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Only a hour flight away from Las Vegas we visit frequently, sometimes once a month. I'll be sharing our trip reports, tips on making the most of your stay in Vegas, reviews of restaurants and shows we have seen, along with my thoughts related to our favorite place to get away from it all.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Spring Time Meets and a Cosmo Wrap Around Suite Party!

Easy flight out of San Jose and it landed on time in Las Vegas where my driver Doug was waiting to whisk me off to Palazzo.
Upon arrival I went to the VIP Platinum lounge at Palazzo where my room was ready and as requested on a high floor, 47th in the 900 section with a view of the strip, and Mirage volcano. My room was not a handicapped room but once again I didn't have the step down into the living room area which I like.
After unpacking it was time to go hit some slots as this five night trip was full of activities with numerous friends who would be arriving today and later.
I first tried $1 Jungle Wild and lost a hundred on it and then tried the above slot that was next to it for a couple hundred and lost there too.
Went over to $1 Diamond Queen and continued my experiment from last trip in playing only 9 lines out of 20 and hit the bonus for a win of $360.00, which I don't think would have been that much more if I had been playing 20 lines! To see a video of this bonus and others go to my youtube channel at the link below. I don't want to embed the videos on this page as it seems to slow down things for readers with slower connections.

I tried a few more slots at Palazzo after my bonus on Diamond Queen but wasn't winning so walked over to Venetian's High Limit room where I immediately got lucky on $5 Cash Wheel hitting for $1000.00 when I hit the above seven's!
After that hit I tried the other $5 Cash Wheel next to it and very quickly hit the double pay spin for $700.00 and after a few more spins decided to cash out my ticket and move on to a couple more dollar slots like Sun and Moon.
Sun and Moon and the other dollar slots in Venetian's HL room let me down until I got a bonus on $1 Quick Hit for $287.00!
However my luck in the HL room had fled so I went outside to play one of my favorites the penny Walking Dead slot. Had a fun bonus on it for $128.00!

Around this time I had a text from Sandra who was staying at Palazzo and Wynn with her family and friends. Sandra and I had met on the SF message boards and then in person for the first time last summer during my birthday trip. We really hit it off so I was glad when she took a break from her family to meet up to play some slots for a hour. Had a great time but both of us had busy trips planned so this brief time would be our only chance to see each other until we both return to Vegas in July.
Sandra and I played several penny slots together. Both of us had some minor bonuses on the new Wizard of Oz, Road to Emerald City slot and Sandra had a decent bonus afterwards on Michael Jackson. However we had places to be and friends and family to see so we said goodbye and I returned to Palazzo to get ready to leave for dinner with Mike and Ken. On the way to the room to freshen up, I stopped at the $5 Wheel of Fortune Slot and was thrilled to get a spin on my first push, but it only ended up playing $175.00, still a good win since it was first push.
After changing my clothes I grabbed a cab to Aria as I was meeting Ken and Mike for dinner at Bardot.  It was a happy surprise when I arrived to find that Chris had walked over with Ken from Cosmopolitan to join us in a drink which ended up also joining us for dinner!
Bardot is a Michael Mina restaurant that recently replaced his American Fish. We were lucky and arrived there early for our reservation while Happy Hour was still going on so the four of us sat at the bar and had appetizers and drinks.
Chris had a sparkling wine from the Happy Hour menu, and both Ken and Mike went with the cocktail of the day that was gin based and very strong, or as the bartender described it a manly drink, LOL!
I decided to pay full price and ordered a cocktail not on the Happy Hour menu and went with the le Detroit, which had Bombay dry gin, Canton ginger liquor, green chartreuse, lime and cilantro. It was a pretty drink and tasty.
Ken and I ordered a few appetizers off the happy hour menu. Ken's macaroni au gratin.
My shrimp cocktail and Tarte Provencal during Happy Hour. The portions are larger if you order them off the regular menu.

