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Only a hour flight away from Las Vegas we visit frequently, sometimes once a month. I'll be sharing our trip reports, tips on making the most of your stay in Vegas, reviews of restaurants and shows we have seen, along with my thoughts related to our favorite place to get away from it all.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Uber Fun at Cosmopolitan, Aria and G2E!

This started out to be a five day trip with me flying out of San Jose as usual but instead changed to a six night trip flying out of San Francisco a day earlier then planned on Virgin America. My friend Boots had to change her dates for Vegas due to work and I wanted to spend a couple days gambling with her before G2E (Global Gaming Expo) so that's why I added the extra day and decided to fly out with her from SFO.

Photo below was at San Francisco Airport. My husband plays guitar so I had to take a photo of Metalllica's lead guitarist Kirk Hammett's horror movie memorabilia display for him.
There were also some cool guitar's in the collection!
Our flight was on time and we actually landed in Las Vegas a few minutes early. This was my first time seeing the new terminal 3.
Boots hadn't checked any luggage but fortunately mine arrived quickly and we were on our way to Cosmopolitan in a comfortable limo thanks to Boot's Platinum status.
Once we arrived Boots was whisked off to the VIP platinum lounge and since there wasn't a wait in the normal registration lines I was immediately helped too. I learned afterwards that Boots was trying to catch my attention as I could have also checked in with her at the VIP lounge. My lack of attention didn't hurt me this time since there was no lines, but something to remember for the future.
I was in a one bedroom terrace in room 4818 and Boots was in her favorite room called a terrace angle studio. The first photo is the city view from my room.
Below are photos of Boot's terrace angle studio.
Boots had a great view of the Bellagio fountains!
It was late afternoon and we hadn't eaten as we were saving it for dinner at D.O.C.G. so first thing we did was decide to have drinks at Bond Bar.
I loved my drink on the right! I asked the bartender to make me up something spicy with tequila and Thai spices and it turned out strong and yummy. Boot's drink on the left was gin based and refreshing. Neither drink we ordered was on their menu but we were told they might be in the future.
This drink is another one that our bartender is still working on and had orchids in it. While it was made for another customer there was some left over that Boots sampled and she said it was good.
Did I mention how strong our drinks from Bond Bar turned out? Well they were strong and we were tipsy! This video of us playing The Walking Dead will give you a idea of how tipsy I was! Also at the end of the bonus I have the hand pay I got later on Walking Dead after dinner!
Walking Dead Video:

After The Walking Dead we walked over to Lucky Cat at Cosmo and my card just had a fortune but Boots won a cocktail! If you haven't seen Lucky Cat before I have photos of it later in this report.
We played a few more slots after Lucky Cat but we were really feeling our drinks from Bond Bar and decided to go see if we could get seated at D.O.C.G. a bit earlier then our reservation.
The restaurant was fine with seating us early and it turned out to be a good thing as about 30 minutes later the restaurant filled up and I don't think we would have gotten our lovely corner table if we hadn't been early.
I don't care to dip bread in oil but I do like a little balsamic vinegar! Forgot to take a photo of the bread but did get the plate, LOL!
I really need to start keeping better notes. I believe this is the Cucumber Ginger Fizz that has prosecco, domaine de canton and soda water.
Boots and I share our appetizers. The Heirloom Beets with roasted ricotta and pistachios was great!
Diver Scallops with fregola (small round pasta) and mushroom vinaigrette was delicious. Would be a hard choice for me to pick between these two appetizers next time I dine at D.O.C.G so would  want to share again.
Boots ordered and enjoyed the Ricotta Raviolini as her main course.
We also had a side of Wild Mushrooms with parmigiana. If you like mushrooms,  you will love this side.
The shocker for me was the Swordfish Milanese, it was wonderful! The swordfish was flattened and the flavors marvelous and very much to my personal taste. I would return to D.O.C.G. just to order this entree!
We shared a dessert, that is now a must order for me, the salted caramel Bundino! Yum! Thanks Boots for treating me to a great dinner!
After dinner it was time to get our gamble on with the slots. Before dinner I had mainly stayed even which is almost a win for me on most trips these days! I tried the dollar Big Bang Theory Slot at Cosmo but since the bonus was just a wheel with dollar amounts on it I didn't find it as fun as the penny version of Big Bang.
I played a few more slots without much happening and then noticed that there were more of The Walking Dead slots. Previous to this trip the end of September Cosmopolitan didn't have The Walking Dead slot machines. Now all of a sudden they had seven of them! Three of them are in a corner not far from the main Identity Desk, two are in another section of the casino against a wall in the back and the two that Boots and I had played earlier are in between Bond Bar and one of the outside doors to the strip.

