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Only a hour flight away from Las Vegas we visit frequently, sometimes once a month. I'll be sharing our trip reports, tips on making the most of your stay in Vegas, reviews of restaurants and shows we have seen, along with my thoughts related to our favorite place to get away from it all.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Giada! Giada De Laurentiis New Restaurant at Cromwell!

On August 26th, Teresa, Liz, Terri and myself ate at Giada De Laurentiis new restaurant Giada which is located inside of Cromwell.
From the moment you walk inside the restaurant it screams out Giada! It's a beautiful, airy, bright restaurant that has Giada branded on everything. Yes, I mean almost everything! Giada's signature G is on plates, chairs, napkins, pens, pepper grinders, etc…no chance of forgetting for one minute where you are dining, and who would want to? It's a fabulous restaurant that reflects the elegant taste of Giada!
It's difficult currently to get a reservation at Giada and even trying to book more then 6 weeks in advance for a Tuesday it was either 5:15pm or after 9pm so we went for a early dinner.  I'm glad we took the early seating as we were among the first in the restaurant and got to see it briefly without the crowds it had later.
Even though we had a reservation and were there on time and the restaurant had just opened we still had about a 5 minute wait for our table which was fine. However I suspect as the restaurant filled up those with later reservations waited much longer.
I was happy with the wait because it meant photo ops for me!
I always enjoy restaurants that have kitchens where I can see the chefs at work, not to mention the displays of delicious breads and antipasti.
Liz, Teresa and myself while we are waiting to be seated. Of course Terri is taking the photo so that she can avoid being in it!
When the hostess came to seat us a nice touch was her offering to take us on a tour of the open kitchen area above. It only takes a couple minutes and I enjoyed it.
We had a lovely corner table where we could see the Bellagio fountains when they went off.
Our table was in the corner here and I liked the location so much I have requested it for a future dinner reservation.
Below one of six chandeliers that quote Giada's "I eat a little bit of everything and not a lot of anything".
The cocktail menu along with some appetizers is presented on a iPad. The cocktails are named after movies that her Grandfather Dino De Laurentiis produced.
Click on the photos to enlarge them if you want to see the ingredients in our cocktails.
Liz ordered wine and as usual ice for her wine. Her ice was served in a small bucket with tongs.
Teresa ordered the Hannibal which I thought was interesting enough to take a video:

Teresa liked it!

Terri and I ordered the signature drink which is of course the Giada cocktail, and it was light and refreshing, I would order this again!
They served us a tiny complimentary portion of Prosecco.
Our plates with the G insignia.
The complimentary bread was wonderful! We had a cute round bread in a ramekin that tasted like Focaccia, with cracker bread and breadsticks. Accompaniments were Garlic Puree, Mascarpone Lemon Cream, Pepper Flakes, Fried Capers and pink Himalayan salt. My favorite was the Mascarpone Lemon Cream.
We ordered quite a few appetizers. The Parmigiano-Reggiano with wild sage honey was excellent and while the cheese portion was very generous the wild sage honey needed at least twice the amount if not more of what was on our plate.
Orzo Meatballs with Parmesan Pomodoro, very tender and juicy. Best meatballs ever, please try these if you eat at Gaida's, thank me later!
 Chicken Masala Meatballs with Wild Mushrooms below. While these meatballs were good they were overshadowed in my opinion by the fabulous Orzo Meatballs above.
Mascarpone and Tarragon Shrimp Scampi with Crispy Polenta was terrific too.
The Bacon Wrapped Dates with Spicy Italian Sausage and Gorgonzola Crema were good but I personally prefer the Bacon Wrapped Dates at Jaleo and La Cave.
Teresa order the Arugula salad with Candied Lemon, Crispy Pancetta and Parmigiano-Reggiano. It looked really good but I didn't taste it.
Below is the Artichoke Soup with Mint, Tomato & Focaccia Croutons that one of us ordered, I think it was Liz,  but I didn't taste it.
Time to mention that our two servers were excellent and had a great sense of humor. This is what I call a Pepper Grinder, I guess size does count, at least with Pepper Grinders?  Notice the G on the Pepper Grinder?
Yes, we ate all those appetizers and also ordered mains, thankfully the portions are small and not Cheesecake Factory size. :)
Both Teresa and Liz loved their orders of Risotto with Crab and Scallops, however Teresa's plate did have a few crab shells in it, but Teresa just said that just proved it was real crab!
Terri ordered Salmon with Summer Succotash and Whole Grain Mustard. Service was very attentive for us during our dinner at Giada and when one of our servers asked her how she liked the Salmon she honestly told him that it was cooked perfectly, the Succotash with good, the sauce was delicious but she didn't like the salmon and didn't eat it. After she said that we had a parade of staff who were very concerned about her dish and ended up taking it off our bill even though she discouraged them from doing that. The salmon was fresh but sometimes as those of us know who eat salmon a lot you can get a fish that might have been old in age or was eating something during its life that gave it a different flavor then the buttery taste that most of us prefer in our Salmon and this was that fish. So feel free to order the Salmon at Giada's because I think this was a aberration and I know others have eaten and enjoyed it.
I had the Branzino which were crispy filets served with a Tangerine Vinaigrette and Arugula garnish. The Branzino was very good, but I loved the appetizers so much at Giada I'm thinking next time I dine there I might just order more appetizers instead of a main.
We also had a side of grilled white and green Asparagus served with delicious Lemon Ricotta.

