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Only a hour flight away from Las Vegas we visit frequently, sometimes once a month. I'll be sharing our trip reports, tips on making the most of your stay in Vegas, reviews of restaurants and shows we have seen, along with my thoughts related to our favorite place to get away from it all.

Thursday, October 13, 2016


It's that time of year again when the Global Gaming Expo (G2e), international gaming trade show and conference for the industry took place at the Sands conference center in Las Vegas. This is where they network, talk about the trends, attend various seminars,  see the latest products, not just in slot machines but all types of gaming, food, beverage and hospitality that casinos may offer.
While this conference and trade show is for the gaming industry there are usually some free passes available from exhibitors, for those of us who are interested in the new slot machines that are coming out. If you are interested in attending the exhibit hall in the future then I suggest watching the Twitter feeds and Facebook pages of various slot manufacturer's in mid or late summer in case they offer links to free passes and also read some of the gambling message boards such as:,, or other boards I have listed on the side of this blog as most years they will have posts with links to free passes posted around late summer.
I will be writing up separate trip reports on my stay during G2e at Palazzo and moving on to The Cosmopolitan for the Up Up and Away Slot Tournament. This post will mainly be videos of the floor at G2e around the various slot companies and short videos of a variety of the new licensed games for slots that are coming out in the future. Some of these games like Elvira will be on the casino floor very soon, other may not come out for a year or more. Mainly I'm showing you the graphics and sounds as some games are not yet finished and the pays you see in the videos may be different when they are set up in the casinos. For those of you interested there are five videos posted here each with something different to show you either of the G2e exhibit floor or some demo play on various new games.
When I first walked into the exhibit expo in the area of the various slot manufacturing companies, Aristocrat had a photo op available for their new game Sharknado, that's me and my husband above.
I played Sharknado for a bit and of course there is lots of humor and some fun features. While I have never watched the movies I will give this game a try when it's released in the future.
Casablanca was interesting for those of us who like old movies. I believe this is an Everi game.
Take a walk with me around the slot manufacturer's booths at G2e in this video!

Photos of some of the booths of the slot manufacturer's.
Normally not a big fan of Ainsworth slots but the Huckleberry Finn game was interesting.
I have never watched the movie but I did enjoy the humor and play of the Goonies slot machine at the IGT booth. Here's a video that has some brief play on Goonies and some of the other IGT games.

My friend Terra and I both played the Harley Davidson game and thought it had potential.
Second year for Breaking Bad at G2e. I don't watch the TV show, not sure I will play the game.

A new Megabucks game. You know I have to put $20 through it each trip as most of the winners claim it hit for them within the first $20.00. :)
A couple more photos of slot manufacturer's booths at G2e.
Everi (formerly Multimedia) has a Penn and Teller Game!
They had a photo op with Penn and Teller and I stood in line for it. Ran into a couple fans in line who attended G2e last year too and said they are already planning to go next year!
The game lives up to Penn and Teller's show and their zany sense of humor. I'll be giving this game some play when it's released.  
I don't watch the show but there's a Bachelor slot machine made by Scientific Games. I'm sad that Bachelor was made into a slot machine before the classic TV show Doctor Who. What's up with that?
Most fun feature at G2e for me this year was at Aristocrat where they had set up a virtual reality trip to the ice wall in Game of Thrones. Terra, Randy and I participated and loved the brief experience. It really felt like we were moving, attacked by a fireball and falling down!
Terra as they get ready to put the virtual reality headset on her.
Mariah Carey has a slot machine and so does Tim McGraw both licensed by Aristocrat. For those who were interested in the Cher slot machine from last year's G2e that Scientific Games had, it's now shipping to casinos as Cosmopolitan recently installed it.
I didn't have a chance to play the X Files game but I did watch this TV show and will likely try it out when it's installed at one of the casinos I play at.
Another video of new IGT games like Baywatch 3d, Harley Davidson and others.

My husband trying out Baywatch 3d, and enjoying the graphics. ;)
Zuma, soon to be in 3d!
The graphics and effects of 3d Jurassic World were fantastic. Looking forward to trying this one when it's released to the casino!
I briefly saw some play on Sphinx 4d, very interesting. The 4d refers to using your hand for some interactions during a bonus. Some Scientific games also have that interaction and I first experienced it last year on the SG The Simpsons.
The Voice slot machine garnered a lot of attention!
My friend Terra in the Voice judges chair!
My husband Randy somehow managed to get a seat to try out the game, he said he liked it.
Both Randy and I liked the new Sherlock Holmes game by IGT, Game of Shadows! I also like the current one that is in many casinos.
Extra Extra Bonus Wilds slot with old and new themes were on display.
Yes, another new Willy Wonka game this time with a wheel that spins, similar to Dragon Spin slots. For those who admired the World of Wonka slot at last year's G2e it has now shipped to casinos. I was able to play it several times at Venetian and while I didn't win a lot of money it was a fun game.
Photo op with Everi's (formerly Multimedia) Mr Moneyman before I participated in one of their slot tournaments at G2e, that featured some new tournament software.
I really liked the new tournament software, the tournament that I played in had exploding bursts of symbols where you had to quickly hit as many as you could, among a couple other new surprises. Made for a lot more action and excitement than their current daily tournament games that I have experienced at Palazzo.
SDguy, Rex and Brent, all playing Elvira! Elvira is shipping out soon to casinos!
Some brief play on Aristocrat games Sharknado, My Cousin Vinny, The Big Lebowski and others!