This time magic happened as you saw in the video above if you watched it! During a Wild Attack Random bonus a bunch of Rick's hit for a hand pay! I was so happy now that I came in a day earlier with Boots!
There were a lot of friends I know who love Vegas that were in town the same time as me this trip, some for G2E, others just for their love of Las Vegas! I knew it wasn't going to work out with everyone's plans for us to get together this trip so I had mentioned to just to text me if they found themselves around where I was staying. It was a happy surprise that shortly after that hand pay I had texts from several different groups of friends and we ended up having a drink at Bond Bar together! Thanks to Boots for taking our photo!

Kevin and his wife Judy on the left, Lisa, Anne-Lise, me, Sherri, Julie and her husband Paul. Shortly after this photo my friends Robert and Dean also showed up!
After drinks all of us went for a bit of slot play, but soon the group broke up with everyone but Boots and me leaving Cosmo.
My luck continued tonight, this was the lucky night of my trip! Above I had one of my best bonuses on Ruby Slippers! Here's the link to it:
The Walking Dead and Rick were still being good to me with this Wild Attack bonus for $768.00!
Hit the Green Progressive on 3D Dragon's Temple! Here's a link to the video if interested!
Best best bonus so far on Hot Hot 8 when I hit a Jungle Wild Bonus and got the spin for 8 games! If you haven't seen this slot yet here's the video of the above bonus:
A little love from my favorite Lord of the Rings slot.
Had some hits on the new Elvis Shake, Rattling and Roll slot machine!
Many slots and lots of fun later it was time to go to sleep and I was ahead about 2k! Great way to start out a trip!

Next morning I woke up at around 10:30am and had just enough time to get ready to meet Boots for lunch at Wicked Spoon.
I have several reviews with photos of this buffet on the blog so I'll just show you what we ate for lunch that day.
If you are Gold or Platinum with Identity it's always buy one get one free with the Wicked Spoon buffet. You have to visit the Identity desk to get the voucher for the BOGO, then if you are staying there just sign off the one you paid for to your room and have it taken off with whatever comps you may have earned.
These days I prefer Wicked Spoon over all CET buffets except for Bacchanal at Caesars Palace, and all M-Life Buffets and Wynn's.  However, I have seen some recent posts on some message boards where others haven't had the same good experience as me at Wicked Spoon so perhaps the buffet is inconsistent.
I had stored my luggage in Boots room before brunch as I had checked out of Cosmo and was moving over to Aria and when I went to get it I caught a Bellagio fountain show from her balcony!
Boots was staying her 3 nights at Cosmo but as mentioned I was moving to Aria for the next 3 nights and then I would return to Cosmo for 2 more nights at the end of my 6 night stay. All nights were comped at both properties.
Fortunately I got lucky at the invited guest registration at Aria as once again no lines! On my next trip during Thanksgiving I'm staying again in a Aria corner suite and I understand that trip I'll be using their new Tower VIP lounge to check in at which is the area they have been renovating now for months near the Concierge Deck!
  Corner Suite at Aria: I forgot to take photos of my corner suite this time at Aria so I'm using some from a past trip.
After unpacking I hit up the slots as I had a few hours before meeting up with my friends Terra (Skyler), SDGuy and Rex for dinner. Unfortunately the luck I had at Cosmopolitan deserted me at Aria. I tried the new Twin Fire slot which might be fun, but since I couldn't hit anything on it the fun was missing for me. I did have a couple bonuses on games like quarter Diamond Queen, but failed to take photos.  I have videos of those Diamond Queen wins on my youtube channel but on other games I mainly lost.
Dinner tonight was at 6:30pm as Terra and I were going to see the 9:30pm show of Love at Mirage thanks to comped tickets with my Aria offer. 
Rex just barely made it on time for dinner as his Virgin America flight out of LA had been canceled and they had to find him a new flight on another airline which turned out to be a comedy of errors that ended up delaying his arrival in Vegas by about 4 hours!
After perusing the menu we decided to share our orders and while I went with the tasting menu it turned out to be easy to share that too, thanks to the generous portions.
I liked their signature Watermelon Caipiroska cocktail!
The tasting menu's Chicken and Shrimp Satay, though I missed getting a photo of the Chicken Satay. Both were very good.
You would think it would be impossible to share soup (Tom Yam Seafood) but we did it. I ate the Shrimp out and left the rest for others as I don't care for Calamari and the soup had a lot of this and another fish I didn't like.
Rib Eye Steak with Tamarind Sauce, with mushroom, carrots, asparagus and served with coconut rice. This came to the table already sliced which was convenient. All of us thought this was excellent!
The following three entrees that were ordered by SDGuy, Terra (Skyler) and Rex, I have no idea what they were called, sorry, it's time for guess that entree!
I did try all three dishes and like them.
The dish below with the noodles was my favorite of the three.
Fried Banana with Ice Cream. SDGuy and Rex enjoyed the dessert from the tasting menu, Skyler and I were saving ourselves for Gelato from Jean Philippe Patisserie. The Gelato was great, but I forgot to get photos of it!
After dinner we made plans to meet up with Sdguy and Rex after the show and we headed out to Mirage.
Terra and I had some time to gamble before Love and I was so happy to see they still have a couple Beverly Hillbillies slots there so we both set down and won a bit on them. I had quite a few bonuses and so did Terra. It's so nice when gambling with a friend if you can both have some wins together at the same time!

