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Only a hour flight away from Las Vegas we visit frequently, sometimes once a month. I'll be sharing our trip reports, tips on making the most of your stay in Vegas, reviews of restaurants and shows we have seen, along with my thoughts related to our favorite place to get away from it all.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Aussie Hunks, Rock Vault, Hand Pays, and more with the VegasChic's!

Last year on a couple of my trips I met up in Vegas for a few hours with VegasChic, VegasChic Sister and Vegaschick's BFF and we hit it off as all of us do Vegas in a similar style! For 2016 we were determined to connect our trips when staying at Palazzo and we were able to make the end of February work for all of us.
While they were coming from Canadian and myself from California our planes arrived in Vegas within 5 minutes of each other but at different terminals.  The limo driver was waiting for me at baggage claim and my first win of the trip was when my luggage was first out, is it a sign I'll be a winner this trip?  Once on the road to Palazzo my limo driver who was in touch with VegasChic's driver insisted we would be at Palazzo before them, okay didn't know we were racing but it's on!  However when I arrived and entered the VIP room to check in they were already there so it was hugs all around, it's time for the fun to start!

Usually our rooms are ready and waiting for us but a huge convention had been in town and had just started to return home so some of us had to wait a couple hours for our rooms. No problem for me I'll just check my luggage and start using my free play!  We made plans to meet up in a bit in the casino as they had one room ready and were going to store their luggage and get organized. I headed off to the Venetian high limit room!
Gambling started out promising when I hit a bonus on $5 Pinball fairly quickly and had a nice bonus of $400.00!
Then remembering that my friend Clemi had hit 5k bonus a week ago in Kansas City on $1 Sun and Moon I decided to play it at Venetian. Sadly my bonus was only $127.00.
Played some dollar Diamond Queen which was a fail, so I went over to dollar Quick Hit the version that only has 9 lines and surprise hit a bonus fairly quickly for $329.00! It was a surprise because I picked poorly in the bonus and ended up with 7 spins plus the 5 with the wild. Moved on to $5 dollar Top Dollar and a couple other $5 slots that were fails, so I decided it was time to venture out of the HL room and try a couple dollar slots like Elvis Shake Rattling Reels. Unfortunately Elvis didn't want to shake loose of any money!
Walked around to see what was new on the floor and discovered the new Flintstones Reel Slot that plays a lot like Lord of the Rings Reels, Wizard of Oz Reels, etc...
Had a couple cute bonuses but the pays were so low, I moved on to Top Gun and the original Wizard  of Oz games but couldn't get a bonus on those.
Getting a bit discouraged I walked back over to Palazzo to meet up with VegasChic, Sis and Bff, when I started to text with my friend Julie. Julie was also staying at Palazzo and had arrived the day before to play in a slot tournament. All of us decided to meet in the Palazzo HL room and have a little HL pull together. We had a blast playing tons of games like Dangerous Beauty, $5 Pink Diamonds, Shadow Diamond and other games but our best win was on a $1 Quick Hit bonus for over $400.00, so after a hour or so our pooled money was just a fond memory!
Here's our Quick Hit Bonus if you would like to see our live play and fun with Quick Hit, here's the video!
 After our High Limit pull I noticed a text saying my luggage had been delivered to my room ( I had left a tip with the VIP registration clerk and she had handled valet picking up my luggage and taking it to the room when it was ready) and that I could pick up my room keys, so after collecting my keys I went to my room to change for dinner and found a snack of cheese, crackers, fruit and some candy waiting for me from my host.
My room was 42918 and had my favorite view looking out toward the high roller wheel, Mirage and toward Mandalay Bay!
It was time to meet the ladies for dinner, here's VegasChicBff, Sis, me and VegasChic.
Our dinner reservation was an early one as we had a the Aussie Hunk show to see tonight!