Scientific Games who now owns Bally Technologies and WMS had some interesting license games but we were not allowed to take any video. Spiderman and the Godfather were fun to try.
Back to the Aristocrat booth. Sorry I'm back and forth but that's how it is with G2e, I'm running from booth to booth!
Mystery Date really surprised some of us due to its volatility and potential hand pays. Not sure if this will change or not before it is released to a casino. Here's a video of it and more Aristocrat games from G2e.

New Wonder Four Tower with different games! .
Downton Abbey was back this year at G2e,  hope to see it released in the casinos soon as it looked like most if not all the bonuses are now in place.
Photo of My Cousin Vinny game by Aristocrat.
Dragon Link similar to the popular Lightning Link games. This was always so crowded I didn't get a chance to play it.
Ovation games were part of the Aristocrat booth. Not sure I have ever played these, anyone else played them yet?
Some Konami games:
Randy and I both liked the Castlemania game by Konami.
More games by IGT!
There were two new Ghostbusters games. One of them had the four screens like Sex and the City and Hangover games.
Cleopatra with Pinball is a skill based game when you select Pinball as your bonus instead of free games. I have a video of the pinball bonus in one of the videos here.
IGT also had virtual reality set up for attendees to experience, we didn't do this one but it looked fun!
Another skill based game but we didn't try it.
Who doesn't like Betty White? Should be a fun game for her fans to try.
Wacky Races game from Scientific Games, I didn't get to play this but for a couple minutes. Not sure yet how I feel about it.
New Betty Boop game.
I really liked National Lampoon Family Vacation, lots of fun bonuses!
My friend Terra trying the game out!
Seinfeld by Scientific Games naturally had a lot of humor and an immersive screen like the new World of Wonka slot.
Candyland is in one of the videos here with Rex playing it.
New Game of Thrones with 2 games on a wide screen instead of the current tall screen.
New Buffalo game with a wheel but I didn't try this one out.
I briefly played the Big Lebowski and experienced the bowling bonus. Not sure how I like it yet, will see how it plays when installed in the casinos.
Britney's new game.
Another fun time at G2e and I'm already planning to attend in 2017.  Next year it's being held October 3rd to the 5th!


  1. Wow Diana, so many new games to choose from! Thanks so much for taking the time to show us all what's I just need the exchange rate to pick up so we can come back ;-)

    Hope you're keeping well!
    Mark & Andrea

    1. Mark and Andrea, great to hear from you and I'm glad you enjoyed seeing what is to come. Everything is great here and I hope it is with both of you. Crossing my fingers for the exchange rate to become more favorable. Would love to see you two again in Vegas. :)


  2. Right under your picture of the new Megabucks there is a picture of IGT machines that look as if they are like the older 3-reel machines. Are they making them again?

    1. I believe they are updated version of the 3 reel machines and those are either available to be ordered by casinos now or in the future.

  3. Always fun seeing what's in the pipeline, but now the wait for the slots to hit the floor!

    For upcoming events, did you see the website Not a member, but read the VF post about Grazie Gifts. Changes to the event for sure.

    1. I didn't know about that website for grazie gifts, thanks for letting me know. Hopefully they will also have the usual gift certificates available from Best Buy, Macys and other companies.

    2. Diana, do a keyword search for 'gift card' on the site, and they'll all pop up. Seems like there are more stores to pick from this year, and the cost is on a varying scale. For example, you need more points for a Best Buy card than Macys. I don't remember it being that way before.

    3. Thank you I pulled the gift cards up. I agree there are a lot more company gift cards this year. I hope they still have the higher amounts and not just the $50 GC. I agree that is weird how Macy's is only 200 more points this year then last year but Best Buy jumped from 28,500 to 31,800. I know from photographs I took from past years that it is like you remembered in the past it was the same amount of points for the gift cards regardless of company.

      Are you going to post the link to this on VF or did you want me to do it? I just checked and didn't see a post on the link. :)

    4. I haven't joined the VF board yet, just lurk there sometimes. Feel free to post.

  4. Great report, Diana. I hope I can make this next year. Hopefully I'll run into you in a couple of weeks.


    1. Thanks Stephanie. Looking forward to seeing you at the Chandelier Lounge Meet in a couple weeks. :)


  5. I might have to go next year as 10/4 is Bday mad they havnt been sending me good deals for my bday though

    1. Mike, that would be great if you can attend next year. I know that the vegasfanatics board is planning a annual meet at G2e. :)