M-Life came through with great seats to Love and I enjoyed seeing it again. This was Terra's first Cirque show and I think she liked it. 
After Love, Skyler and I returned to Aria and met up with SDGuy and Rex. Fans of the HBO series Entourage will recognize Rex as being the actor who played Lloyd in that series. Rex is currently playing the part of Elliot on Young and Hungry which recently got renewed for its 3rd season on ABC family network and is a hilarious show that both my husband and I like to watch.

All of us played at Aria, then Monte Carlo and then back to Aria with SDGuy, Rex and I doing group play on most slots and Skyler nearby usually playing video poker. Our live group play will be featured on a upcoming Casino Realness video on SDGuy's slot channel, however while we had a good time together there were no big wins tonight!
That evening we also ran into Tyler and Stephanie at Aria who are fans of our youtube channels. Great to meet you both!
It was a first for a Vegas trip!! SDGuy was tired and decided to go to sleep before Rex and me. Honestly to sleep!  Rex and I stayed up gambling together for another 90 minutes or so until Aria decided to test their alarm system in the casino for over 30 minutes of flashing lights and annoying sirens. Rex and I had fun and played a lot of games, but unfortunately no wins!
Next morning I slept in until it was time to get ready to meet Boots for lunch at Javier's!
I asked for my Mango Margarita to have jalapeños added to it which helped cut down on some of the sweetness. Boots ordered the Marcos Mex.
Enchiladas de Mariscos-two enchiladas stuffed with Dungeness Crab in a tomatillo sauce, avocado, Monterey jack cheese and sour cream.
I ordered the Cabo Azul with Maine lobster enchilada in pasilla sauce, chile relleno stuffed with shrimp and Dungeness Crab and a shrimp taco!
So far this is the best shrimp taco I have ever had, it was fresh, flavorful and delish! Both Boots and I loved all our food, and service was good! This was my third time eating here and I will be back!
Tequila as art, a Tequila Tree, love it!
After lunch it was time to play some more slots. Boots headed back to Cosmo to play but I would meet up with her later for a group dinner planned at Bacchanal Buffet. In the casino I quickly ran into Ken (TwoArmedBandito) who had just hit a fabulous hand pay on Ruby Slippers! Unfortunately I didn't get the photo of the handpay, but this is the slot it was won on. Congrats Ken!
Unfortunately I couldn't steal Ken's luck from him though I did hit a bonus on Ruby Slippers 2 with Ken cheering for me.
I played quite a few slots that afternoon but nothing was really winning for me at Aria so I decided to head out to Caesar's Palace and since I was a bit early for dinner I played some slots and lost there too! I did get a bonus on the CSI slot.
TwoArmedBandito, BigMac, Riversong, SoCalRob, me, Skyler, Liz and Alan before our dinner! Thanks Skyler for organizing this buffet for the group from JWE (Jokers Wild Gambling Emporium). I was really happy to see Liz and Alan who were visiting from the UK and while we can keep in touch on Facebook it's been a couple years since I have seen them in person. 
This blog already has a write up on the Bacchanal Buffet with photos of the stations, so I'm just showing a few plates of some of the food we enjoyed that night.
Since we had Diamond Total Rewards members with us we were all served one glass of complimentary champagne or wine with the buffet.
They also gave our group a very nice table in the back and service was excellent! They have the best made to order dessert crepes at Caesar's Palace Bacchanal Buffet.
After dinner the group parted ways and I headed back to Aria to meetup with SDguy, Brent, and his husband Jay.
We had fun playing both old and new slots at Aria.
Above I had one of my best bonuses ever on Big Bang Theory when I hit Sheldon's Roommate Agreement bonus.
While playing the Aria slots SDguy and I met Cecil and Jenny from LA who are fans of our Youtube Slot Channels. They were a lot of fun to sit next to while playing The Walking Dead though Cecil was getting more bonuses then me!
After playing some slots at Aria that evening it was time for group play with SDguy, Brent, Jay and me. Unfortunately our group play was a fail we didn't hit any jackpots and since SDguy was recording for his "Casino Realness" on youtube I didn't take photos. We had lots of fun regardless and I went to bed late. For anyone who subscribes to SDGuy1234 youtube channel eventually our group play that evening with coin tosses into Aria water features will be in a upcoming "Casino Realness" episode.
Next morning it was time for the first day of G2E (global gaming expo) and I ended up taking Uber to it!