Chris and Ken at our table. They first tried to seat us at a table in the middle of the restaurant which at the time had plenty of seating available so we were able to request and change to a booth near the glassed in kitchen.
Bardot's bread! Okay, so it's a photo of the bag but the bread is in there, LOL!
Ken's next drink Voltaire, Ketal one orange vodka, housemade ginger syrup, lemon, baked apple bitters. This looked delicious and I was sorry I had switched to wine instead of ordering this cocktail.
Mike ordered Oysters at Bardot for a appetizer and seemed to like them.
Chris had the crab crepe which she said was good.
Ken's onion soup. You have to love it when it has that much cheesy goodness!
My chickpea frites were okay, doubt I would order them again.
Mike had the endive salad with blue cheese.
Chris's chicken roti.
I ordered the Duroc Pork Chop after our server recommended it. It was a little too pink for me I prefer my pork cooked more, also the grain mustard sauce wasn't as tangy as I hoped.
Mike, also had mussels, he loves shellfish!
Ken enjoyed his streak burger and frites!
View of the glassed in kitchen from our booth.
Both Chris and Mike ordered the lemon meringue tarte. I had a taste and it was delicious!
Ken had a variety of fruit sorbets!
I loved my chocolate macaron!
After dinner our group split up and Mike and I combined some of our money to play slots together at Aria.
We started out great on quarter Diamond Queen getting the bonus our 3rd spin for a $680.00 win!
Our first win turned out to be our best win. We had lots of bonuses on a variety of slots but very few paid out anything near what we hoped.
Even my favorite Davinci Diamonds let us down.
Mike and I said goodnight after a couple hours of playing slots and I returned to Venetian where I immediately went back to the $5 Cash Wheel and was lucky again to get a double pay bonus for $450.
Nothing else wanted to give me a win the in HL room so I returned to the penny slots where I had a fun bonus on on the WMS winning progressives slot or the babies slot as some of us like to call it!
Also a nice bonus on 5 cent 88 Fortunes!
It wasn't too long before I found myself back at the Walking Dead slot and had a decent bonus for $211.00! I was getting tired and starting to feel like one of the walking dead myself so I lurched back to Palazzo and my room to get some sleep!
The next morning I slept in until it was almost time to meet Kevin (Kydds) and his wife Judy for lunch at Buddy V's Ristorante!
I first met Kevin (Kydds) and Judy over six years ago and they are always fun to be with so I was very happy we could get together and catch up.
Garlic and cheese bread, what's not to like?
Judy and I had the salmon, but I liked their previous salmon recipe better that had been on their menu and was just switched out two weeks before this trip.
Kevin had the Caesar's salad with shrimp. The croutons were interesting as they seemed to be made from corn bread or something similar. The shrimp were served hot on top of the salad something none of us had ever experienced before as most restaurant use chilled shrimp. I don't think Kevin was blown away by the salad.
For dessert Judy ordered the lemon raspberry cheesecake, it was delicious!
I love all of Buddy's V's desserts but this trip their Italian birthday cake was calling to me and as always it was yummy!
After lunch it was time for Kevin and Judy who had just driven in from their vacation home in St. George to check into their hotel. I didn't get to see them again this trip but we'll likely see each other again before 2016 comes around!
After lunch I played slots of course and had a little action both on 88 Fortunes and the $5 Cash Wheel.

Around 3pm I had a text from Mike that he was in the Venetian Sport book so I met up with him there and we left to play some slots together. Mike and I had some brief excitement at the five cent 88 Fortunes Slot machine when after I put my hundred in Mike reached across to put his hundred in and hit the max bet button! The spin was a $44.00 bet!! The excitement came when we hit the random progressive bonus and the top prize was a possible $50,000! Unfortunately we didn't win that! I know shocker, LOL! We only won $141.00 or so but the anticipation as we slowly make our picks was fun!

Unfortunately that was about it for Mike and me as far as wins. We played numerous slots and had bonuses on some like Fireball Afterburner but just couldn't get any good wins going. So after a couple hours Mike headed off to Wynn to try his luck there and I continued to play penny slots.
 I had a really fun Find Doug bonus on the new Pretty Awesome Hangover slot for $363.00! If you are curious about this new Hangover and its bonuses I have this bonus and others on my youtube channel.
Manette and Laurie were staying at Wynn this trip and Mike had walked over to gamble there as mentioned already so when it was time for our dinner tonight at Giada I went over to meet up and share a taxi with them to Giada. When I arrived Ken was there too having earlier picked up Laurie and another friend Rob at the airport to take them both to Wynn. Also joining us for dinner tonight was Cassie!
Photos of our dinner and my personal opinion of our dinner at the link below:

After dinner most decided to try their luck at Cromwell but I returned to Venetian as $1 Quick Hit was calling to me and I had to answer. I had some fun with it but no huge wins, though some others around me betting the same $15 a push on it were getting hand pays!
Leaving the high limit room I headed out to play some Top Gun. Had a couple fun bonuses but they didn't pay much.
Paulslotman a friend of mine from the UK and a fan of the slot videos I have on youtube requested I play the Willy Wonka slot and mention him and his wife in it so he could surprise his wife as they both like this slot. I had some bonuses but this ended up being my best win, just couldn't get a big win for them to watch.
It had been a while since I had a great win, think yesterday, LOL, so I was getting a bit gloomy as I starting playing The Walking Dead slot. Had a bonus that didn't pay much and then all of a sudden numerous Rick's decided to hit for a win of $960.00!
I was really happy with that win and as I was heading out to the Gold Lounge for a drink I ran into Alicia (Lady Clare)!  I knew Alicia was coming in this week but it was a happy surprise to run into her at Venetian this evening. Some of you might recall that Alicia and Ken joined my family for Thanksgiving dinner at Cut last year!
Alicia joined me for a drink and then we left to play lots of slots together. !
The Palazzo Atrium decorated for Spring.
Alicia and I played slots together until 4am and I had some fun bonuses on the Wonder 4 slots thanks to her suggesting we play them at Palazzo. No photos since due to a silly mistake on my part I failed to transfer my videos and photos to my laptop the previous night and my iPhone camera was now full!

While I went up to go to sleep around 4am, Alicia who had gone up 20 minutes earlier came back down due to a headache and ended up getting some big wins off her favorite Wonder 4 slot!
Wednesday morning I went solo to Grand Lux and enjoyed the planked BBQ Salmon substituting asparagus for the mashed potatoes.
After eating I returned to 88 Fortunes which is a slot I tried quite a bit the last couple trips and got my only hand pay for the trip and not the good kind! The slot was completely hosed too, as I had to report it twice to employees and it took 15 minutes for anyone to help me. Turned out the malfunction and call attendant was not registering on their computer screen.
The rest of the afternoon saw a few decent wins but by the time I left for dinner at Cosmopolitan I was losing for the day.
Again I saw so many hand pays this trip on $1 Quick Hit, but I couldn't even get close to a good win on my bonuses!
I returned to Venetian HL room to try the $5 Cash Wheel slot and was lucky to get one more spin on it but for only $200. While I tried Cash Wheel a couple more times before I checked out of Palazzo this was my last spin and decent win on it.
$1 Quick Hit continues to disappoint!
It was time to go to Cosmopolitan for dinner so I walked to Wynn to share a taxi with Manette, and Laurie. Once at Cosmopolitan we were joined by Cassie, Mike and Alicia and seated at a table near Jaleo's bar while our hostess/sommelier went over drink options with us before we enter e' Jose Andres! While we were waiting a couple who reads my blog walked by and recognized me from my photos here.  Cheryl and Aaron who are members of VMB and SF message boards, so fun to meet you! Hope to see you again in Vegas on a future trip.
Photos of our dinner at e' with review at link below.

After dinner at e', all of us headed out to one of the Cosmo bars on the casino floor which I think was Queue Bar to meet up with Chris, Chrissy and her husband Steve, Monica, Boots, Karen and her husband James.
While we were waiting for our drinks a lovely lady recognized me from my blog (seems a lot of my readers like to stay at Cosmo!) and I met Andrea who is now a friend of mine on Facebook. The next evening I also ran into Andrea in the Cosmo casino and met her husband Josh. Andrea told me she had viewed my big win a while back on the Monopoly Jackpot Station slot at Palazzo and had called her husband who was at a casino outside of Nevada (I forget which one) and told him to play it, which he did and hit a hand pay of over 3k on a bonus! Way to go Josh! Now where's my hand pay on it? LOL!
Chrissy, Karen, Laurie and Cassie behind her fan. While we were at this bar Mike and I ordered cappuccinos having had enough to drink at our dinner at e'. The server brought us plain coffee and then tried to tell us it was a cappuccino!  I guess not many people order cappuccinos at this bar, LOL! We did eventually convince her it wasn't a cappuccino and were able to get a real cappuccino.
James and Steve!
After enjoying a drink I caught a taxi back with Laurie and Manette to Wynn and from there returned to Palazzo to meet up with Bill ( and his brother Nick who had just arrived this afternoon. Bill was on a lucky streak at Venetian so his youtube channel has some great wins from this trip!