This was my third time dining at Carnevino and I had planned on ordering from the Pre-Theatre dinner menu. While it says nothing on the menu about this the server told me I could only order off it if all at the table ordered the same. Seriously? It wasn't a tasting menu and this is the first Vegas restaurant that has ever told me that everyone at the table has to order off the pre-theatre menu! Love it (NOT) when they advertise a deal, don't put in the fine print and tell you only after you start to order! In addition what they did have in fine print was it was two different prices for this menu, one if  you had show tickets to show and another price if you didn't. Again, first time any restaurant in Vegas has actually wanted to see proof of show tickets.
Below is their regular menu that we ended up ordering from.
Yes, it's come to that already with VegasChic's sister, LOL! Actually the drink portion was so generous it was to full to pick up.
Birthday girl VegasChic's BFF, me, VegasChic's sister and VegasChic. We were in the intimate dining room across from the main entrance of Carnevino.
Veal Scaloppine with Porcini & Marsala with Caper Berries and Preserved Lemon.
I had the eight ounce filet and it was very good but Cut's is just as good and a little less pricey.
VegasChic's BFF liked her Carbonara that had some Dungeness Crab.
Bucatiini ALL'Amatriciana. VegasChick and her sister split this and the Veal Scaloppine.
Our vegetables, Spinach with Garlic and Hot Peppers, grilled Artichoke Hearts with Gaeta Olives and Tomatoes and Mascarpone Mashed Potatoes. All were good but the Artichoke Hearts were really tasty.
My Tiramisu dessert was delicious, I would order this again.
VegasChic and her sister shared a delicious dessert special of the evening that was similar to a Banana Split.
Our server saw VegasChic's BFF opening up some birthday cards so he brought out a plate of birthday cookies for her! Service was excellent at Carnevino!
After dinner I called Uber to pick us up at Palazzo. The pick up point is now the main entrance where taxis drop you off.  Walking toward the right after existing Palazzo there are signs for ride share there. Our Uber driver was there in about 4 minutes and we had a friendly driver who took us first to Flamingo so VegasChic could run in and pick up our tickets for Raiding the Rock Vault for the next evening and then he drove us on to Planet Hollywood. The wait time is so much cheaper then a Taxi would have been that the ride only came to $13.66 on a busy Saturday evening and included the tip.

We used Uber quite a bit on this trip and all drivers were nice, no problems, no wait over 3 minutes, they all called to make sure we were in correct pick up point and it was so much cheaper and more pleasant then taking a taxi. If you haven't tried Uber yet and would like to I have a code that gives you a $15 credit and me a free ride. It's dianae549ue.
We had arrived early before the show to make sure VegasChic had enough time to pick up our tickets.
Since we were a hour early there was enough time to walk into the Planet Ho's casino and lose a few hundred before the show, LOL! Well, I did, perhaps no one else did. I can never seem to win when I gamble at a CET property with the exception of the Harrahs at Lake Tahoe.
Vegaschic bought us a couple drinks before the show, the Zombie cups were very cute!
We were second row from the stage and I was seated in the center of our row by request as I didn't want any Aussie Hunks in my lap. Unfortunately the seats were fastened together and the stranger who sat on my left (Vegaschic was on my right), took up her seat and about 3 inches of mine and for the whole show was elbowing me so much that at the end of the show my left side was sore, not to mention when she would get really excited she would swing her long braided hair violently from side to side and I would get smacked with it! If there's ever a next time for this show or one like it I will take the hunks over sitting next to someone like that, LOL!
Before the show the audience is encouraged to buy Aussie Hunk Bucks to wave and put in the guys pants.
Someone in our group bought a package of Hunk Bucks and insisted I take a few, LOL!
The Aussie Hunk Theatre is very intimate and the hunks frequently enter the Audience area so there's really no bad seats. Unless of course you have someone sitting beside you that wants to share part of your seat!
The Aussie Hunks are attractive and they don't really go beyond showing their butts but the MC does let you know you are free to touch them wherever you want, just don't hurt their more sensitive areas. I'm guessing that in the past some ladies must have gotten a bit carried away, LOL!
They do pull people on stage, including one young guy who was celebrating his birthday. It looked like most of the females who were pulled on stage had been arranged in advance and were there having bachelorette parties or birthdays. There were some males in the audience but not many.
The show is a mixture of choreographed dancing and they go into the audience a lot to let the women touch them, and for them to give lap dances to some. The show of course has some humor and the MC does a good job.
There's no photos or recording, except toward the end where they briefly encourage everyone at that time to take any photos or videos they want. So here's a short clip if you are curious!

After the show we returned to Palazzo from Planet Hollywood using Uber again, only a couple minutes wait for our driver, nice vehicle, polite driver and only paid $8.44!

 Once back in the casino VegasChic, sis and me were trying our luck at 3D Dragon's Temple!
I was in shock when after only a few spins I hit the main bonus which is really hard to hit with this game! I've been trying to get it occasionally since it came out last summer and it was always a fail for the main bonus so I was thrilled to get it. It paid about $360.00 on a $3 bet. If you haven't seen this game yet, here's a video of my bonuses.