Uber and Lyft are now available for transportation in Vegas and I used Uber for the first time from Aria to Venetian and it was a great experience, friendly driver, clean car and quick service. Since it was the first time I had used Uber's app I had a code for a $20 credit. If you are new and want a $20 credit here's my code to use and for full disclosure if you use my code it also gives me another Uber credit too:


Also I just heard that Lyft got approved for aiport pickup and drop off while Uber as of the date of this trip report still doesn't have it so I will try it on next trip. When I joined it gave me a code to share for a $20 credit so if you need one here it is and same deal as Uber if you use it I get a credit too.


Pick up area for Uber and Lyft at Aria is North Valet.


For those of you who don't want to read the complete G2E report I did, here's a few photos from it.
I can never resist a cute photo op!
Derek and Ehrich, two fun guys I know online and have now met in person!
I believe Benjamin had written to me before the trip and asked how to get tickets to G2E so I was happy to share that information and even more happy when I bumped into him at G2E and later at Aria too.

I didn't need to take Uber back to Aria after G2E as Brent rented a convertible and drove us back! Thanks Brent for being our driver several times during G2E!
After G2E there was time for a few slots before dinner. Below, one of my wins on quarter Diamond Queen at Aria. This is usually a hard slot for me to hit the bonus on but this trip I hit the bonus on it very quickly the four times I played it.
Dinner tonight was at Bardot, this is the second time I have eaten here.
SDGuy, Jay, Brent, Skyler, me and Rex at Bardot. Bardot is a Michael Mina restaurant and before being renovated was American Fish.
 Duck A L'Orange for a appetizer. Grilled wings, orange glaze, sauce maltaise.
Shrimp cocktail with two sauces.
Warm Beets and Caramelized Goat Cheese with wild arugula, toasted hazelnuts, cassis vinaigrette.
Foie Gras Parfait with ruby port glee, and grilled country bread.
I'm not sure if this was the filet that someone ordered or the flat iron steak. Both come with beef fat fries.
Heritage Chicken Roti,  one-half of a free range chicken, mushroom bread pudding and green beans.
My Garlic Crusted Alaskan Cod with cauliflower puree, tuscan kale in a caper brown butter sauce with lemon was delicious. I will order this again.
During dinner Rex was showing me a couple things with Twitter on my cell while also looking at some of my photos. What I didn't know at the time was he took a few photos on my cell of SDGuy, Jay and Brent all on their cells at the same time during dinner.  Did we bore you guys? As much as I use my cell during dinners taking photos and tweeting, I'm really treading dangerously here even mentioning this subject, LOL!
Creme Brûlée, vanilla custard.
Lemon Meringue Tart with seasonal berries and edible gold leaf is a winner.
Chocolate Macaron, is huge and easily enough for 2 or 3 to share. It's delicious!
After dinner it was time for some slots and while I don't recall where SDguy ran off to, Rex, Brent and I ended up doing some group play with Mike with his sister Debbie watching us and Albert joining us halfway through. While our group hit a nice bonus on dollar DaVinci Diamonds we fizzled out and lost our money on dollar Enchanted Unicorn.  Here's a link to our dollar Davinci bonus video where we hit a rare random bonus on it!