I can't believe that I never took a photo of Bill and Nick,  though I did catch them and my friend Lillian who joined up with us briefly that night to play some slots in this Sphinx 3d Video! This isn't one of my better wins but I'm going to link to it because they are briefly in it at the start of the second bonus!

I had a few good wins on 88 Fortunes.
A really fun bonus on Monopoly Planet Go and Miss Kitty played with me a bit too before bed.
That evening when I went to bed housekeeping had left chocolates by my bed. It's been a year or more since this happened, I didn't even know they did it any longer!
Next morning I had to get up early as it was time for the annual tour of a couple of the slot companies! Boots came over to Venetian to join me and Nick and Bill kindly gave us a ride to Bally Technologies! Click on the link below to read all about it!

Scientific Games Slot Company Tour Featuring Bally Technologies and WMS at this link:

After our tour of the slot companies Nick and Bill drove us back to Venetian and I returned to my room to check out (had late check out of 4pm but ended up checking out around 1:30pm) while Boots tried her luck with the Top Gun slot. Having no luck on Top Gun, Boots then joined me at Palazzo and we took a taxi to Cosmopolitan where both of us would now be staying, Boots having checked in the previous evening.
Months ago I had requested a west tower room with a view toward Mandalay Bay to avoid night club and construction noise. Unfortunately this Thursday afternoon they were sold out or so they said of rooms in the West tower and I was put in the East tower and was told since I was on a high floor I wouldn't hear any noise. HA! We'll get to that later.

Anyway after checking in I didn't go immediately to the room as both Boots and I were hungry since we didn't eat during the slot tour so she treated me to a sandwich at Va Bene Caffe which is near registration. I had a tasty chicken panini.

After eating I met a couple people I had made plans with for a hour that afternoon and had some fun on the WMS Flintstones Slot.
I also played $5 Pink Diamonds, and a few other slots but didn't have any luck.
After I parted company with the couple I had been with I ran into Tammy and Shawn, another couple who reads my blog! So much fun meeting both of you!
It was now time to meet up with Boots as we needed to get to Bellagio before 5pm to meet up with Pat, Naomi, Laurie, Angela, Amber, Mike, Chris, Monica, Alicia, Jimmy, Penny, John, Chris and lots more friends to have Bellini's, Bellagio Cocktails and other drinks while playing slots for a bit before making our way to the main event of the evening, our party at Cosmopolitan in a wrap around suite!
The cocktail above is a Bellini and the one below I think is the Bellagio speciality cocktail.
Angela's great name tag she made for the party at Cosmopolitan and the strip stumble the next day!
So what's Joker's Wild Gambling Emporium? A new message board for those interested in gambling, though most members are currently slot enthusiasts! The message base was created at the start of this year by Ken and in addition to the party we just had in Vegas many other meets are currently being planned, not only to Vegas, but Atlantic City, Lake Tahoe, Coushatta casino in Lousiana, etc…If you want to check out this new message board go to:
To celebrate the creation of Ken's new forum, I had a new headband created by my friend Gwen (yourstarla) who loves doing custom creations in addition to her own designs. Here's a link to her etsy store.