My Monkey Progressive on 3d Dragon's Temple put me in the mood to see the Palazzo Waterfall Atrium area that was decorated for the Year of the Monkey!
While it was late, all of us continued to play slots but eventually went our own ways. Unfortunately this first night I lost more then I won so went to bed a loser!
Next morning (okay it was actually noon) I had plans to meet up with Michelle (Southern Slotchic on youtube) and her friend Jenny so I hurriedly dressed and went downstairs to grab a bite to eat. While they had already eaten they were going to join me for some iced tea before we started to play slots together. Interestingly enough they had to skip taking Uber to Palazzo because on that Sunday around noon surge pricing was temporarily in effect. While Uber pricing is usually less expensive then Taxis it's not during surge pricing so you want to skip requesting them during those times. The app will tell you when there is surge pricing in effect, though so far I haven't personally encountered it.

I was swiftly seated at a booth for four at Grand Lux, and ordered my usual Sonoma Chicken Salad. Service started out okay but then when my salad was delivered it was just a regular green salad and before I could bring it to the guy's attention who had dropped it off he was gone. I waited for a bit but my server didn't come around to check on me so since I was in a hurry I had to get up to track him down but I couldn't find him so I asked one of the other servers to let him know I needed him. When he did arrive instead of saying he was sorry, he just made excuses about why it wasn't his fault. Geeze, it's not a big deal, just bring me the correct one and say you are sorry instead of asking me if I remember who brought the salad and showing me on the ticket you ordered the correct one!
In the meantime as my salad woes were going on Michelle (Southern SlotChik and Jenny arrived!
We had a lovely chat while I ate and then we headed out to the casino to gamble!
Michelle and I had a lot of fun playing slots side by side with Jenny nearby on other slots. We played Tokidoki for a bit and I got a bonus on it which was not bad at $70.00.
Michelle pointed out a slot called Big Prize Bubblegum which I hadn't played before and she said was fun. It was a cute slot and was lots of fun to play, but neither of us won the Big Prize.
We tried Life of Luxury with me on Bier Haus and Michelle on Jungle III Wild. I got the Life of Luxury Bonus but the win was only okay. Michelle hit a bonus on Jungle III Wild that was very good. Both our bonuses are on my slot channel if you want to check them out.
We played and lost at a few more slots at Palazzo when the three of us decided to walk over to Venetian to try our luck and we ran into Julie who said she would meet us over there.
We played quite a few games at Venetian with Michelle and Jennie playing on my card, thanks ladies!  Jenny and I played some Sons of Anarchy and the biker boys treated me to two bonuses, but unfortunately were mean to Jenny. Michelle in the meantime was playing some Family Feud.
It was getting time for me to get ready for dinner so we met Julie over by Monopoly Planet Go and Michelle and I tried our luck at it. I couldn't hit anything but Michelle got two bonuses on it and one of them gave her 10 Awards. the most I've seen anyone get! That bonus is also on my youtube channel if you are curious to see what happened.
When Michelle finished her bonus on Monopoly Planet Go, two ladies who were also playing one of the machines introduced themselves as fans of my blog and youtube videos,  Janelle and Melissa from LA! I was so happy when Janelle told me she had played The Walking Dead and Willy Wonka at Cosmopolitan due to seeing my vids on youtube and got a Hand Pay on each this trip. Also she played my favorite Davinci Diamonds at the Cosmo HL room and hit $800.00 on it! Way to go Janelle, that's what I call a fabulous trip!
Janelle said I could share the photos of her handpays! They are great wins and I hope next trip I have similar wins on them!
After some more slot fun with Michelle and Jenny it was time for them to head out and for me to meet up with the VegasChic crew for dinner at Yardbird! Julie in the meantime had left to go to her award dinner for the slot tournament she had been in at Palazzo. Julie left later that evening so I didn't see her again this trip but she is back in Vegas with her husband on my next trip so I'll see her again soon.
The deviled eggs that Vegaschic ordered as a appetizer. I have to admit I make so many deviled eggs at home for the family that I skipped trying them. Okay, I only like mine! LOL!
Southern Peach Cocktail made with Old Forester 86, Aperol, Lemon, Thyme with White Peach Puree and Sweet Tea.
Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade-Wild Turkey 81 Bourbon, Blackberry Puree, Lemon, Cardamon and Angostura Bitters. I had this drink and it's really good, but I also tasted the Watermelon Sling and I think next time I will order that, it was so refreshing!
Watermelon Sling-Dickel White Whiskey, fresh pressed Watermelon Juice and fresh Lemon with Aperol.
Our happy group at Yardbird!
Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes. I didn't try this but I believe those who did liked it.
I've always thought the vegetables at Yardbird are exceptionally good but this is the first time I have tried their green beans which our server recommended. Great recommendation, these green beans are the best I've ever had anywhere! They have a smokey yogurt sauce that is mixed in with a almond vinaigrette. Incredible flavors, try this unless you absolutely hate green beans!
Normally I don't order Ribs in a restaurant because it's so messy to eat but when VegasChic ordered them I decided to also go for them and was glad I did as they were really good. Portion was huge so Vegaschic and I both left half on our plates. It's times like this when one wishes they had refrigerators in the room for food so we could take it and enjoy it later. In hindsight I wish I had asked for it to go and then taken it out to the bridge between Palazzo and Wynn to give to some of the pan handlers that are always sitting there.
Their speciality the Fried Chicken served with a honey hot sauce.
Fried Chicken, Watermelon and their Vermont Cheddar Cheese Waffle with Bourbon Maple Syrup! It looked great and VegasChicsis said it's delicious!
I love their Cauliflower with roasted Pumpkin Seeds, Moonshine Raisins and Capers and it was great as always but I have to admit the Green Beans were still the stand out!
After dinner once again we used Uber to get to Tropicana for the Raiding the Rock Vault show and had only a few minutes wait for our driver to show up. The cost was $8.75 and included the tip. We also used Uber to return to Palazzo and for that ride it was $7.67 which included the tip.
No time to gamble at Tropicana as we only got there 15 minutes before the show started. VegasChic had gotten us really good seats in Row F.
Your allowed to take photos and record during the show as long as you don't use a flash.
For those who haven't seen it the show it has a light plot, the story of Rock and Roll, some humor and lots of classic rock songs with excellent musicians and singers!
Great show I loved it and I'll be back later this year with my husband!
After the show we went back to Palazzo to gamble some more!
I tried my favorite Quick Hit but had only one decent hit on it so walked out of the Palazzo HL room to play 88 Fortunes which quickly gave me a nice bonus. I tried some other games in the area but just losses on them so decided to walk over to Venetian.
At Venetian I had some weak bonuses on Ultra Stack Showgirls and other games like Wizard of Oz, Top Gun and others but mainly just losing so back to Palazzo I went.
It was around 2am at this time and I was down from my two days of gambling. I decided to go get some sleep and hope tomorrow would be my lucky day of the trip when I noticed against one side of the escalator they had the Lightning Link games I had liked so much at Cosmopolitan the previous trip. Okay, bed can wait a few minutes! There were four games and a gentleman (Noel) was playing one of them so I sat at the Happy Lantern game and after a few spins it hit the progressive bonus and I was shocked when the Major hit during it for around $800.00! Yes, I have a video of this if you want to see it.