After the group play was a bust I decided to play a couple quarter slots outside the high limit room and I ended up winning a little with the group cheering me on!
This was the first time I had played Eskimo Money, it was cute. Here's a link to the video!
We played more slots that night but there's a reason I don't have any more winning photos to share from that evening!

Next morning before checking out of my corner suite at Aria and back into Cosmopolitan I ordered from room service. It was delivered in 30 minutes and the Cobb salad was good.
After eating I quickly checked out of Aria via TV and into Cosmopolitan where I had a nice one bedroom terrace suite on the 57th floor.
I had just enough time to drop off my luggage before walking back to Aria to meet up with Brent who was driving me, Rex and SDguy over to G2E.

Another great day at G2E trying out the new slots and meeting people. Photo of Wesley from Aurify and Rex. Sorry Wesley we meant to get to your booth and look at your slots but time escaped us and we'll have to visit next year!
This was the second day of G2E and today we stayed after hours and got to see the new Aristocrat slots without the crowds around.
Dinner tonight was at Michael Mina which lately is becoming one of my favorite Las Vegas restaurants. In fact I've enjoyed eating there so much this year we're going there for Thanksgiving this year with family and friends!
The menu for tonight is slightly different then the one published on their website.
SDGuy, me, Brent and Rex. We were served complimentary classes of Veuve Clicquot Champagne after being seated as the staff recognized Rex. I've eaten there four times this year and the reservation was in my name but they have never given me anything complimentary so far, LOL! I was lucky and drank all four glasses of Champagne as the guys didn't feel like champagne. Can we say I was tipsy after dinner?
Ahi Tuna Tartare, before and after they mix it table side.
Today they had a heirloom tomato and toy box melon salad with burrata cheese on the menu and it was a wonderful combination of flavors, I love it!
If I'm at Michael Mina, I'm eating their Chilean Sea Bass with Miso Glaze, you can bet on that!
New York Strip Steak, cooked perfectly.
The Mina speciality Lobster Pot Pie.
Before and after it's plated and served.
Dessert menu! Only Rex and I ordered dessert.
Rex had assorted ice creams for dessert. He said the chocolate had a slightly spicy aftertaste.
When I had eaten in July at Michael Mina I loved the Blackberry Huckleberry Clafoutis with citrus creme fraiche and buttermilk sherbet so I ordered it again and it's still yummy!
After dinner Rex was nice enough to go over to Cosmopolitan to gamble with me. Brent had left us before we were finished with dessert because he needed to make more player points at Aria and SDguy had left to meet up with someone from Aristocrat who was taking him to Fremont Street to gamble for a bit.
I had to make the obligatory photo stop with Rex at Lucky Cat to get our fortunes. As usual Lucky cat was not lucky for me!
Rex and I played a lot of slots at Cosmo that evening and with the exception of Big Bang Theory where we had a nice long run for a while and lots of fun all we did was lose, lose, lose. I'm just hoping that Rex wants to gamble with me in the future because every time this trip we combined our money and played together we mainly lost and since I was usually losing when solo too, I'm blaming it on my luck for four of those days of this six night trip. I guess I was just lucky I won the first and last nights of this trip. Before you think I should just take shorter trips, I tried that this year and had a couple trips that were only 2 nights, and they were actually the worse losing trips of this year! Oh well!
We played for almost three hours at Cosmo before SDguy finally made it back to the strip. Unfortunately at that point the lack of sleep on this trip was catching up on me so I decided not to walk back with Rex for more group slot play.
I continued to gamble in the casino for about 30 minutes after Rex left and had a couple bonuses on dollar Davinci Diamonds that were nice.
Tried out the new Ainsworth Showgirls slot but with the exception of this hit found the wins a bit on the low side.