Above is Pat and Naomi, below is our group before they walk over to Cosmopolitan together.
Back at Cosmo I left the group to return to my room to get a bottle of Vodka I was bringing to the party and then I rejoined them in the east tower wrap around suite 3389 that Ken had arranged for the event!
We didn't have a fountain view for the evening but didn't need one as everyone was too busy mingling, drinking, eating and having a blast!
So how did our party in a Cosmopolitan Wrap Around Suite happen? Last year, I believe around May a group of us who normally get together in Vegas in early April started talking about how much fun it would be to get together in a suite for a party as I've done with a couple other groups in the past. After much discussion Ken volunteered to take the lead for organizing the party, including arranging for the suite and Jen took on the job of buying food for the party, she along with her husband Troy also took on the chore of setting it up and doing most of the clean up afterwards! It was decided that attendees would pay $30.00 ahead of time to pay for the cost of the suite, food and soft drinks and it would be BYOB. Ken would stay in the suite that evening and also pay for part of the cost of it. Due to space limitations we decided to cap the party at 38 attendees and it was invitation only because we didn't want it to be too crowded. It turned out that we easily filled all spots so our $30 also covered some of the booze!
Photos of the party and our guest list! A couple guests also had another event to go to so they dropped in toward the end of our party.
Ken, Laurie, Naomi, plus 2 guests, Manette,Jen, Troy, Derek, Amy, me, Pat, Jason, Cassie, Mike, Chris L and guest, Rob, Monica M, John H, Amber, Angela, Chris, Gina, Jennifer and Guest, James, Karen, Kathy, Adam, Boots, Jimmy, Penny, Robert, Dean, Stephied, Alicia, and Lillian.
We had lots of delicious food and more booze then we could finish. Shocker, some of us were lightweights!! Others were not, LOL!
Jen did a great job on selecting food that everyone would enjoy, thanks Jen!
The chips and homemade salsa next to the shrimp was made by Naomi!
The boxes of pizza came from the Secret Pizza Restaurant at Cosmopolitan!
Delicious pizza and even though we had 4 or 5 pies, it went fast!
Manette had brought a beautiful and delicious Birthday Cake for Laurie! I loved the icing!
Men will be boys as Adam and Derek lean over the balcony railings! Honestly Kathy I really didn't encourage your husband to do this, well, at least not much. ;)
I took a break from the party to go downstairs to meet up with some arrivals who weren't attending and while I was gone was the time they took the group bathtub and shower photos! Darn you Jokers, there's nothing I like more then a group tub or shower photo!
Final thoughts on our party! All of us had a great time, yes I feel I can speak for everyone on that! Thanks Ken, Jen and Troy for doing so much to make the party a success! Jen was amazing, working the whole party to make sure everything went smoothly for food and clean up!

To respect other hotel guests we kept the noise down as much as possible and ended the party before midnight knowing that most Vegas hotel guests normally don't try to sleep before then. Our group did a good job because security did not pay us a visit!

Most hôtels don't want you to bring in food and drinks even when it's a suite like this one with a full kitchen, they want you to buy food from them which was done of course with the pizzas. The rest of the food and drinks were brought in discreetly in a box that was later used to collect and store the trash to make it easier on housekeeping.
Last Ken and our party group made sure housekeeping was tipped very well for the extra trash they would have to dispose of from the party! Jen did such a great job making sure the party areas were picked up that housekeeping really didn't have that much extra to do.
Rob and I left the party earlier then some because we went downstairs to the casino to join us with Bill, Nick, Jason and Des so some of us could do our video for the Slot Creators Monthly youtube contest together. We ended up instead playing Flintstones because Nick was getting some great wins on it.
I had a couple fun bonuses on it too. Nick and Bill then had to leave for a bit to pick up their brother at the airport and take him back to Venetian to check in, so the rest of us split up for a bit to play other slots, while Rob returned to the party to help out.
Robert and Dean in the meantime had left the party and joined us and Robert and I ended up playing the Elton John Slot for a while waiting for the others to return. I had a blast, Sir Elton was giving me numerous bonuses and while they weren't huge wins, at the end of my session I walked away with over $400 more dollars then I put in the slot!
Robert had a lot of bonuses too but unfortunately his were very low wins. However, he had a hand pay earlier at Aria, so his luck wasn't completely out this trip!
My friend Boots had left the party before we did so now and then she would join us at a slot and all of us were having a good time!
Finally everyone was back at Cosmo and it was time to play the slot for the Monthly Slot Creators Contest with Rob, Bill and Jason! It was the group's first year anniversary for the contest and the slot was Wizard of Oz, The Road to Emerald City! Unfortunately only one slot was free so we had to take turns on it instead of all playing it at the same time. The guys talked me into feeding err playing the slot first and my results ahem reflected that. To see what happened that evening along with videos from other slot channels for the contest visit this page to see all our contest videos!
We had a blast doing our videos together and I wish it was possible for everyone in our group to get together to play in person but we are spread out all over the country so that's not going to happen often, if at all.

After saying goodnight to the guys I met up with Jonathan, one of my friends that Randy and I met a few years ago and who had just arrived this evening. We had a fun time catching up as I tried my luck in Cosmopolitan's High Limit room on $1 Davinci Diamonds. I had a bonus that even re-triggered but my wins were nothing special.
After Jonathan left I played a few penny slots but I was just losing so I went up to the room to catch up on some sleep as this was my fourth night and I was only averaging about four hours of sleep a night. I didn't have plans the next day until lunch and was hoping to finally get eight solid hours1
Alas for my eight hours of sleep, that didn't happen as next morning at 7am I was awakening by loud construction noises as they worked on demolishing Harmon. I was afraid of this and it came true. Why me? So I called registration and complained and they said they would make arrangements to move me to the west tower that I had originally requested after some guests checked out and would text me when I could move.
So my morning was spent catching up online and packing up so I would be ready to move when they contacted me as Cosmo was still sold out and they wouldn't hold the new room very long for me once it was ready.
Lunch today was at Wynn's Tableau restaurant with friends and I was catching a taxi with Robert and Dean. Originally I was suppose to meet them at Aria where they were staying but they kindly walked over to Cosmo to meet me since I wasn't having the best morning.