Largest win so far of my trip and I'm thinking whoa, luck is changing. I wasn't wrong I tried some of the other games and hit quite a few bonuses on them. Last trip when I played them at Cosmo I experimented with max bet, dollar bet, different denominations and for me the penny denomination at $1.50 seems to be the sweet spot!
While I was playing and it was getting late so not many in the casino the man next to me and I struck up a conversation. His wife had been very lucky during this trip and he was telling me what games she had won on. We were in mid conversation when out of nowhere a slot attendant ran up and asked me to stop recording. Up until now during the trip all the slot attendants who had noticed me recording had ignored it. This lady was nice and did it very quickly and then ran away like she felt uncomfortable telling me that. Both Noel and I thought at that point it was security manning the cameras in the sky who had paged her to tell me to stop. There was hardly anyone in the casino at that point and I guess they were bored and looking for something to do. Oh well, someday Venetian and Palazzo will enter the 21st century like other casinos on the strip have done.
I decided this was Palazzo telling me time to get gambling for the day in addition to stop recording. If nothing else I always feel jinxed after being told to stop recording slot videos. I said goodnight to Noel and wished him and his wife continuing good luck and I cashed out my ticket and went to get some sleep!
Back in the room I called my husband to say goodnight (yes hubby stays up late too, later then me usually) and we hoped that hitting that Major might mean I was in a winning cycle!
Monday late morning it's back to Grand Lux where once again I ordered the Sonoma Chicken salad. I love salads and Grand Lux has so many to select from but I just can't quit this one.
After eating I went to the Palazzo high limit room to see if this might be my winning day of the trip. Quick Hit didn't want to do anything for me but I did have some hits and surprise also a couple weak bonuses on dollar Dangerous Beauty and Shadow Diamond.
I had a nice hit immediately when I started playing Shadow Diamond.
Was happy when the bonus followed that hit but boy what a disappointing bonus it was! Still it's a win and not a loss.
Jason from LA, a fan of my videos recognize me in the Palazzo HL room as I was just finishing the sad bonus above. Was nice to meet you Jason and hope to see you again!
After leaving the Palazzo High Limit room I went to dollar Jungle Wild a game I always play a couple times during a trip. It gave me a good bonus of $580.00.
Hitting and running on Jungle Wild  I went to the 5 Treasures/88 Fortunes games and hit a couple bonuses on them. This day so far was going so much better then my previous two days of gambling!
By this time I had 3000 points on my players card which was enough for 3 entries in the Grazie Daily slot tournament which is the max amount of entries per day you are allowed. The daily slot tournaments are during the week and weren't available to play on Saturday and Sunday.
My first session I had a low score, the second session surprised me and put me in second place though the tournament still had 6 hours to go and my third session like my first wasn't any good.
Second session score, would I stay in 2nd place or not?
After my three slot tournament sessions I went to the Lightning Link games where late last night I had my biggest hit of the trip so far. Happy Lantern quickly gave me a  bonus of $93.30 which is nice on a $1.50 bet.
A few spins later I got the progressive bonus and was shocked when the MAJOR hit for me a second time on the exact same slot machine as last night! This time it was less money since the Major progressive had reset due to my hit last night, so I won a bit over $500 and with the other amounts in the bonus a total of $635.77! Today was going good, winner winner.
After hitting the major I tried the Las Vegas theme Lightning Link game and it also gave me a couple nice bonuses.
As I was hitting my last couple bonuses up there Brian and DJ from Orlando, Florida sat down at the Lightning Link game near me and asked if I was Diana Evoni and said his Mom loves my videos. Brian asked for a autograph for Marie his Mom who loves to watch my youtube channel and is currently ill. I've never been asked for my autograph before and it was fun to do it and I signed it with my channel name and a message to Marie. Marie,  I hope to hear you make a full recovery and that we will meet on a future trip!