I ordered Iced Tea which was brewed fresh at our table in a cute pitcher and presentation when the waiter poured it out after it was ready.
 The starring finish of our dinner was dessert! Video of Dolce cart because it deserves it!

So many yummy desserts to choose from and we were so full already!
Chocolate Tiramisu, Blueberry Eclairs, Chocolate Amaretti, Nipples of Venus (LOL), Gelato, Strawberry Crostada and more!
Terri ordered the cookies they come three to a order. I know one cookie was Lemon Ricotta, but I'm not sure of the other two on her plate, though obviously the one in front looks to have both chocolate and white chocolate chips in it.
Teresa and I both ordered the P& J (Peanut Butter and Jelly) Tiramisu and Liz ordered the Toasted Pine Nut Gelato.
Terri liked her cookies and both Teresa and I loved the P&J Tiramisu. Liz said her Gelato was fine, but not memorable.

I enjoyed the ambiance, food and service and plan on returning to Giada the night before Thanksgiving to eat there with my family. I made my reservation during this dinner and even though it was 3 months ahead of time again I only a choice of a very early or late dinner reservation. I went with early thinking I'm more likely to get a window table again that way. So you have been warned, if you want to eat at Giada in the future for dinner make your reservation as far in advance as you can! Bon Appetit!


  1. Looks fabulous Diana! Looking forward to trying those meatballs some day soon!

    1. You will love those meatballs. Hope you get a trip to Vegas soon. :)

  2. Great report, as always. I hope they figure out the pillow thing at the Delano soon -- we're going to stay there in November. I'm also adding Giada to the list (we'll be steaking it up at Charlie Palmer that trip, but a friend of ours is begging to try Giada).

    1. I would hope they would have the new pillows in place by November but just in case check your pillows on the bed when you arrive and if they are still hard call housekeeping for new ones. They do have a limited amount of soft pillows that can be requested and as long as they aren't sold out for a convention or something you can replace the hard ones.

      Charlie Palmer is a great restaurant too. Enjoy your November Vegas trip! We'll be there the week of Thanksgiving. :)

  3. I really like your blog! I wish you would write an advice post including things like what you look for in a slot machine, how to get good comps, whether you and your husband have your own cards or just one, things like that. Again, thank you for blogging!

  4. Hi Kaylynn, thanks for letting me know you like lasvegasdaze. :) I'm a bit behind on my posts here with the holidays coming up and just having returned from a cruise, but I'll try and do a post like that after the holidays.

    In the meantime both my husband and I have our own player cards, but usually we just focus on one card to increase comps.

    As far as what I look for in a slot machine, good payables should be one of my answers but I'm afraid I'm guilty of playing theme slot machines just because I think a lot of them are fun. Also I like to return to slots where I have had big wins on previous trips though it seldom works out that I have a great win on them on future trips.

    Myself and others have youtube slot channels where we show bonuses we have had on slot machines and it can be helpful sometimes to watch those videos especially with the new slots to try to figure out if the slot bonuses and slot play appeal to you before you put any money in the slot at whatever casino you play at. If you want to take a look at my slot channel just do a search on youtube on dianaevoni. I also have some of those videos linked to the blog.

    While we all want to get good comps it really depends on if you get lucky while playing in a casino and can recycle lots of play through the slots to increase your points on your player's card. Most of the comps are based more on how much you bet per X amount of hours win or lose. I don't play at local casinos only casinos in Las Vegas, so I'm basing my info on my experience with LV casino groups. With some casino loyalty cards it's not necessarily reaching a certain tier level on their card that gives you the best comps in the future but the amount of play you did in X amount of hours in their casino on your last visit and sometimes averaged out on your last 3 visits.

    Sometimes especially with some casino groups in Vegas if you are new to their casino and take out a new player club card with them and play initially for a few hours on it and then leave if they like your play and think you might be a good mid-level or high level gambler based on that limited play they might give you a great offer in the future as a feeler to really see what type of gambler you are. Many times low rollers can get a fabulous introductory comp marketing offer that way in Vegas, but of course there's no guarantee that will happen. But my advice would be to hold off on getting a player's card with any new casino group that you don't already have a loyalty card with until you are ready to give them a few hours of play the first time you use their card in order to see if it generates a comped marketing offer. In Las Veg,as, Cosmopolitan has been known to do that frequently.

    Hope that helps a bit!