Robert was styling it this trip, loved all his outfits so had to post some! There was a King Tut outfit with  gold shoes that I loved too, but I guess I forgot to take a photo of it!
Lunch at Tableau was delicious with great company to share it with!
Bacon and cheese popovers, garlic and corn muffins, oh my!
I went for the bacon and cheese popover, it was great!
I had the roasted pawns with quinoa, asparagus lettuce, red endive with a sherry vinaigrette. It normally has a quail egg on it but I asked for them to leave it off.
It's time to play guess that dish as I can't remember!
Cassie's pan roasted salmon burger with hand cut fries!
Laurie had the blue crab sandwich.
Manette's chicken with salad
Complimentary Chocolate Truffles at the end of lunch.
Our luncheon group starting with Laurie on the left, Dean next to her in front, Manette, Jason and myself with Robert to the left of Laurie in the back with Cassie.
I wish I had a video of this shirt to share, it played sounds and was illuminated.
After lunch was the start of the Strip Stumble that Angela and Naomi had organized. However during lunch Cosmopolitan gave me my new room number so I needed to quickly move before joining the stumble.  Laurie and Jason returned with me to Cosmo and helped me move my luggage to my new room so we were only a few minutes late for the start of the stumble.
Once at Aria we failed to find most of the stumblers but did manage to locate Ken, Dean, Robert and Boots who is taking our photo. The second stop on the stumble at Cosmopolitan we found most of our group and almost all of us managed to stay together when it was time to move on to Bellagio!
So what's a Strip Stumble? It's the same principal as the Downtown Stumbles organized the last few years usually during Halloween by Gene (goldengreeke) except we do part of the strip. Below was our schedule.

The stumble group will be at each property for 45 minutes to allow 15 minutes to get to the next place.  Play a slot, have a drink, join, leave, take breaks as needed.

Joker’s Wild Strip Stumble Schedule

Aria 2:00 - 2:45 
Cosmopolitan 3:00 - 3:45
Bellagio 4:00 - 4:45
Caesar's 5:00 - 5:45
Mirage 6:00 - 6:45
Venetian 7:00 - 7:45
Wynn 8:00 to whenever, last stop with a High Limit Pull at the end!