While I was hitting my second Major again on the Happy Lantern, Lighting Link game, Vegaschic's BFF had her first hand pay on the new Buffalo Grand Game at Palazzo for $4,366.35 on a bonus! We were thrilled for her when we heard, what a great jackpot! Interestingly a lady at the next machine also hit a bonus around the same time for a hand pay of $14,000 on a bonus. I haven't had much luck on this game, because it seems all Buffalo slots seldom hit for me but you can bet I'll be playing this version more in the future!
The Lightning Link games were going cold on me so I returned to Five Treasures/88 Fortunes and had a couple more fun bonuses.
After those bonuses I walked over to Venetian and I played the new Buffalo Gold game and got a sorry bonus of $55.20 on it before I gave up. A week later my friend Derek was also playing it at Venetian and he won a hand pay on it! Derek is very lucky and writes up great live trip reports that you can find on the Joker Wild Gambling Emporium Forum or Vegas Fanatics Forum. Links to both forums are on this blog on the main page, right side.
Next to the Buffalo Gold games they had four Wonder Four Slots so I sat down at one and almost immediately got a decent bonus on Miss Kitty for $143.00!
After that bonus Panda hit for me and first spin in that bonus had a great hit for a nice win of $344.94.
Shocker, Miss Kitty hit for me again for $132.00.
Wonder Four started to go cold so I gave Dragon Spin a try. Most times I had walked by all seats had been taken this trip so I was finally lucky to spot a empty one. I played it briefly and had a bonus of $137.00 on it.
I decided to see if the Biker boys would like to give me a couple bonuses like yesterday so I returned to them.
They cooperated with a few nice wins.
For some reason I try this game each trip in the Venetian HL room. Little did I know that earlier in the day VegasChic and her sis had gotten a hand pay on it. My best hit on it was for $130.00.
It was time to get ready for dinner but first I had to check my tournament score. I found out that I was now in third place, yay!
Later that evening after dinner when the tournament was finished I found out I had stayed in third place for a prize of $250.00 free play!
Thanks to VegasChic's host all of us girls were on the same floor at Palazzo so after changing my clothes I just had to go to the room almost across from mine to meet up in BFF's  room with the girls and VegasMonkey! VegasChicBFF host had given her a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and we were having a birthday toast to her before dinner.
VegasMonkey opening up the bubbly!
Time for our group to meet Jason (Montecarloplayer)  for dinner at Emeril's Table 10 at Palazzo!
All of us ordered off the Taste of Table 10 menu below which is a great deal at four courses for $48.00! Unlike Carnevino not all in the party have to order from this tasting menu. 
Guess which three of us at the table had to take photos immediately when any drinks or food arrived? Anyone who eats with us gets trained not to touch their drinks or food until photos have been taken. In fact some who eat with me regularly in Vegas have been known to remind me to take the photos if I'm a bit tipsy and forget.
Caesar Salad.
Broccoli Cheese Soup.
I think this was the Ahi Tuna Tartare.
Chicken and Andouille Gumbo.
I had the Seasonal Mixed Greens to start and it was a great salad.
For my second course I had the New Orleans BBQ Shrimp with Rosemary Biscuit, good as always.
Louisiana Crab Cake.
Candied North Country Bacon. This wasn't mine but I've had it before and best bacon ever!
For my third course I went with one of my favorites, the Caramelized Sea Scallops and they did not disappoint, yum!
Scottish Salmon.
Filet Mignon.
Braised Beef Shortribs.
With this tasting menu it's any dessert you wish off their regular dessert menu!
The Grand Marnier Chocolate Torte with Orange Vanilla Crema!
Emeril's speciality that I almost always order, it's that good, the Banana Creme Pie!
White Chocolate Malassadas with Cinnamon Sugar!
We are very full but now energized for our High Limit Pull at Wynn! That's VegasMonkey, Jason, me, VegasChicsis, VegasChic and VegasChicBFF!
We're all smiles before we started playing $25 Pinball, LOL, I should have taken the after photo after we lost on it!
We were losing on the Reel slots like Pinball and Top Dollar so decide to try some video slots. First we tried dollar Pharaoh's Fortune and it was a fail. Then we moved over to dollar Diamond Queen and after 11 minutes of seeing our money disappear thought we were going to be losers there too when Jason decides to put his Wynn Red Card in use his point play for the group. VegasMonkey also pulled out his card with the same intention.
A few spins later and finally the luck sack kicks in and we bonus and get a hand pay for over 2k!