As I was walking to the room elevators a lady that looked to be about in her 30's and dressed like she was on her way to a club walked up to me, introduced herself and told me I had a very strong Aura and she was a psychic from a place over by Mandalay Bay and wanted to do a reading there in the casino for me. I said no thanks which seemed to surprise her. Far from the oddest thing that has ever happened to me in a Vegas casino but definitely something new!
 Next morning was the last day of G2E and it would close early at 3pm. SDGuy and Rex would be leaving for the airport early afternoon and Brent would leave later tonight with me leaving early next morning.
What we did this day is in the G2E report link. The shot above is me doing a costume photo op that Aristocrat had available by one of the convention doors to promote their new Downton Abbey slot.
For those who didn't check out the G2E report here's some random photos of us in Brent's rental car and then at G2E the last day.
After Rex and SDGuy left for the airport Brent and I stayed almost until the end of the show.
Brent and I hadn't eaten today so we went for a quick bite at Grand Lux.
Brent ordered the personal pan pizza that came with a side salad and of course boring me went with one of my usuals the lunch portion of the Sonoma Chicken salad.
Brent drove us back to Aria as he still needed to check out and collect his luggage and I walked back to Cosmo from there.
The first night of my trip I won at Cosmo, my three nights at Aria I mainly lost, and last night at Cosmo was also a losing day. However all of a sudden on my last evening I started winning before dinner!
This is the latest Monopoly slot. If you want to check out some live play and bonuses on it, here's a link to my video.
The Walking Dead game was also giving me some nice action again. Most of my wins this trip came from The Walking Dead slots at Cosmopolitan!
Dinner tonight was at Scarpetta with Brent, Albert, Mike and his sister Debbie. We had a lovely table with a great view of the Bellagio fountains and for some reason I forgot to take a photo!
Dolce Limon cocktail, I liked it!
Mike went with a Negroni!
I skip eating bread a lot at restaurants but I couldn't pass up this basket of bread that included different varieties of savory fillings.
Mike had the oyster appetizer that was a special that evening and said they were good but on the small side.
Lobster Salad with burrata, baby heirloom tomatoes and peaches. I really liked this, it was great!
Branzino, saffron scented and broccoli rabe. I was going to order the Black Cod but the server said this was better. It was good but I'm still wondering about that Black Cod!
I ordered a side of cauliflower, it was excellent!
Spaghetti with tomato and basil, the house speciality.
Short Rib Agnolotti, brown butter, horseradish and toasted breadcrumbs.
Strawberry Souffle, strawberry rhubarb, creme anglaise and vanilla gelato. I'm a huge fan of the chocolate soufflé at Cut, but have now added this Strawberry soufflé as a close runner up! Some dessert lovers might even prefer this light and airy soufflé!
After dinner Brent had to leave for the airport and Mike's sister Debbie headed back to Aria. Mike and I combined some money and played several slots together like Goldfish 2 and Diamond Queen with Albert cheering us on, but sadly we lost so soon Mike joined his sister back at Aria. Mike next trip we'll get our winning groove back! Albert soon had to leave too, but I had a couple hours to still play slots before going up to pack and get some sleep. This turned out well because all of a sudden I was winning again!
I always love Airplane and this was a fun bonus. Here's a link to the video if you are interested.
A couple good wins on Wonder 4 and here's one of the vids:
I couldn't stay away from The Walking Dead and it was still paying me off this trip!
A little luck on Fu Dao Le!
Rick, I love you, please keep showing up when I play The Walking Dead!
The best Toto bonus I've ever had on The Road To Emerald City Slot Machine:
While I was playing Ruby Slippers and The Road to Emerald City Slot Machine David from San Francisco a fan of my blog came and set down next to me. It was great to meet you David and fun chatting with you.
Yep, last slot of the trip had to be The Walking Dead!
Next morning I quickly checked out of Cosmopolitan with everything comped off and was whisked off to the airport. Flight was on time, son picked me up at the airport and soon I was at home collapsed on the bed and recovering from all the fun!
My next trip will be Thanksgiving week with my husband and son, along with Mom flying in from Ft. Lauderdale, and several friends. We'll be staying at Aria for a couple nights and then the last three at Palazzo for the Grazie Holiday Gift Show! The first night will be at Cosmopolitan solo so that I'm there on Sunday morning to meet Mom's plane, but I'm expecting to meet up with friends from VMB (vegasmessageboard) so that will be a blast!

