to put out a video a day there.

      There should be a new trip report published tomorrow. I've been a slacker lately and nearly didn't get this one finished before I leave for Vegas again this Tuesday for the annual spring meet of the slot fanatics message board.

      3 or 4 trips a year from Texas to Vegas is great. I wouldn't go nearly as much as I do if not for being able to score some of those Southwest $69 tickets and it only being a hour away.

      Hope to meet up with you sometime in Vegas!


  6. Diana,

    Your meal looked fabulous!! It truly is a molecular gastronomy! Your blog is awesome, love reading it! You put so much detail into your posts, you can imagine yourself being there!

    1. Thanks Rebecca, I'm very happy that you like my blog. :) Good luck on your new trip to Vegas!

  7. Diana, I love watching your videos and listening to your commentary:). Reading your blog is like being there with you! Maybe our paths will cross and I'll get a chance to say hello in Vegas as we go 2-3 times a year. Happy winning to you from Texas!

    1. Thanks casino mom, always great to hear from someone who loves the blog and videos. :) When you have dates for your Vegas trips just let me know and we'll see if we have a trip that coincides. Would be lovely to meet you!

  8. Hi there! I'd love to know how far out you received the golden tickets in the mail?

    1. The last time I went which was this past April the ticket arrived in the mail the week before our reservation. I believe they don't send them out until the last minute in case of cancellations. :) Enjoy your dinner and trip to Vegas!