I have a live play video of how long it took for the luck sack to kick in for that first bonus! The second and third bonuses on Diamond Queen will also be on my youtube channel soon!

Okay, normally I hit and run, but our group made the wise decision to put a couple more hundred in the game after our hand pay and boy was I surprised when we hit the bonus again very quickly and had another win of $1050.00!
After the second bonus we decide to play it down to X amount of dollars and no one was more shocked then me when we hit a third bonus on a game that is so hard to get the bonus on! This time the hand pay was $1, 850.00!
At this point everyone was returned their initial stake of $500.00 each. We were now ahead but not ready to stop. We decided to play $100 Wheel of Fortune, $25 Top Dollar (bet is $75 a push) and more, and well the reel slots took our winnings. Darn it, we'll do better next time! It was a blast, we had drinks and laughs and didn't lose at Wynn we broke even which for me personally at Wynn is a win!  All of us returned to Palazzo except for Jason who caught a Uber at Wynn back to Caesar's Palace where he was staying.

Back at Palazzo our group decided to try one last game and did some live play on dollar Buffalo! Shocker we hit the Bonus fairly quickly and another  Hand Pay, this one for $2340.00!
Live play video of us playing dollar Buffalo!

We were happy with that Buffalo Hand Pay and decided this time to quit while ahead! VegasMonkey left us but this was our last night and we had more slots to play.
We ended up at Venetian's HL room for a while and I was still having my lucky day as I hit two bonuses on dollar Sky Rider and a good hit too. Unfortunately I decided to try a few more high limit games there and those I bombed out on.
Wanting to keep my winnings for the day I left the girls and went out to play some penny slots. I had a couple wins but wasn't doing that good.
I finally gave up on Venetian and returned to Palazzo to play some of the Lightning Link games and i had just finished a bonus when Vegaschic and the girls came by and we decided to go to the Palazzo Platinum VIP lounge for a drink and snack.
After we had our snack and said goodnight and goodbye in case we didn't see each other in the morning I returned to the Lightning Link games but they had decided I had won enough on them this trip and I took the hint. On my way back to my room I walked by the Romance of Fire and Rain that I had played the previous trip with Boots at Cosmopolitan and decided to give it a quick try. I was rewarded when it hit the bonus after a few spins and I had a nice win of $125.00.
After that I went to my room to pack up for tomorrow and get some sleep. I had recouped some of my losses from the first two days,  plus so much fun and some good videos to share and I was happy about that

Next morning I was sad to be leaving because I had so much fun this trip with VegasChic, her Sis and BFF! I went downstairs by 10:50 to catch my limo to the airport and waiting outside was VegasChicBff so we got to say goodbye again. VegasChic and her sister were a bit behind to catch their limo due to some last minute gambling so we said our farewells in a text and then were talking the next day on the new Vegasfanatics message board!
What's Vegasfanatics? It's a new message board run by VegasMonkey and VegasChic and while I'm a member of some other great message boards I have found a home at Vegasfanatics and highly recommend that if you love Vegas and are interested in current information on what is going on there (VegasMonkey lives in Vegas) chatting with others who love Vegas, lots of trip reports and fun contests check it out at the link below.