Thanks for reading and good luck everyone!


  1. Hi Diana,

    I'm glad your winning picked up towards the end after a great start and a poor middle!

    Grand Lux are going to have to rename that salad after you at this rate ;-)

    How did you rate Scarpetta? I'm thinking of that for our anniversary meal next trip...only 200 days to go!!!


    1. Hi Mark, lol on the salad!

      Scarpetta's food was great and service was excellent. If you request and get a table in the book overlooking the Bellagio Fountains it would also have a romantic atmosphere for an anniversary meal. :)

      Hugs to you and Andrea!

  2. Thanks for another great report Diana! Very much enjoyed all your G2E slot previews on Youtube as well. We will be staying at Aria in 3 weeks, with the new VIP lounge check in, so I will be very curious as to what your opinion is. Have a wonderful trip!


    1. Thanks Cheri, glad you enjoyed it!

      Knowing me I might not have my trip report written up for Thanksgiving before you leave so just ask me about the Aria VIP tower lounge here around the 28th after I return home from the trip and I'll let you know what I thought. I'll also likely post a photo or two of it on my twitter account while on the trip.


    2. Okay! I'll do that. BTW based on your previous reports, I've given Skywalker a spin my last couple trips. Had some fun with it in the HL in Venetian and at Palazzo. It's become a fave! Somehow I overlooked that one before - so thanks!

    3. Ooops. Meant Sky Rider, of course.

    4. Glad you are having some fun in the HL at Venetian and Palazzo and have been enjoying Sky Rider. It's amazing how much I like the dollar version of Sky Rider while hating on the penny, where I can never trigger a bonus! LOL!

  3. Really enjoyed our dinner at Scarpetta Diana!!! I really want to try that swordfish milanese you had at DOCG..that looked awesome. Enjoy your thanksgiving trip..Cheers!!!!

    1. Mike, I hope they keep the swordfish milanese on their menu, because you will love it! Sorry we didn't win that trip, hopefully next time!

      Thanks for the good wishes. Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family!


  4. Super trip report Diana, as always.
    I love reading the reports, always gives me good ideas for my trips to LV. Best wishes, VP

    1. Thanks VP, I appreciate you letting me know you enjoy reading my trip reports. Good luck and have fun on your next trip to Vegas!


  5. Curious as to what video program you use for your slot videos

    1. I use iMovie to process the vids before they are uploaded to youtube. :)

  6. Diana, is the Jokers Wild website down. I keep getting a "Bad Gateway the forum server has returned a fatal error" message.

    Using online web browser on m/s pro computer and on all Apple (tapatalk) accesses. It has been happening for several days.

    Don't mean to impose on your website. Do you have an email address for CPT?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi hytail,

      I tried to email you about this but it bounced back. Here's a copy of the email I tried to send you.


      Ken is in Vegas for Thanksgiving as I was until today and won't be able to work getting the forum back up until he returns this weekend to home. Hopefully it's fixed soon.

      In the meantime the Joker group is keeping in touch in the Joker's Facebook page which is a good place to join as that's where you can learn in the future if it's a forum issue of one on your end of things, however this time it's a forum issue.

      If you have a Facebook account and want the link to the Joker's FB page there let me know.


  7. Love your videos and all your Vegas fun! Hope to see you down there next trip! Merry Christmas

    1. Hi Dale,

      Thanks for letting me know you enjoy the vids and Vegas trip reports. :)

      Hope to meet up with you in the future.

      Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year to you!


  8. Why do you say that Human Nature is leaving V/P when the Venetian web site is advertising an exciting new announcement from Human Nature in early 2016?

    1. Actually it's difficult to find mention of that announcement these days on the Venetian website as Human Nature is no longer listed under entertainment and you can't purchase tickets for any shows at Venetian for 2016, though they are performing 3 shows in Phoenix, Arizona in mid-January.

      I have read some media announcements that Human Nature was leaving Venetian and several of their employees confirmed that to me last trip when I went to see their Christmas show. I suppose it's always possible that when they announce their new show for 2016 they might end up back at Venetian but for now I'm hearing either they or Venetian didn't renew their contract at that Venue.

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