Below on our way from Cosmopolitan to Bellagio!
At Bellagio we found Fl Mary! Hi Mary, so glad I got to see you! Laurie, Ken and Mary.
I didn't have time to play slots at Aria, had no luck at Cosmo during the stumble though Dean had some luck on the Jetsons! At Bellagio I lost on The Walking Dead and then switched to this new Wonder 4 slots and had some fun bonuses.
Sadly my best win was only $46.50 on Miss Kitty.
After Bellagio it was on to Caesar's Palace. I had a nice chat with Monica on the way over but once at CP I split from the group to meet up with Manette at the Seahorse Lounge for drinks with Moto (Christian). Christian is a great guy and he lives near Manette and me in California so hoping to meet up with him and his wife for one of our local lunches in the future!
It was a busy trip for me with lots of friends to meet so after a hour I left Manette and Christian and walked back to Cosmopolitan.
As I left Caesar's I ran into Derek and Amy for a short chat. This would be the last time I would see them this trip, but I might see them in May and definitely in June when a group of us are meeting up in Lake Tahoe!
While walking back to Cosmopolitan I went through the Bellagio conservatory to take photos.
After retuning to Cosmopolitan I had some wins on the Flintstones slot while waiting to meet Elaine (Pebbles) and Tony. Elaine and I know each other from a couple message boards and have been friends now on Facebook for a while.
Before coming over to the Flintstones slot to meet me Elaine and Tony stopped by Lucky Cat at Cosmo where Tony's fortune card gave him $25.00! I did Lucky Cat earlier with Boots but we didn't win anything.
I had a fun time with Elaine and Tony! They were visiting Las Vegas from the UK for about 2 months this trip! We didn't get to spend a lot of time together because they were off to see Lady Gaga and Tony Bennet at the Planet Hollywood Axis theater and I had to leave soon with Boots to join our friends at Wynn for dinner.
After Elaine and Tony left I found Boots and we started to play slots together. No decent wins for me, though I had one nice hit on the Michael Jackson slot. During this time Jonathan came by to introduce me to his partner Ben.  Was a pleasure to meet you Ben!
After Jonathan and Ben left Boots and I took at Taxi to Wynn. We had a few minutes before dinner for me to lose on The Walking Dead and for Boots to have a great win on a Walking Dead Bonus. Our dinner was at 9pm so we missed meeting up with the main stumblers and watching their High Limit Pull, though we did hear later they won some money, way to go stumblers!
Our group minus Boots who is taking our photo and Mike's sister who also joined us tonight. Mike's sister had just arrived the day previously and it was a pleasure to meet her.
The patio seating has a view of the High Roller Wheel!
La Cave was a great way to end this trip. Thanks Manette for organizing this for us!
Asian Pear & Habanero Margarita replaced my favorite drink the La Flama Azul. The new drink was average in my opinion and I wish they would bring back the La Flama Azul!
La Cave Caesar, prosciutto and lemon anchovy dressing.
Jumbo lump crab lettuce cups with citrus.
Gorgonzola Salad, bibb lettuce, pickled onions and crispy prosciutto.
Bacon wrapped dates, blue cheese fondue.
Cassie's onion soup.
Prawns, baby corn, long beans with chili vinaigrette.

Beef filet, caramelized onions, mushrooms, blue cheese flatbread.
Diver sea scallops, polenta cake with shrimp sauce.
Moroccan chicken skewers, pear chutney, tzatziki and pita.
One of my favorites, chicken, thai basil, sweet and sour chili, garlic aioli flatbread.
La Cave will only do four checks per table so Boots and I were on one and that's our check below, Laurie and Manette were on a check, Cassie had her own check and Mike and his sister on the last. Just a heads up if any of you eat there with a group and some want separate checks, which can be important when you want to charge to your room and have the food comped!
After dinner farewells were said and Boots and I returned to Cosmopolitan.
Once back at Cosmopolitan after a day of losing my luck started to improve,  first with this bonus on The Lord of the Rings for $270.00 and then a decent bonus on Willy Wonka.
Boots and I also played the original Sex in the City slot and she did good but while I had bonuses they were low pays. After Sex in the City Boots joined me at what is now one of my favorite new slots, Elton John!
At first I thought Elton John was going to let me down but after a few bonuses that didn't pay much the Rocket Ship bonus hit with 20X and a bunch of symbols and happy night indeed when the top Elton Symbol hit and paid out $800.00!  There's a live play video on my youtube channel of Boots and I playing this slot and during it this bonus hitting! It was a great way to end the trip and that's what I did cashing out my ticket for almost a grand and going up to my room!
Tonight on the 53rd floor of my new room in the west tower I was able to sleep without hearing any nightclub music or being awaken by any noise in the morning. However, I did have a early morning flight to wake up for, so once again not a lot of sleep.
Flight home from Las Vegas was on time, husband picked me up at airport, got home, unpacked and did a face plant on the bed and slept for 16 hours!

I had a great time! I didn't come home with more money then I left with, but I had lots of play and fun bonuses. More importantly it was just fun to meet up with so many friends in Vegas! I wish that I had more time on the trip to spend with some of my friends and that's the only disadvantage when so many are in Vegas together at the same time.

Next trip is May 16th for a few nights at Aria!  Hope you enjoyed reading!


  1. Super trip report Diana!! Best wishes, VWP

  2. Hi Diana,

    I have been checking daily for your newest report and it did NOT disappoint. Awesome review! My word you are a social butterfly! I am always hoping to run into you on a future trip but always seem to be leaving when you are arriving or arriving when you are leaving! My next trip is May 27th and then again June 25 (any chance you'll be there in June at that time?). I never do well on the Jungle Wild that you seem to have had some better luck with in your past trips, however I did hit a $1500 HP on the other slot that you have a picture of above (the slot picture that is above the Diamond Queen game). At any rate, just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your blogs and watching your videos and someday I hope to run into you in LV!
    Best of luck in the future! :)
    (VegasorBust on Slot Fanatics)

    1. Hi Tara,

      Congrats on your handpay! I think that slot is called Loose Diamonds or something along those lines. :)

      I appreciate you letting me know how much you enjoy my blog and videos.