Next trip to Vegas is in mid-March with my close friends Gwen, Teresa, and Liz (also Liz's hubby)! We are celebrating Teresa's birthday and also later in the trip her niece turning 21!

Thanks for reading and cheers!


  1. What a smashing TR!!! You had some nice hits,great eats-but,best of all-met up with some lovely friends!-Perfect!!!
    Thanks for a good read!! Best wishes,Chriss in UK.

    1. Thanks Chriss, you are always so kind in your comments and one of the first to read my trip reports! It's been a while since we have run into each other in Vegas, hope we have coinciding dates again in the future! xoxo

  2. Great to see all the action I missed by coming a week later lol
    Enjoyed the report sad I missed the hl pull

    1. Derek, it would have been great to have you and Amy with us, hopefully on a future trip we'll all be doing a HL pull together.

  3. Diana, I must really be behind because I did not realize you had posted your latest. Either I am getting slower or you are getting much faster at posting your TR's. LOL! Another fantastic time it seems that you had with some fun folks. I wish that those handys would have hit for you while playing solos, but I am sure they were fun as a group.

    Hmm, now I am thinking maybe I have selected the wrong show for my trip next month. I have tickets to Jersey Boys, but those Hunks look quite appealing.

    Thanks for another fabulous TR! If I do get to see you next month I am going to have to get an autograph from you too. You are quite the celebrity in Vegas!

    1. LOL on the autograph, how about a photo of us together? Of course I'm not sure who I'm talking too as it's just saying anonymous. ;)

      I just posted the TR today so you are still on top of my reports when they are released. Though I was a bit quicker this time because these 2 trips were only 3 weeks apart.

      I would have loved to have a handy solo too, but I was just happy to have those 2 Majors hit and no tax form for them. :)

      Jersey Boys is a good show I think you selected well and will enjoy it. I'm trying to remember the name of the bar where the Aussie Hunks go after their show to meet their fans but it's a fail. I do think it's right across from the theatre inside, so you could possible see them outside of their show if you wanted. ;)

      Have a great time in Vegas!

  4. Oops, I forgot to sign my name. It was me, Don. Just goes to show you how crazy my life is right now. Or my age is showing. Lol!

    1. LOL Don! I'm assuming this is Don/Zeus. I think we have coinciding dates in April so we certainly should be able to at least say hi if not have a drink together. :)

  5. Hi Diana,

    Another fantastic trip report with some great bonuses! We're really looking forward to trying out those Lightning Link games at the Cosmo...only 12 weeks to!

    Yardbird is on our 'to-do' list - would you recommend it?

    Hope you have a great trip in March and come back a winner :)

    Mark & Andrea

  6. Thanks Mark and Andrea!

    I would definitely give Yardbird a try, the chicken, ribs and biscuits are great and their vegetables are yummy too.

    I hope you have lots of luck with the Lightning Link games like I have!


  7. Hi Diana, great trip report, as usual. I was wondering if you could tell me what the dress code is like at Emeril's Table 10? The food looked awesome and I'm looking for some new places to eat while in Vegas next time. But since my husband has to wear a suit everyday for work, I can't get him to dress up while on vacation. Also, wanted to say thanks for answering my question on a previous report of yours that I was reading. I had asked about how to tell when to play max bet on slots. Love reading all your reports, also just joined Vegas Fanatics, loving it so far. Keep the great reports coming!! Thanks again, Betty

    1. Hi Betty, thanks for letting me know you like the trip report. :)
      The dress code is casual at Emeril's Table 10 so your husband should be happy there.

      Glad I could help with your previous question too.

      Have fun on Vegas Fanatics, I'll be back reading and posting there next week after I return from another Vegas trip!

  8. That was awesome Diana thank you so much for sharing your trip with us :) so happy you had some wonderful hits :)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it Samantha and thanks for commenting!


  9. Great report as always Diana. Been away from the local for a bit and this takes me back to the bigs in LV! Will keep watching.

    1. Thanks Jon, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


  10. Hey Diana! Long time fan. My fiance and I watch all your videos and read your blogs all the time. This is my first time commenting as well lol. It seems you did very well this trip and all the food looked great! I did use your code for the uber since I'm going to Vegas with my fiance next week. It worked like a charm! I hope to meet you as well and be apart of the next vlog. One question is we are usually big time players as well but we don't have a host. We're staying at the excalibur (cheap option) since we didn't get any free rooms lol. But do you have asaprtreny recommendations of the best host and where to find them? Thanks for your help and can't wait for the next vlog!

