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Only a hour flight away from Las Vegas we visit frequently, sometimes once a month. I'll be sharing our trip reports, tips on making the most of your stay in Vegas, reviews of restaurants and shows we have seen, along with my thoughts related to our favorite place to get away from it all.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Wynn Buffet re-visited April 7th, 2014

During my April trip I ate at Aria's, Cosmopolitan's Wicked Spoon, Paris, Bacchanal and Wynn Buffets! Never in all the years of visiting Vegas have I eaten at so many buffets during one trip.
All the buffets mentioned ended up being comped so I wasn't taking in consideration cost when I ate at them. For those of you who will be paying for whatever buffet you decide to go to most of the above are in the same general price range when you eat at them during the weekday with the exception of Caesar's Bacchanal buffet which is pricier then the others. While paying more doesn't guarantee better food or a wider variety of choices, in the case of the current Bacchanal buffet it is larger and in my opinion has better quality food then the other buffets, so it's my number one choice if price isn't a consideration and you don't mind the possibility of waiting in a long line. If you are a Total Reward's Card Member and Platinum level or above there are VIP lines for you at Bacchanal.
Among the rest of the buffets and with the understanding that everyone's taste is different, it's my opinion that after Bacchanal my second choice would be Cosmopolitan's Wicked Spoon Buffet. I have photos and comments of that buffet at this link:

After Wicked Spoon my 3rd choice would be Wynn's Buffet. The food is fresh, the selection is good, the desserts are tasty with a nice selection of sugar free desserts among them and our service was good.
 The following photos will give you an idea of what types of foods are served for lunch during the weekday.
 For more detail click on the photos to enlarge them.

 I found my beet and orange salad very refreshing.
 The Chipotle Meatloaf in the photo below was outstanding. Normally I don't care for meatloaf but the flavors in this one was do delicious I would love the recipe!
 Guacamole shooter.
 I believe this was infused with Tequila!
 Dessert station is in it's own glass enclosed room near the other buffet stations.

The buffet we liked the least was the Paris Le Village Buffet. We ate there for a late breakfast and the food selection was poor in comparison to the other buffets and in my opinion not that good with the exception that their crepes and bread/pastries are excellent. If you mainly want a crepe and pastries then the Paris Buffet will please you.

Aria's buffet is not my favorite but I would eat there before Paris's buffet. Aria has a good selection but in my opinion it's not as good as Wicked Spoon and I also give a slight edge to Wynn over Aria's buffet.  However I would choose Aria's buffet over Wynn or Wicked Spoon if I was on a budget and had to pay for the latter two but could get the Aria buffet free via the free Facebook game Myvegas.


  1. Hello Diana,

    Long time no talk or see you in Vegas. I have only recently caught up with your trip reports. The buffets look amazing.

    Did I see where you just won BIG!?! Is that video on your youtube channel?

    I'm in Vegas this coming weekend Sat Jun 7 for three nites and then back for July 4th weekend. No BIG wins for me yet this year. I few good size hand pays though.

    When are you back in Vegas? Drinks on me.

    Be well. Hope to see you collecting some BIG wins!


    1. Hi David, great to hear from you! I have some good wins this last week in Vegas but my best hit was a thousand so my big wins might not be as big as you might be expecting. :) I will be putting my videos up of my big wins on Country Girl, $1 Jungle Wild and $1 Davinci and a few others up on my youtube channel during the next 2 weeks.

      I'm sad but we are going to miss each other again. My next trips are June 24th, then I'm back to Palazzo for the summer grazie gift show for my birthday trip starting July 10th and then I'll also be in Vegas for a friends birthday on August 25th.

      Hope to hear that you win big on both your June 7th and July 4th trips! I wish I could go during the 4th as not only you but a few other of my friends will be in town.

      Write me after your trips and let me know how they went!

      Looking forward to that drink when we have a trip that coincides again. :)