      It would be great to meet you in Vegas but we're going to miss each other again as I'm leaving Vegas on May 19th to go home and will only be back a couple days in June on the 17th.

      I'll also be in Vegas the very end of September for G2e (global gaming expo and also likely around Thanksgiving. If you end up in Vegas around those times let me know in a PM on slot fanatics or a post here.

      Good luck on your May and June trips!


  3. I'll be in Vegas the weekend of May 16th for my birthday. I hope I run into you and sdguy at the high limit slots.


    1. Hi Sam, have a great birthday in Vegas! Shouldn't be hard to recognize me from the photos or locate Sdguy in the casino by sound, LOL! Though in my case I'm more likely to be playing penny slots this next trip.

      Say hi if you see us!


  4. Hi Diana,

    Phew, that was quite the report! It looks like you had a blast with your Cosmo party and the stumble. No wonder you crashed when you got home.

    Bardot looks interesting! Might have to pay that a visit during out trip...only 26 days to

    I'll be sure and say 'Hi' to Elton for you ;-)

    Good luck on your next trip with the boys!

    1. Hi Mark,

      It was a fabulous trip and I'm finally recovered from it, LOL!

      Bardot is nice but I'm looking forward to trying the new Lago at Bellagio that has the fountain views. It's getting great reviews so far on Yelp so you and Andrea might want to consider eating there.

      I hope Elton gives you lots of fun and wins!

      Thanks for the good wishes, should be another fun trip with my friend Gwen and the boys. ;)

      Good luck on your trip can't wait to see some Facebook posts and photos from you two!


  5. Hi Diana! Once again I loved your trip report every time I read them it feels like i'm there with you! I loved the picture in the shower it made me laugh! I look forward to the next report!!

    1. Hi Nathan,

      Thanks for letting me know you enjoy my trip reports! There's just something about a group shower pic, LOL!

      Hope to see you in Vegas sometime!


  6. Diana - Always enjoy your trip reports! I recently returned from the V/P. Just a heads up that the three dollar slots - Jungle Wild, Samurai Master, and Zeus have been moved. I enjoy playing them each trip and was disappointed to see a kiosk there instead. I found them closer to the high limit room. At least they weren't removed from the floor, like the Clue slot machines I liked to play at the V/P too.

    1. Hi Cindy, thanks for the heads up on the dollar Jungle Wild slot, so glad it was just moved and not removed.

      Venetian I believe still has two of the Clue 2 slot machines. Of course I'm still pining for the first Clue slot, LOL!

      Hope you had a great time on your trip!


  7. Unfortunately, I think the Clue 2 machines are gone as well. I couldn't find them at the Venetian and asked a slot attendant, hoping they were just moved. She double checked and said they were removed. But, if she was wrong, and you happen to find them, let us know!
    I had a great trip. Really liked the Frank the Man show. Also got to try the Yardbird restaurant since it wasn't yet open during my last trip. Had a great dinner at CUT.
    Looking forward for some of the new machines to show up. Keep the trip reports coming!

    1. Thanks Cindy, sounds like they removed them after my April trip. Aria is suppose to have it still and I'll check on that this weekend.

      I'm glad you like Frank the Man Show. If they extend his fun into July I will take my Mom to see it.

      Hope you enjoyed Yardbird. My friend Gwen has eaten there a couple times now and loves it.

      Very happy to hear that Cut was great for you!

  8. Hi Diana,
    Another fantastic trip report! I was also in Vegas April 6 celebrating my birthday. Stayed at the Palazzo as well as the Aria, and was hoping to run into you! :-)
    Because I live in Texas I can't make it to Vegas as often as I would like, so your blog and videos are perfect for my "down time". Thank you, and keep 'em coming!

    1. Hi LaTreace, darn it, sorry we didn't run into each other!

      I'm so glad you enjoy the videos and blog, next time you see we might have trip dates that coincide let me know. :)

      Hope your trip was lots of fun and you didn't end up losing like me!


  9. Awesome Awesome Awesome trip report Diana! Wow, your days are action packed and filled with fun. Can't wait to meet you next month.


    1. Thanks Candy! I'm looking forward to meeting you too. See you soon!