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Sorry I don't know any hosts at excalibur. In the past I have had a host approach me while playing and they have worked out fine, while some have been referred to me by friends. However, you can always go up to the player's card desk at the end of a trip and ask to speak to a host or in some cases the person at the player's club desk (M-Life for excalibur) will review your play and comp nights and removed dining charges you made to your room. They can only remove the room charges though if you booked through excalibur, if you did it through a company such as, or another one third party then they won't be able to comp you nights, just possibly food charges you made to your room.

      I hope you like using Uber. I'm back in Vegas and just used it last night and it's so much cheaper and nicer then a taxi.

      Wishing you and your fiancé a fun and winning trip next week!


  11. Hi Diana,
    I had read about and seen the video of your first hand pay on Diamond Queen on Facebook, and now, having read your trip report, I am amazed to learn that you had two more hand pays on the same machine! Wow! Jesse and I are really hoping that some of your good luck rubs off on us when we are in Vegas at the end of next week for my birthday. We'll be staying at the Cosmo so we are going to try those Walking Dead, Willy Wonka, and Lightning Link slots for sure. Thanks also for the tips about Uber! We've never tried it but I think we will use the code you so helpfully supplied so we can try it out in Vegas. We look forward to meeting you in person some day on one of our trips, and thanks again for all of the helpful tips!

    1. HI Jeanette! Those 3 bonuses on the same Diamond Queen in such a short period of time after the first one hit was a shocker for me too.

      I hope we meet in the future too!

      I'm sure you will like staying at Cosmopolitan and also using Uber. Have fun and win lots, or at least stay even. :)

      Thanks for letting me know you find the blog and vids helpful!


  12. Great report! I always love your reports with all of the great food and drink pictures! We are going to see Raiding the Rock Vault next month when we're in Vegas so I'm glad to see it's a good show!

    1. Thanks Tracey, it's always great to hear someone enjoys my trip reports and finds them useful.

      I'm sure you will love Raiding the Rock Vault, it's a high energy show and I'm looking forward to going back to see it again!


  13. Replies
    1. Thanks Valarie, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)


  14. Replies
    1. Thanks it was a great time. March's trip was even better, but it will be April before I'm done with the new trip report. :)


  15. Just to let you know I really like watching your slot videos! I go to my local once a week with a around $150-200.. some of my all time favorites are Pompeii, Towers of the Temple, Raging Rhino, Whales of Cash, but most recently, I have had great luck on Fu Dao Le and Dragon's Law. It's fun to watch all your great hits in between trips. Thanks again! JS Maryland

    1. Hi JS, thanks for letting me know you enjoy watching my slot vids!

      That's great you are having fun and luck on Fu Dao Le as those babies can be naughty sometimes and take our money really quick. Congrats on winning on Dragon's Law too.

      Keep winning and having fun!


  16. Thank you for another fantastic trip report! I'm heading to Vegas Sunday April 3 for a 5 day stay, and thanks to you, know which machines I want to give a spin! Good luck on your next trip!
    LaTreace from Texas

    1. Hi LaTreace, I'm glad the trip reports are helpful. Safe travels to you and lots of fun and wins! Good luck!


  17. Another terrific trip report! Yardbird is new to me. I'll have to check it out on my next trip--that chicken looks fantastic!

  18. Great trip report.
    Truly enjoyed it.
    Thanks for sharing Diana 😀

    1. Deb, I appreciate you letting me know you enjoyed it, it gives me the motivation to continue to write them up!


  19. What a great report, as always. I am glad to finally see the bonus on Dragons Temple 3D. We tried to no avail to get it on our last trip and finally gave up. You had some nice wins this trip and it looks like a great time was had by all.

    1. The main bonus in the original Dragon's Temple and the 3d version is so hard to get. I was happy when they added a second bonus to the 3d version that hits a bit more then the main bonus. Thanks, we had a terrific time. If you play 3d Dragon's temple again I hope it gives you the bonus. It did take me trying on about 3 trips before I finally hit it. :)


  20. Hi Diana! This is Jason from the picture in this post :). So glad I ran into you back in Feb after following you on youtube for so long, in fact I went around to my friends and the Grazie desk bragging that I got to meet you that trip haha. I wanted to let you know that you were a big inspiration in me starting a blog of my own today ( I hope all is well. I will be at Palazzo in mid-July to celebrate the big 3-0, and they've set me up with a comped cabana as part of the Poolside offer which I found too hard to turn down haha. Hope to see you there!

    1. Hi Jason, it's nice to hear from you and it was great to meet you back in Feb!

      That's terrific that you started your own blog!

      Sounds like you will be having a blast on your big 30th birthday celebration at Palazzo in July. I'm going the end of July so sorry I'll miss you.

      Have fun and win lots!